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  1. Midori Fairlona

    Scandal: Swedes burn bunnies for warmth !!!

    It is the cycle of life: Pest control kills rabbits > Lots of salad crops available > Salad-eating animal rights people move into area > Salad-eating animal rights people stop rabbit killings > Rabbits eat salad crops > Salad-eating animal rights people die of starvation > Pest control...
  2. Midori Fairlona

    New Account Activation Delays

    Out of curiosity, did you both use the same email provider like hotmail? Or do you have different email providers (1 has gmail and the other has hotmail)? There have been suggestions over the years that MA carries out different levels of security checks depending on the perceived security of...
  3. Midori Fairlona

    Question: About LA...

    Not directly. If you have a hunting land area you will need to pay for fertiliser to maintain the numbers and maturities of your mobs. The money you pay goes to other players rather than MA, but it is still a regular cost for maintaining your area. If you have a mining-only area you don't...
  4. Midori Fairlona

    Which ideas of improvement that has been posted on this forum has actually been implemented in to the game?

    Another situation is where Akmuul island was added after months of threads asking for something to spice up PvP. I doubt there was 1 single thread that made the difference, but it was obvious MA was responding to the desires of their customer-base. One example of the PVP threads can be found...
  5. Midori Fairlona

    Has MA abandoned ship?

    Your use of a link to instead of the financial report had me questioning whether you were serious or just posting a very dry joke thread. It is hard to take a discussion seriously when you are wondering whether you are supposed to laugh or not. ;)
  6. Midori Fairlona

    Has MA abandoned ship?

    The sky has been falling since the moment the atmosphere formed. I'd be more worried if the sky stopped obeying the laws of gravity and floated off into space taking all the oxygen with it. :silly2: Now the serious question; how long till the first "Sky is flying away" thread? :scratch:
  7. Midori Fairlona

    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

    TsS8X-wiz4g Open Your Mind by Ishida Yoko. A Japanese pop song with a celtic flavour.
  8. Midori Fairlona

    Apartment Blues / Apartement Decay

    MV? :scratch: More Viagra? :tower:
  9. Midori Fairlona

    Entropia Account: Not secure

    I took the time, but you did not make yourself particularly clear. Trying to explain a complex point with two lines of text, an unexplained acronym and a number of grammatical errors can lead to occasional misinterpretation. ;)
  10. Midori Fairlona

    Has Anyone [LINK REMOVED]

    One possibility is that your computer has already downloaded their virus/hacking software and they just want you to sit quietly for 3 days while they watch what you do with your system and log any financial transactions. I would suggest running a full virus scan, but if they are using...
  11. Midori Fairlona

    Window Mode - How to make it work!

    You might want to post your comment in a new thread. Few people would search for information on an installation bug in a window mode thread. ;)
  12. Midori Fairlona

    Entropia Account: Not secure

    Personally I would trust the security of FireFox over the security of IE any day. Microsoft has a long history of lax security and it is only the appearance of new competition that is forcing them to up their game. Nope. If he is having a problem with FireFox but another browser works ok on...
  13. Midori Fairlona

    100 Peds for you best EU joke

    One day an Atrax, an Atrox and a Malcruentor were sitting around a camp fire picking over the bones of an unfortunate colonist. "I'm bored," said the Atrax, "we haven't had anything to eat or drink for hours, I'm going into town to grab a beer!" "Are you mad?" asked the Atrox, "Someone as slow...
  14. Midori Fairlona

    The forum admin HAD BEEN KILLED !

    Yes, on re-reading archman's comment I can see clearly the positive use of the term shining through for all to see... :rolleyes: Context is important, but it seems that you are the one that has misunderstood it in this case. No matter what your definition of the word, it is clear that archman...
  15. Midori Fairlona

    The forum admin HAD BEEN KILLED !

    :scratch: archman called 7ELEVEN a scammer for having a similar name to 711. In what way is 7ELEVEN "scamming" anyone? Especially as the 711 forum account was apparently created after the 7ELEVEN avatar.
  16. Midori Fairlona

    How do you check LA Screenshots now?

    Prior to VU 10.0 only parts of Amethera were PvP enabled. That may have changed with the redrawing of the map, but if not you could have avatars stepping from non-PvP land areas to non-PvP areas outside the border. Also the PvP indicator has been known to display incorrectly on occasion in...
  17. Midori Fairlona

    Question: What are the disallowed image uploader sites in this forum

    Your personal gallery is limited to 100 pictures. Your storage in the public gallery should be unlimited. Go to "Gallery" in the navigation bar at the top of the screen and choose "upload". Hopefully you will see a message like:
  18. Midori Fairlona

    Question: What are the disallowed image uploader sites in this forum

    The forum has its own gallery you can upload images to. Is there a particular reason why you want to use a separate site? Edit: My EF gallery space is listed as unlimited. Do you have a limit on yours then? :scratch2:
  19. Midori Fairlona

    How do you check LA Screenshots now?

    As most Land Areas are no longer rectangular there are many more corners to check, and even corners won't help too much with claims on the diagonal boundaries. You could try dividing the Land Area polygons into triangles to help calculate the angle and length of the diagonals and thereby plot...
  20. Midori Fairlona


    Never underestimate the desire to own a status symbol, or MA's ability to nerf things to the point that a newly implemented system becomes worthwhile. :laugh:
  21. Midori Fairlona


    Why impractical? Depending on the way MA implements ground based vehicles it could earn them quite a lot of money, which is a key consideration in introducing most of the aspects in Entropia. They could make a limited line of vehicles to be auctioned off at a huge profit, or they could mass...
  22. Midori Fairlona


    I remember in one of the Q&A sessions a year or so ago either Frank or Marco said that vehicles would not be implemented before the CryEngine update. That could mean that they are planning to introduce vehicles sometime within VU 10, or they could decide to do as they have done previously and...
  23. Midori Fairlona

    Who wants to go skydiving? :)

    Definitely an entertaining experience. I hope MA/FPC don't patch it, or at least install an alternative "jump-porter" instead. I got a nice snapshot of me dancing across the moon for my new avatar. :D
  24. Midori Fairlona

    Black avatar

    Have you tried the advice in the thread? I had a similar problem with my 8500 GT and was able to fix it with the following settings: sys_spec_Full = 2 sys_spec_AvatarQuality = 2...
  25. Midori Fairlona

    Marked Map Path

    Not always. White paths on grassland usually show up ok, but dark paths on dark ground are not always visible (at least on my graphics and contrast settings). If MA/FPC do add clearer road lines to the map at some point I hope that we will be able to turn them off. Personally I prefer to not...