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  1. Midori Fairlona

    Robot News

    After years of listening to broadcasts by the humans of Calypso, the mechanised forces have decided to hit back with the launch of: Robot News Produced by the Robot Propaganda Division, the Robot News is an attempt by the robots to tell their side of the story to the universe at large...
  2. Midori Fairlona

    Event Area Rates 2

    For all you event promoters out there, here is a quick list of the official event areas in the game, and their rates. Entries on the public list are displayed as: "Name; Event Creation Charge [one off fee], Event Area Charge [fee per hour of event] (date of last check)" Entries on the...
  3. Midori Fairlona

    Land Area Roundup

    Land Area Roundup Feb 08 It has been a busy few months on the Land Area scene in Entropia, with new areas coming online, old areas changing hands and even the first round of the long awaited Land Grab. Full listings of the current settings can be found in the Amethera Mob List at Entropia...
  4. Midori Fairlona

    A different icon.

    For my first steps on the culture trail, I thought I would find out about one of the less appreciated icons of our universe. We have all heard of Neverdie, Deathifier and Neomaven, some of our most prominent big investors. Many will know of Sorg and Ido, the beauty specialists, or Sarah and...
  5. Midori Fairlona

    Coloring Chance of Success

    Since the new colouring system was introduced in VU 9.0, we appear to have discovered a lot about the different paints and their recommended levels. However, we are still missing data on the Chance of Success (COS) in using each colour. To work out the differences in the COS I would like to...
  6. Midori Fairlona

    Dodge & Evade Mobs

    In VU 9.0.1 It was announced that: To avoid any confusion about what MA considers a "long range attack," I thought it would be a good idea to start a list of Mobs that give dodge and evade skills.
  7. Midori Fairlona

    List of Maps

    I have started putting together a List of Maps at Entropia Directory. If you know about any maps I have missed out, please post them here and I will add them to the list. :D
  8. Midori Fairlona

    Land Area DNA Settings

    I had created this list as a temporary replacement for the main Land Area list at Entropia Directory while we were having some memory errors. However, the bugs appear to have now been worked out of the system, and the main list can be found back at...
  9. Midori Fairlona

    Test your Strength

    I have seen many people asking whether strength affects how much they can carry. They often receive the answer that it does have an affect but no one knows how much. I would now like to answer that question with a... Test of Strength :lift::clap::lift: What I would like for you to do is to...
  10. Midori Fairlona

    Color unlock points

    With the introduction of recommended levels for paint in Vu 9.0, this list is now obsolete. The new paint unlock points are now listed at Entropedia. Thank you again to everyone that helped make this list a reality. :thumbup: -------------- -------------- Due to a number of requests on...
  11. Midori Fairlona

    Best times for events - Weekends

    As some of you may have noticed, I have been keeping a close eye on the events forum lately. :silly2: During this time I have observed that most events seem to start between 19:00 and 23:00 MA time. I have also seen a few comments that some people would like to attend these events but can't...
  12. Midori Fairlona

    Best times for events - weekends

    ack. No poll!. :duh: I will ask a mod to dispose of this one. :ahh:
  13. Midori Fairlona

    Best times for events - weekdays

    As some of you may have noticed, I have been keeping a close eye on the events forum lately. :rolleyes: During this time I have observed that most events seem to start between 19:00 and 23:00 MA time. I have also seen a few comments that some people would like to attend these events but can't...
  14. Midori Fairlona

    PvP Event points

    I am finally making progress on the event guides that I promised around New Year, but I am lacking some useful information. Can anyone please tell me how many points you get for PvP kills in a PvP event? I know you get max points the first time you kill a person then steadily less with each...
  15. Midori Fairlona

    Bank Locations Competition

    I have decided to offer a small competition based on the upcoming bank sales: The bank auctions are due to end on 3rd May, after which time the new owners can specify where they want the banks to appear. Where do you think the five banks will be built? Here are the rules of the competition...
  16. Midori Fairlona

    Gratz Neo

    I can't find any posts about this so far, but MA released a press notice on 27th Feb... Entropia Universe Continues to Produce Entrepreneurs and Smart Business Ventures Gratz neomaven. :yay:
  17. Midori Fairlona

    Free ad space

    I have been given 1 ad space spot on Entropia Directory that I do not need. I am giving this spot away for free, so post your interest here or send me a PM if you want to make use of it. The ad space will be available from 1st to 30th April and can be used to advertise any Entropia related...
  18. Midori Fairlona

    Selling Thin wool

    This auction has ended No bids Selling 63 Thin wool (TT = 15.75 PED) Opening bid of 26 PED (165%) Buyout 29 PED (184%) Current peauction rate for the last 50 in-game auctions is 169.10% Bids in this thread only, please. Auction ends 28th February, 18:00 MA time. This is my first auction...
  19. Midori Fairlona

    Society Websites List 2007

    This is a list of all Society Websites active during 2007. To add your website, please leave a link together with the official society name and I will update the list as soon I see it. (If I don't respond after a couple of days, just give me a nudge :poke:) I am limiting this to 2007, so we...
  20. Midori Fairlona

    Moonlit Travellers Soc hunt global II

    A 130 PED global for the Moonlit Travellers society on our weekly soc hunt. I think we should hunt troxies more often. :D
  21. Midori Fairlona

    Win an apartment! - Entropia Directory shop listing event

    Thanks to the generosity of nice Mr JD, Entropia Directory are offering an apartment to the person that creates the most new shop listings in our shopping directory. :yay: Here is the message from JD with the complete set of rules. :bowdown: This event is open to all players, and your...
  22. Midori Fairlona

    "Scanning bug" that resembles the "levitation bug"

    Hi everyone. Just here to report a minor bug that in a few odd occasions could be used maliciously. When a female avatar wearing some form of stiletto boot is scanned, they appear to levitate slightly into the air. If scanned again the height of levitation increases, until the avatar is high...
  23. Midori Fairlona

    Moonlit Travellers Soc hunt global

    Small global by the Moonlit Travellers society taken on a hunt to welcome our newest member. The only flaw in our plan was to let the new guy name the team. Though if misspellings bring luck, I will let him set the team more often. ;) The other team members were: Benjamin Tao Sisserou and...
  24. Midori Fairlona

    Midori's Face Game

    While I was walking around Amethera yesterday, I was approached by a small male avatar who advised me that my face looked like a man's. I laughed it off as the comment of someone trying to be disagreeable and start an argument, but then I considered that the guy might have a point. So, to find...
  25. Midori Fairlona

    Event related services

    I am going to be writing a guide to the event system shortly, and I was wondering if there are any people around that offer services for event organisers. I have seen people offer services as event promoters or ticket sellers in some old posts, but I haven't found any recent ones. Is anyone...