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  1. Vernie

    Announcing Entropia Screengrabber

    Thx for this ... will try this one ;)
  2. Vernie

    VU10.1 Bugs

    Only one bug here... mining/drilling detector sounds again when you have found a claim and unequipped it for the extractor use... and after claim extracted too. :D FYI : Have found fruits (aimoros, paploons & bombardos) and stones (tuntrun) but no dung for the moment (I'll keep it for stefanaki...
  3. Vernie

    FYI: Cant see every 2nd shot ?!

    Problem still there... and I think I miss 40% of my shots where I missed 20% before x2 skill bonus event (and my lasers & scope are in full condition) ... perhaps I'm wrong but I don't think so. :scratch2:
  4. Vernie

    Thirteen Days Times Two - Second Golden Age Skill Bonus

    MA is vicious Starting a x2 skill bonus at the end of the month without a mail 2 week before ... LMAO ... ROFL ... Double LOL ... Just when I finish to clean my pedcard ... strategic for a new depo ? ... I think it is ! ... But I can't... so this x2 skill bonus is made for riches players...
  5. Vernie

    Language issue

    Hi, my Tracker seems not functionnal since the last VU (10.09) because it doesn't catch globals with my french interface. Was just for info, hope the next version of Tracker will seed this in french too :D
  6. Vernie

    FYI: Connection lost - The solution!

    Just for info, from France results of traceroute are same... but I have not the connection lost issue, just want to help with your problem... Microsoft Windows XP [version 5.1.2600] (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp. F:\Documents and Settings\XXXXXXXXX>tracert Détermination...
  7. Vernie

    Bug and Fix = new client

    So if I have an ATH and if I am the only feeding person in these zone it will be erased... OK so it's totally useless for me now :mad: PS : An in-soc hunting contest was running on globs total... contest is out now, thx !
  8. Vernie

    Bug and Fix = new client

    Yesterday I had more globals : HOF Neconu mature 394 ped, HOF fresco 195 ped and 6 or 7 more globs since 2 or 3 days... all results are wrong now without this, I loose more than 800 ped on the total results and top hunting list is out now... so I don't need to run the client anymore if there is...
  9. Vernie

    Day/Night on map?

    I think the map could be better IMO... like a true planet, a globe with shadow of night applied, and not 2 squares separated by a black zone we need to slide 3 or 4 times to access the other continent. On this globe we could zoom in like now to have better definition, like google map perhaps. I...
  10. Vernie

    Cheater or not ?

    Seems this player have the luck I haven't... or ? What can explain this if no cheat on chat.log ?
  11. Vernie

    Claim Your Piece Of Calypso!

    Hi all ... I claim Verner's Garden :yay: Beautiful garden behind my ava & located @ 35346/37514 (where I took the screen) :eek:
  12. Vernie

    New client avalible!

    Cool thx a lot for that... How can I "temporize" (not sure for english term) the screenshot to have the loot window and the globing stars on ? It seems screening just when the global msg comes, so it's just a little bit faster to have it on, must have 0.5s/0.6s before it takes the shot ;) Thx...
  13. Vernie

    New client avalible!

    I think it's because this version doesn't support same protocol, i'm feeding too and can see each time i go on the website there's no feeding ... so i know it's fonctionnal, i've made a global [Maffoid Raider 158 PED Thursday, August 27, 2009 13:50] but [Feeding clients: NO CLIENTS FEEDING...
  14. Vernie

    New client avalible!

    Wow... is there a hidden fonction ? oO ... going to search an .ini or something to do it myself so (if allowed) :P
  15. Vernie

    New client avalible!

    Sorry but is it possible to wait 0.5s before the screen was made ? Actualy no loot window or fire tornado on the avatars ^^ Temporisation could be a radical solution i think, an "Time to wait before cheese" option to fill on the client could be better ;) Verner
  16. Vernie

    Entropia Tracker would like to thank...

    Pleasure to help. ;) Have seen your fabulous tool needed to run in the VU transition when I saw 3 globals and 1 HOF lost by the system. So we can do this for PC community (no more EU lol) and wish you a great success (bigger than actualy one) :) Sorry for my bad "english" .. I'm not good in...
  17. Vernie

    FYI: Black screen when alt+tab with VU 10.0.4

    I can confirm, memory usage is .... no word for that ! Same black screen here when [atl]+[tab]
  18. Vernie

    bugs version 10.0.4

    Have all bugs described before (missing shortcuts/sounds/very poor FPS/etc.) I'm the best :yay: ... plus ground textures blinking randomly in all modes (low to very high) ... ouch I've got nVidia Geforce 9800 GX2 and tried all drivers ... 182.08 to 190.62 ... but no possibility to have something...
  19. Vernie

    Progress 17th Aug

    Et après on va dire que les français sont des râleurs... c'est affligeant, les bouffeurs de hamburgers sont pire apparemment (rédigé en français histoire de les occuper à la traduction, çà évitera qu'ils se plaignent) :D
  20. Vernie

    Version Update 10.0 Pre-Launch Client Available via BitTorrent

    Same ... Just wait till VU 10.0 be effective on servers ... re-read the beginning of VU 10.0 is august 17th, not before !!!
  21. Vernie

    Oil Rig Field Trip IV July 18

    PA-THE-TIC... In french PK is synonym of "Pauvres Krétins" now !
  22. Vernie

    New mob pets?

    I want a Gibnib to put on my shoulder ^^
  23. Vernie

    Question: No Korss 400 (L) from Feffs?

    H400 (L) drop... Looted one on a Feffoid Raider @ 131 PED TT Tuesday ;)
  24. Vernie

    whats the point in (L)?

    That's my case, doing this (with or without profit) allow a full condition armor in all cases and show you how much decay you have to repair without calculating befor/after hunt the amount of PED you lose for UL ones. UL armors is a good thing I think, but for specials mobs with specials...
  25. Vernie

    Info: List of current Hair Stylists/ Beauty Therapists

    Update ... VERN' HAIR SALON is closed :( Hairstylist is a real job... EU is a real game... prefer have fun in game than boring in advertising at a TP 90% of time. All material & skills are buyable in auction right now :rolleyes: GL all for your profession, Cya in game ;) Vern'