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  1. Birdseye

    Selling: Skill

    Thanks to all. ~Bird
  2. Birdseye

    Death to the infamous Letum Latro

    I am putting a reward out for information that leads to the death of the avatar named Letum Latro. If you see him at a TP killing noobs, post his location and the time and I will regularly check this thread and run to meet him in combat. He may certainly have superior firepower and armor, but...
  3. Birdseye

    little bug

    I went to go kill a couple of the new bots and when I TPed to Atlas Haven the little indicator by the radar indicated that I was still in pvp. Dont know if this a new bug or has been around. I couldnt find anything in my forum search. Showed pvp till I relogged. Not a big deal I guess, just...
  4. Birdseye

    Selling: Selling Unlimited Hedoc Sk 20

    This a 4 day auction. This auction will end on Friday August 8th at 12:00pm Central time. I am selling an UNLIMITED HEDOC SK20. The current tt-value is 415 PED Please post your bids below, or send me a PM and I will post your bid without your name included. Thanks and happy bidding!
  5. Birdseye

    attacker hof