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    Akoz' Ultimate Event : Registration Thread

    !Register Therya Sound Tallin
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    Return of the GOLDEN AGE

    Therya Sound Tallin - Ambulimax Mature - 85 PED - 2012-05-05 15:01:33 Edit: Guess I need to be more patient... Disregard this post :p
  3. Ambu Mature 85 PED Nea's Place

    Ambu Mature 85 PED Nea's Place

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    Return of the GOLDEN AGE

    !Register Therya Sound Tallin
  5. Heavyweight Belt 2010

    Heavyweight Belt 2010

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    Cempball-Welch 1/P-3 Ancient

    Yeah, Nebu is absolutely correct, still got it and I'm still not wanting to sell. I'm pretty sure it's the only one, but good luck anyway :)
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    Mob Damage Studies - Circa 2008

    Just wanted to add a tiny bit of info, I'm also pretty sure that there are no percentages for the damage of mobs, but rather fixed values, like on our weapons. Now with the variable damage and such that makes it all pretty tedious if you want to figure out all the exact values :/ But I just...
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    4th Annual Miss Entropia Universe

    I probably won't be able to make it after all, so you might as well strike me off the list again I guess... Have fun all of you...
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    4th Annual Miss Entropia Universe

    Couldn't make it last year, but sign me up this time again...
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    Whats Your Best Item Looted?

    Hm, must've been that Marber Foxtrot I got in a ~10 ped mini from a Feff early '06, sold for +300 iirc... Hope to loot something actually useful for myself one day :p
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    So have you looted an unlimited Axx amp since VU 9.0 ?

    Haven't looted any in many VU's. And... The bp's for the A20x amps were removed in VU 5.2 when the crafting system got changed, back then pretty much everything needed compnents to be made, and those were removed, there were only very few A204 because only very few crafters actually had all...
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    Team Tibet!

    >Therya Sound Tallin< >Team Calypso< >Avery< >This is my first WoF<
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    Hunter Armor Question

    I'm normally using Hunter for Drones or little Troxes (+2A for those) and it works fine for me, gives me a much lower repair bill overall (armor+fap) compared to Vigi for Drones or Ghost for Troxes, should also work for Traxes and other little mobs I guess... All depends on the way you hunt and...
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    Selling: ESI, 123.40 PED TT

    Selling: ESI, 123.40 PED TT -Canceled -Edit- Put it on auction ingame instead.
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    The new Angel Armor

    And if it wasn't silly enough, Trooper actually looks almost like Angel and Vigi do now, it's not grey at all anymore, but White with some Black :/
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    Content List VU 9.0

    I wouldn't normally whine before the VU even goes live, but, SERIOUSLY, decay when equipping armor/clothes? What on earth made you come up with something like that?
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    Version Update 9.0 Preview II - NEW Screenshots!!

    Wouldn't surprise me if masks went the way of the Dodo, the armor on top looks awfully much like Ghost, but it could be Bear I guess... :s But, wow :O
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    Feffoids and such...

    Heh, I wish... Still got bunches lying around... :silly2:
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    Feffoids and such...

    Click to enlarge 12th January to 28th of February, not too much to complain about this year so far... :) Oh, and, all oils :silly2:
  20. Feffoids...


    12. Jan 2007 - 30 Feb 2007
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    EBN: The March on Fury

    This is one of the few Feff Hunter Elites I bumped into yesterday, there were also a few Warlord Elites, but I didn't remember to take pictures of them... :s No other Elites though as far as I noticed... Click to enlarge Seemed like they're a tad larger than a Clan Warlord, not sure about that...
  22. Feff Hunter Elite

    Feff Hunter Elite

  23. Fort Fury

    Fort Fury

  24. Double Uber =)

    Double Uber =)

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    Unique items.

    The Ancient Cempball-Welch 1/P-3 still exists exactly as it is stated on the Wiki and I seriously don't think that there is more than one. :)