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  1. PW3CKA

    Selling: Selling skills

    Per the tile, 265k left, barely any manufacturing or mining. Mostly combat. Will sell well under MU! The more you buy, the bigger discount we can agree on!
  2. PW3CKA

    Selling: Female (Gremlin, Spartacus) , 5B and 2A set, Clothes, All under MU

    We are selling out resuidal from both mine and my girlfriend accounts. All will be sold well under current MU, even more if you just take it all :d 129 Spartacus Arm Guards (F,L) 1 31.17 PED CARRIED 130 Spartacus Foot Guards (F,L) 1 10.52 PED CARRIED 131 Spartacus Gloves (F,L) 1 90.27...
  3. PW3CKA

    Selling: Modified Ares Ring

    EDIT: Sold Need to sell this one to get peds for MK I set (will buy one back in two months or so :)) SB > 10k BO > what the last was sold for 11.3k
  4. PW3CKA

    Buying: Omegaton Ranger Scope MK I (or MK I set)

    As in the title, looking for the scope. Might get peds together for a MK1 set as well (if you would sell only set). Paying pure peds, or can put Improved Hedoc Mayhem T1+ in trade Let me know! Thanks! Pecka
  5. PW3CKA

    Selling: Fire Forge DAR 9300 T3.5

    As in the title, selling this nice laser rifle tagger. With A106 = 2.936 ECO and 31.58 DPS with 135 M range With A106 and 3 DMG enhancers = 2.925 ECO and 39.24 DPS with 135 M range BO TT+950 ped Regards, Pecka
  6. PW3CKA

    Selling: Shagadi Disintegration Sword T5.2

    EDIT: Sold As in the title, selling Shagadi Disintegration Sword T5.2 currently. 2.964 ECO and 58.8 DPS with Trauma VI 2.948 ECO and 79.44 DPS with Trauma VI and 5 DMG enhancers BO 1750 PED Regards, Pecka
  7. PW3CKA

    Client keeps crashing

    Hello, I wanted to start using the tracker client again, and it just keeps crashing. I fill in my weapon, amp info, I start logging, the tracker crashes within few seconds with popup window that un-expected error occurred and the app needs to be restarted. I have WIN8, and have tried a lot...
  8. PW3CKA

    Selling: Improved Hedoc Mayhem T1

    EDIT: Traded for mod ares + peds I am changing my play style, and so might sell my T1 imp hedoc to help me get some other items I want. I accept either pure peds/ CLDs or Modified Ares ring or scope MK1 + peds. I can also do a straight trade for Augmented Ares or scope MK2. Message me here...
  9. PW3CKA

    Buying: Earthshock Trooper (M) , parts or full set

    Looking for ES (M) full set, or just parts (and will buy myself rest). Thanks! Pecka
  10. PW3CKA

    Selling: Arso T6.2

    EDIT: Sold in trade for IMK2 Hey guys, I might do a trade today for IMK2, and as I don't want to deposit, I offer my Arso T6.2 for 9.3k + TT BO (last sold two weeks ago for 9.5k+) Let me know! I will do the trade only in the evening and only if I get to trade the imk2, else I am keeping it :)...
  11. PW3CKA

    Selling: Female Shopkeeper Pad

    As in the title, selling female shopkeeper. BO TT+2k
  12. PW3CKA

    Selling: Protector of the Empire (M) Tier 3

    EDIT: SOLD As I am planning a weapon upgrade, and don't have all peds on card right now. I offer my Tier 3 POE (M) set for sale. Best all around armor in game ;) Only item I would accept in trade are IMK2...
  13. PW3CKA

    Selling: Omegaton Igni L1100E

    EDIT: Gun sold, good luck to new owner! As I am planning to finally upgrade my weapon, I offer my Tier 7 Igni for sale. Best laser handgun for mid-skilled players. 59.03 DPS and 2.968 ECO with A106 92.18 DPS and 2.948 ECO...
  14. PW3CKA

    Buying: Imk2

    EDIT: Gun bought , thanks! Hello, I am looking to buy an IMK2, I prefer a lower tier (Definitely not higher then 5) I can also offer items in trade , POE T3 (M) set and Arso T6 Hit me up if you are looking to sell or trade yours! :) Thanks! Pecka
  15. PW3CKA

    Selling: Moonshine armor parts (And other stuff stolen from IFN)

    Hey all, I have few Moonshine armor parts + some other stuff from IFN and will have more in future. All available in my shopkeeper located in Omegaton West Habitat Alpha Tower, Appartment 12/E (right next to TP) Feel free to pick the items over there, or contact me here for trade. All items...
  16. PW3CKA

    Selling: Modified EMT kit Ek-2350 T1.9

    SOLD, THANKS! Because I am upgrading to imp hedoc. I am selling my mod 2350 tier 1.9 Willing to sell slightly under MU, if the deal is fast :) post here or pm me Pecka
  17. PW3CKA

    Selling: Esi 200.56 tt

    Hello, As in the title, I have one ESI 200.56 TT for sale. PM me if you want it. Pecka
  18. PW3CKA

    Buying: Athenic Ring Improved

    EDIT: Ring bought, thank you As in the title, would love to buy improved Athenic Ring. Please let me know if you are selling one! Thanks! Pecka
  19. PW3CKA

    FYI: Entropy has it's own crater on Mars!

    Was thinking how to celebrate our wonderful society, the awesome people that are in it and the fact that we finally managed to get all LAs in LandGrab (yeah, yeah, with full pockets of aimbots and haxxxes). And because I love space, I am proud to say Entropy now has it's own crater on Mars ...
  20. PW3CKA

    Buying: Arkoin (980 Ped TT)

    Hey, as in the title. Need 980 ped TT of Arkoin ;) Thanks! Pecka
  21. PW3CKA

    Selling: Ares Ring Improved

    Hey guys, Going to buy armor this week and might use some peds, so putting my Ares Ring Improved for sale until Tuesday SB/BO 5.1k Thanks
  22. PW3CKA

    Selling: Improved Fire Forge ARR 8000 T5.7

    EDIT: Gun sold Hey guys, I offer mine Improved Fire Forge ARR 8000 tier 5.7 for sale :) Best laser tagger only beated by mod dar ;) 145 M range Without damage enhancers + a106 it's 38.22 DPS , with 3.027 ECO With 5 damange enhancers + a106 it's 54.21 DPS, with 3.018 ECO SB/BO 8.5k + TT...
  23. PW3CKA

    Buying: EON (M) set

    EDIT: Found myself a POE set, so not looking anymore As in the title, as I cannot find a set of POE for now, I am looking for Eon (M). If you are considering selling yours, please let me know!
  24. PW3CKA

    Selling: Modified EMT EK-2350 T1+

    Selling or trading mod EK 2350 T1.3 atm. Possible trade for imp hedoc or poe m set. Thanks! Pecka
  25. PW3CKA

    Buying: Protector of the Empire (m)

    EDIT: Armor bought thanks! As in the title, possibly considering buying POE (M) set. If you have one and considering sale, let's talk! EDIT: Preffering lower tier set. But open to offers. pecka