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  1. Roy Tyrell

    Selling: Modified Hedoc Mayhem - Tier 3.9

    Selling this great Modified Hedoc Mayhem FAP for 32,000 PED. You can kill almost anything with this baby. Ready to Tier up to 4.
  2. Roy Tyrell

    Selling: DevaStim and AccuStim 10 Mg Pills

    Selling DevaStim 10mg and AccuStim 10mg pills for 5.50 PED each. Any quantity. PM me here or in game. Regards Roy Roy Tyrell
  3. Roy Tyrell

    ATH: A nice ATH for the holidays - second ATH, first over 100K

    After grinding away at Explosive IV's for a while, the unexpected occurred: a 172,246 PED ATH appeared for the Holidays. It has been a while since my previous 77K one in 2016 and I had given up hope another one would appear. Fortunately, it came around again and fattened up a bit. May all of...
  4. Roy Tyrell

    Achievement: Reached 360,000 in total skills

    I know it is not a huge achievement compared to some of the high-flying ubers around, but it is a meaningful milestone for me. Next stop: 400K in total skills. RRT
  5. Roy Tyrell

    Achievement: Kill Strike Achieved

    After eight plus years in-game, I finally reached Kill Strike! :yay: Now, the crazy task of trying to reach Lvl 100 in something.:eyecrazy: Oh well, it's only money.....:rolleyes: Good luck to all and keep shooting! :handgun: RRT
  6. Roy Tyrell

    Selling: UL Pistol, Rifle and armor

    UL L4 Pistol, Camo Jungle Stalker and Phantom armor I believe it is time to sell my UL gear due to lack of time. Looking for PEDs or CLD's. Here is what I have to sell: UL enigma L4 Pistol, Tier 9.3 - super eco weapon for everyday hunting or grinding: TT + 32K UL Camo Arms...
  7. Roy Tyrell

    Selling: Neurostim and Neurobiotic pills

    Neurostim pills for sale Hi I have a bunch of the following pills for sale: Neurostim-A Neurostim-B Neurostim-C Make me an offer through a reply to this post, a PM or in game by contacting my avatar: Roy Roy Tyrell. Thanks, RRT
  8. Roy Tyrell

    Achievement: Quickness

    I finally reached one of my goals by unlocking Quickness at level 55 Evader. :yay: Next stop is hopefully Kill Strike! Good luck to everyone and keep on shooting, minining and crafting. RRT
  9. Roy Tyrell

    Selling: Selling Emik Enigma L4 pistol at tier 9.3

    Selling Emik Enigma L4 pistol at tier 9.3 - PRICE REDUCED! Selling my very economical Emik Enigma L4. It's currently at tier 9.3. The economy of this pistol is 2.906, when unamped, doing 53.51 dmg/sec. With a Dante amp, its eco goes up to 2.953 and damage increases to 75.06 dmg/sec. It is...
  10. Roy Tyrell

    Achievement: First skill to reach 10,000 - BLP Weaponry Technoloy

    After almost 8 1/2 years of playing, I reached 10,000 on BLP Weaponry Technology earlier today, thanks to migration. :cool: I still have three levels to go until i reach Killstrike and will just keep shooting until I get there. Unless I run out of PEDs. :rolleyes: Good luck everyone and I hope...
  11. Roy Tyrell

    ATH: Finally the big one hit: 71K ATH!!

    I have never had a 5 digit loot in all the years I have been playing, mainly hunting, until tonight. I was down to my last few tries on explosive BP IV, already thinking that I had lost a ton of money with nothing to show for it, when this totally unexpected surprise came along. :eyecrazy...
  12. Roy Tyrell

    Selling: Tier 9.1 - Emik Enigma L4 BLP Pistol & Tier 6.5 Arsonistic Chip TEN

    Hi Due to work demands, looking to sell these great weapons. The Enigma is going for 40,500 PED and the Arsonistic chip for 10,000 PED (Price reduced!). I will accept PED, CLD's or AUD's. This is not a fire sale, but I will consider any reasonable offers close to my asking price. Regards...
  13. Roy Tyrell

    Emik Enigma L4 and Arsonistic III TEN rental service

    Hi I'm offering at Tier 9.1 Emik Enigma L4 and a Tier 6.4 Arsonistic III TEN chip for rent at 50 PED and 12 PED per day, respectively. With full damage enhancers, the Emik does 123.22 DPS and a Dante amp. The Arsonistic chip does an additional 26 DPS when fully loaded with damage enhancers...
  14. Roy Tyrell

    Achievement: 300K in Skills passed......

