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    Selling: Limited Eon set Male.

    First of all I'm interested in peds. Secondly I could trade the Eon set for perseus or supremacy parts. Only discuss with people who give offers over 190% none less. Set TT is in total 825.39 ped (spare eon thigh can come along for low markup if fast deal) The armor plates are at value 143.71...
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    Selling: 6A and 5B plate sets

    Each comes as a set. They are in full TT Please contact me via PM if you want them. If trade goes fast I might take it a bit under markup. May the HOF be with you.
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    Buying: Eon parts Male (L)

    PM of what part you got and ratings No posting in the thread thank you.
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    Buying: Isis LR53 (L)

    As title say.
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    Selling: Limited Angel set M

    Harness has 4 figure rates Shoes got very good rates Other parts got standard rates. I was thinking around 220-250% thepends on how fast trade are. Has 99.99% Left in TT value. Happy HOFing all!
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    Selling: Male Gremlin Set

    3 parts T 2.X 4 parts T 1.X Decent tierrates. It's below market price and its for + 350 ped.
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    Selling: Chronicle set limited Male. Selling/trade

    The set has a value of 1206 ped. Good tiers on the feet. Set can also include Pulsar armor plate 8 L for TT=350. In first I'm intrested in a trade of some sort, weapon or armor. A good armor to hunt the biggest Atroxes. WITHOUT having to use First aid pack like an maniac. If I want to sale the...
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    Selling: Tier 3.7 Dar 9300

    Tier 3.8 Dar 9300 Tier 3.8 now! First to TT+2000 ped will get it!