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  1. Fort

    Selling: ESI's

    SOLD, ty Taking offers for my ESI collection 20 ESI's totaling 269.82 tt.
  2. Fort

    Selling: (EST) Earth Shock Trooper M set

    Taking offers for this Male EST 7 part armor set. Current tt 289.07
  3. Fort

    Uber: Chronicle M Arms

    A Marcimex was nice enough to drop me some Chronicle M arms tonight :cool: I didn't get a screenie to post but I was streaming so I snipped it for you.
  4. Fort

    Selling: Selling 16 ESI's = 228.32 TT

    Taking offers for 16 ESI's with a total of 228.32 TT
  5. Fort

    Buying: WTB 98 Pile Of Diamonds

    Looking for 98 Pile Of Diamonds Message me here or ingame. Please :)
  6. Fort

    Public Apologizes

    I would like to apologize if I decelerated anyone while they were hunting, I am very sorry. I have encountered some teams recently and attacked them with snowballs I did not realize until yesterday that we have two types of snowballs, one has a 50% deceleration buff. Opps :dunce: I don't...
  7. Fort

    Achievement: Ava 10 year birthday

    Wow :eyecrazy: Today marks my ava's 10th EU Birthday! Thank you to my friends, soc mates and the community that have made these past ten years a lot of fun! :yay: I'll celebrate tonight with an Ava bday live stream hunt. Come join me to see my bday ATH! :smoke: Stream should be live...
  8. Fort

    Uber: 5K Warrior Commander!

    Here's a nice one :) 5K Warrior Commander! With some fireworks! Streamed highlight Vid
  9. Fort

    Uber: Twin 3K Vortex the Purifier's

    Unlocked Kill Strike a few days before these 2 Ubers Got these twins a day apart :cool: 3.4k 3.3K
  10. Fort

    Buying: DOA Slugstorm (L)

    Buying DOA Slugstorm (L) 's. Hook me up! :cool:
  11. Fort

    Entropia Singles? Happy Valentine's Day

    Happy Valentine's Day Entropians:) I don't think I've seen a singles section on the forum anywhere. In honor of this day of love I'll post one. Fort Male Gamer, 40, lives in the u.s. :tiphat: Looking for Female gamer :love: Please send pic of Mod Fap...or Imp. :swoon:
  12. Fort

    Selling: ESI's

    Have a batch of 18 ESI's to sell. About 10-18 ped tt each 267.26 tt total Looking for something around market value.
  13. Fort

    Help: Event Mobs Stuck inside trees

    Yes I know mobs get stuck inside trees so that they cannot be targeted. But The Drone Exterminator spawn only has 2 spawn at a time and both are now stuck inside trees. Please respawn the Exterminators! All botz must die!
  14. Fort

    Uber: 5.5k Eomon Event Winner

    Thank you Xenobiologist Charles Marvin for creating todays Eomon young HSL event! My best loot in almost 7 years! Live stream of the HoF ..
  15. Fort

    Hiring Mod Fapper

    I'd like to book a Mod Fapper for 22:00 ma today the 15th of July. Please add me to your schedule if you have openings and send me a pm here :) Thank you!
  16. Fort

    Buying: WTB: Emik Enigma L6 (L)

    Looking to buy some Emik Enigma L6's Please pm me here or Fort Fort Tress ingame
  17. Fort

    Question: Trapping Exploit, How long does it take to fix?

    Why does MA not fix exploits in a timely manner or remove the mob if they can't fix it? It's been almost 7 months since I reported a trapping exploit to support. Do they just not care? If I recall Marcimex exploit got fixed rather quickly. November 28th 2013, I reported a trapping exploit...
  18. Fort

    Is it ok to Kill Steal an Exploiters Mob?

    Is it ok to Kill Steal an Exploiters Mob? For the first time in my EU career I purposely KS a mob. I had mixed feelings about doing it but after warning an exploiter several times that what he was doing was against the EULA I decided to take action. It worked for the time being since it stopped...
  19. Fort

    I show as offline in Friends list?

    Soc m8's and friends say I show as offline on the FL. I have my FL set to 'online' I have checked the option panel, privacy tab and all looks fine, I'm not set to incognito. :scratch2:
  20. Fort

    Jurai Blood's 10th Birthday!

    :birthday: Happy 10th Birthday Jurai Blood! :birthday: I'm happy to see JB still here after all these years. Thank you to my soc mates past and present for a lot of great memories :beerchug: To the Bloods that were here before me, thank you for starting such a wonderful family :wtg:
  21. Fort

    Fort's Live Streaming

    Hey Entropians, I've been streaming for a while but I never bothered to advertise. I'm on nightly starting around 21:00 MA time. Stop in and say hey sometime :)
  22. Fort

    Selling: Selling - ESI 245.52 tt

    Selling - ESI 245.52 tt Sold, ty
  23. Fort

    Selling: Dune Rider Helmet F

    SOLD, Close thread please Dune Rider Helmet F Unlimited SB +1500 Ends 24 hours after sb made
  24. Fort

    Question: Jurra Plateu spelled wrong?

    Seems to me that Jurra Platue is misspelled... I think it's suppose to be Jurai Plateau :cool:
  25. Fort

    Buying: WTB: Emik Enigma L5's (L)

    Looking to buy limited Emik Enigma L5's.