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  1. Birdseye

    Selling: Skill

    Thanks to all. ~Bird
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    Question: What is necessary to be looted in PvP4 area?

    As Gluepot said, there have been cases where the "usual" rules have not occurred. But that said, the vast vast majority of the time, Mantas1's answer is correct.
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    John Capital - Knowledge Seeker

    WOO HOO JC! Great Article MS9 :yay:
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    Idea for New PVP

    I think it is a good idea. Variety is always good.
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    Death to the infamous Letum Latro

    HAHA this is awesome.
  6. Birdseye

    Death to the infamous Letum Latro

    I am putting a reward out for information that leads to the death of the avatar named Letum Latro. If you see him at a TP killing noobs, post his location and the time and I will regularly check this thread and run to meet him in combat. He may certainly have superior firepower and armor, but...
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    Info: Character Profile: Letum Latro

    ooooooooooooooo hahahahahahaha looks like its time for some one to pay up ROFL!!
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    be killing or not be killing ? that is the question

    If you kill yourself you will not loose any loot. You will however have to buy a new toxic shot. Why am I giving away this information?!? :P -Bird
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    PvP Globals Screens!! :yay:

    Gratz freddie
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    Abuse of PvP Game Mechanics

    [ For me this has nothing to do with minimizing my risk because i own a tango. This is about the zone being a popular place that alot of people would want to go to because they could get big rewards at the expense of risk. This is not about one person getting rich. This is about a way of...
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    Abuse of PvP Game Mechanics

    I think it would be cool to have no radar. But I think it too would likely reduce hunters and miners out there. A PKer will run around making no sign of his/her presence while a hunter or miner is making noise/disturbances alerting others in the area of their presence. You can hear the...
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    Abuse of PvP Game Mechanics

    This more along the lines of my thinking. I think its laughable to see pkers who tote around thousands and thousands of dollars in gear crying about the fact that people have figured out some ways to minimize their risk. Good for them. All that means is that you will have to increase your...
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    PVP3 & PVP4 Tutorial

    1st You cannot drill someone elses claim 2nd if you kill yourself, you do not receive any loot from the loot pool. And because you were "pked" you will loose your toxic shot. So only kill yourself if you have loot worth more then the toxic shot.
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    Project: PVP

    phhhfff the only reason Hijacker profits is because I'm nice enough to give him his loot back after I pk him all the time! LMAO! ok...hijacker usually kills me...there I said it :ahh:
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    Project: PVP

    whao, lets see some screenies before you start accusing. Mandu seems like a pretty straight up guy, I doubt he would attempt to smudge numbers on a thread. There are others out there with similar names, perhaps you made an easy mistake in identity. Or perhaps he just hasn't gotten around to...
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    Project: PVP

    I have also zapped a guy who had probably 20% health left as he tried to suicide on a malmun. Got all his ores. But as a general rule it is true, if you are below 50% they don't get your stuff.
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    Project: PVP

    come on now, don't get us all into your thread and then stop posting. Any luck lately? :) -Bird
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    PvP Globals Screens!! :yay:

    Very nice Dude. :yay:
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    YO Boogz! you get that himi ATH yet? :P ~Bird

    YO Boogz! you get that himi ATH yet? :P ~Bird
  20. Birdseye

    hey mai, Sorry for what you guys had to go through. I totally agree, we need to do what we can...

    hey mai, Sorry for what you guys had to go through. I totally agree, we need to do what we can to prevent him from continuing to steal from people. At this point I don't know how to most effectively do that, but let me know if you have any ideas. GL out there, ~Bird
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    Project: PVP

    This is great stuff Mandu. Have not been logged on much myself lately, but you've inspired me to get back in there lol. Perhaps see you in there mate.;) GL
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    Pvp3/4 Huge loot dash

    sounds like a lot of fun. 2 problems I see though: Success is pvp is very largely determined by gear, so you might want to have a couple categories or make armor/weapon restrictions. But that brings in the second problem. Considering it is in pvp, you are always going to have the uber that...
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    PvP Globals Screens!! :yay:

    Gratz Mandu, thats a good looking loot window.
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    PVP rule change?

    I just hopped on and ran with Akon out to the zone. I knocked myself down to about 40% and he finished me off. No loot, from me anyway. Still had the 1 dung in my inventory. Had a residue also just to have something in both categories. It was also still there at revive. So I say no, the...
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    Just wanted to post on the Famous Mandu's Page ;P

    Just wanted to post on the Famous Mandu's Page ;P