    I was so busy hunting that I had failed to notice when I finally passed the 300K mark in skills, with 300,051 in total. It has been a while since reaching 275K, mainly due to a break in playing, but hope to get some more before I go broke....:cool: Been playing 8 years this coming February...
  15. Roy Tyrell

    ATH: Emik Enigma L4 Tier 9

    My first Tier HOF and it was a nice one: got my Emik Enigma L4 to tier IX. :yay: Thanks to those who helped me with the Tier IX components and thanks to Laredo for having sold it to me already at tier 8! Now on to tier X. Good luck! RRT
  16. Roy Tyrell

    Buying: Buying Tier IX Components

    Looking to purchase 150 Tier IX Components to tier up one of my items. Please PM me with your offer and amount available. I am on EST time. Thanks!
  17. Roy Tyrell

    Achievement: Reached Commando

    :yay: After almost 5 years, I finally attained Commando when I hit level 70 on BLP Rifle. :yay: Thought I had captured the skill gain announcement at the time it hit, but a pic showing I have the skill will have to do. Next goal, get to 200 HP. Currently at 192. Good luck folks. RRT
  18. Roy Tyrell

    Achievement: Passed 250K in Skills

    I just ran skill scanner and it shows 251,883 in total skills. :yay: Only took about 4 years to get here. :laugh: Here are some of my top skills from Entropedia: Good luck to everyone and keep on grinding! Reagrds, RRT
  19. Roy Tyrell

    Achievement: 10K Sumima finished

    I finally completed the 10,000 Sumima mission. I selected athletics as my reward and was given 149.95 PED in TT value, according to skill scanner, in Athletics. My largest global was a 1900 PED Sumima young early on, with loot taking a major dive towards the end. Now to finish my Bronze Atrox...
  20. Roy Tyrell

    Selling: Starkhov AS-97 Adjusted - Tier 3.4

    I am selling my Starkhov AS-97 Adjusted that is currently at tier level 3.4. Looking for TT + 8,500 or equivelant value in trade. The TT value is currently 200 PED, but it will go up or down as I continue to hunt with it until a sale is completed. Regards, RRT
  21. Roy Tyrell

    Question: Are Weapon Damage Enhancers breaking more often for you after new release?

    A question for all hunters using Weapon Damage Enhancers: Are you breaking more damage enhancers after the most recent release than before? I've noticed that I am breaking 12 to 16 enhancers per 770 PED hunting run now, compared to 4 or 5 before. My main weapon has is using Tier I, II, and III...
  22. Roy Tyrell

    Buying: unlimited CB26 or X5

    Looking to buy one of these unlimited weapons. Please PM me with a price if you are looking to sell yours. Regards,
  23. Roy Tyrell

    PC: Adapted Vivo Survivor (L) Blueprint (L)

    Hey folks, What is this Adapted Vivo Survivor (L) Blueprint (L) with 14 clicks on it worth? There seems to have only been one previous sale for a 4 click version that went for a markup of 997500% some time earlier this year. Thanks in advance for your feedback. Regards
  24. Roy Tyrell

    Achievement: 10,000 Atrox Finished

    Seeing my old society mate Lucho post his 10K Corn mission reminded me that I forgot to post my own recent achievement: Finishing the 10,000 Atrox Iron Mission. :ahh: For all you statisticians out there, I cycled 42,800 PED killing the last 10,000 Atrox, with a loot return of 39,700 PED. I...
  25. Roy Tyrell

    Uber: Small Feff Uber

    Just a small Feff Uber. I had just finished the 10K Trox mission and started the Feffoid Iron mission. Losses were getting bad, so I changed locations and this kind fella appeared. Full TT Thunderbird Helmet, Korss H400 (L) and a lot of eye oil. GL Folks!!