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    Achievement: Joining the 10 year club

    Dr Biizle turns 10 today. Would never have expected that when I started. So much has changed. Probably wouldn't have been a long term player without the early support from my old mentor Kerham, cheers mate! I wonder how many active players are 10+. Dozens? Hundreds? Surely not thousands.
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    Selling: 100 cld

    === ALL SOLD - thanks. === Asking 122,000.00 ped (for the lazy: 1220 each). Only in bulk. Please PM if interested - I don't get to check the forum as often. :) No, I am not leaving PE.. Just to clear out some misunderstandings: I am not a trategic 'reseller'. I expected to keep these for...
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    Selling: Makeup collection (100+ items)

    All sold, thx. Selling this makeup collection at a fixed price of 530 ped (= 110%) (1) Cosmetic Pen (Slate Grey) 4.00 TT (1) Cosmetic Pen (White) 4.00 TT (1) Eyeshadow (Gold) 8.00 TT (2) Eyeshadow (Slate Grey) 16.00 TT (1) Eyeshadow (Steel Blue) 7.00 TT (2) Eyeshadow (White) 14.00 TT (1) Face...
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    Buying: Adj v1

    EDIT: No longer looking :)
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    Question: Kesmek Slo unlimited?

    Does anyone know if an UL version of Kesmek Slo exists? Couldn't find any info on it.
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    WTB: Adj V1

    Looking to upgrade to Adj V1. Let me know your price here or in PM. Actually I prefer PM. Whatever :D Edit: Found one :)
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    240 different skills?

    In another thread Cougar gave a link to an interview with Marco from Leipzig: One quote goes: “You can even buy skills from other players. We have players in Entropia who make their livings selling items and skills to other players, helping them get a...
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    Vote for non-owned LA DNA settings

    Please note: This is only concerned with the non-owned Land Areas – not the participant owned Land Areas. These Land Areas are only fertilized when they are owned by Socs after the (elusive?) land grabs. At all other times they are deserted and DNAs left with no fertilizer and management, thus...
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    What mob most globals for you?

    Could be interesting to se what mob you have most globals on. And maybe how many and why that mob is just 'yours'? Polls are limited to 20 selections so I can't list all mobs - but I hope I have picked the 'right' one for you :) If not, pick Other and let us know. For me, I really like to...
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    As-129 & As-147

    What are these two Rifles going for these days?
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    Name of this clothing?

    Click to enlarge Does anyone know what shirts the two girls in the middle are wearing? Never seen it before...
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    Svempa X1(L) ??

    Was casually browsing through the guides at and noticed this screenshot apparently with a 390PED Svempa X1(L) for sale. Has anyone seen this gun before? I cant' find any info on it so my guess is that the screenie is from their dev. environment :confused: With that TT...
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    Cornoanterion HOF

    Seeing the high number of globals after the VU we decided to jump in on the fun. Good choice. We ended up with these: Ambulimax Provider 57 PED Ambulimax Old 85 PED Cornoanterion Young 6751 PED Cornoanterion Young 75 PED Cornoanterion Young 72 PED The Cornoanterion HOF: :yay: Click to enlarge...
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    Atrox Crit Hit

    Always paranoid of those crit hits ;) Click to enlarge On a more serious note: Is this so low because it is not an 'Armour penetration' type but rather an 'Additional damage' type Crit, and the armour simply took it's part? (using Ghost with a mix of 2A and 5B)
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    CND Apt. Small/Medium

    Looking for an apt. at CND - please PM me with your price.
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    Globie w. the young in soc

    I took a couple of the 'young' players in my Soc for their first 'real' hunt: 40ped (each) Opalo hunt on Akoz' Exaro Land:sniper: . And we got this this 71 pedder: Click to enlarge Best thing was the sheer exitement from them of being on their first 'intensive' hunt and getting their...
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    24 hours @ CND

    Great weekend up at CND and great to be part of the MMOWC. Globals within 24 hours: 112 ped Atrox Young 2109 ped Atrox Old 60 Caldorite 59 Caldorite 162 Atrox Young 75 Atrox Mature 692 Ganganite :yay: The Atrox Old: Click to enlarge :yay: The Ganganite: Click to enlarge (Failed to get a...