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  1. Kitch

    Petition to remove Explosive BPs (or change them) - Part 2

    well its a year now since I quit over this nonsense. Just got my final withdrawal out :D I have zero interest to get involved in this again now as it is still the same bs a year on. And it sounds from reading the thread that MA have not even gone on record to say exactly what is the big idea...
  2. Kitch

    Petition to remove Explosive BPs (or change them)

    Kitch Lazarus Nickletickler My "activity" in-game now consists of logging in every 3 weeks, checking top hunting hofs (all shared loot), checking crafting top hofs (all exp bp), checking resource market (still broken), rolling my eyes and then log back out.
  3. Kitch

    Live long and prosper...

    Being sad is illogical... but still... RIP Spock
  4. Kitch

    Low level weapons should be crafted instead

    cheers I may get a 4 I am just doing the cornundacauda iron to get rifle rewards as thats the only really low skill so levels should jump up pretty quick. Initial post was mainly about lack of availability of these weapons on ah, so maybe they could release some L bps of them or just put up the...
  5. Kitch

    What colour is this dress?

    im confused by this... :scratch2::scratch2::scratch2:
  6. Kitch

    DPS porno stats

    post your current best weapon setup stats for dps if its a setup you are currently building, then say so. include all, inc dmg enhancers, buffs of any kind etc -kitch
  7. Kitch

    Question to Developer about Explosive bp

    they can't answer, would give away their big dirty secrets
  8. Kitch

    PC: Cryogenic, Corrosive, Kinetic V TEN Edition

    I had kinetic V TEN, was nice on low mobs. Think I sold it for about +800 It had 3 or so tiers, I think most of them will be tiered so you will have to pay a bit for that even if you don't plan to use it
  9. Kitch

    Poll of the day 4

    wait are there 4 polls today? cause if not, this should be poll of the day # 2, of a different day, or poll of the week number 4 ... :scratch2:
  10. Kitch

    State of the Universe Address 2015

    Honestly in my heart of hearts I beleive that's because we collectively take the piss. It's just not possible they could afford enough staff to answer are stuff in a satisfactory way. All the conspiracy theories and exploiting reports etc. Just my opinion as someone with software support experience
  11. Kitch

    State of the Universe Address 2015

    So the space rewards are from my auction fees? Or just the auctions that involve planet to planet presumably? And when they talk about "conversion" of new players? What's that all about? :scratch2: Anyway, decent state of eu, worth waiting a year for sure :cool:
  12. Kitch

    Low level weapons should be crafted instead

    only aiming to get my laser profs to > 26 or so. I just think looking at the AH is a sorry state.. I can use a lower dps weapon on the mobs I am hunting my evader level is way higher than the mobs so its ok but I want SIB and want to blast through the irons I like kallous 3,4,5 that would be...
  13. Kitch

    Question: Thorifoid buff - to keep hp down. Exploit or part of the game?

    Sorry but you have to think in a really abstract way to consider that "normal" in pvp. I get what your saying that it's anything goes. But that to me just means: lot's of people are exploiting but MA aren't acting on it. Doesn't tell me they aren't exploits. You even said the key words yourself...
  14. Kitch

    Low level weapons should be crafted instead

    Hi, So I decided to skill laser sniper and I am starting from noob levels 20/15, straight away I am having a real problem finding the suitable L weapons on the AH :mad: There should be a nice array of kallous, 1,2,3,4,5 etc but all see s1x1, fucking jester and other crafted ones only. Does...
  15. Kitch

    Fix explosive BP

    Easy, drop shit loads of the BP's saturate market, in a few months price is down, then boom, do the nerf :rolleyes: Wow that was depressing (but necessary)
  16. Kitch

    Honest answer on the direction of EU

    well I just got a very pleasant reminder that the loot system is still alive somewhat, my disciple, an asian school kid just hit a 4 digit mining :D No depo's just been playing 3 weeks sweating, hunting punys, living on gifts in game etc :) prob only dropped a few hundred bombs :yay: sry this...
  17. Kitch

    Merry Mayhem 2014 Results - Solo

    haha, oh well, at least I know the deal now :laugh: cheers
  18. Kitch

    Merry Mayhem 2014 Results - Solo

    Excuse my naivety, but does everyone realize that nearly all the S1 "winners" are alts? This is fucking bullshit fake ass fucking game where everyone is screwing. Look at their trackers...
  19. Kitch

    Robot Mayhem #2 Results

    I tried the event last yr, but didnt do the full thing, never read this thread, first thing that stuck out was "braze colonists" lol
  20. Kitch

    Robot Mayhem #2 Results

    Whats a braze colonist?
  21. Kitch

    Poll of the day 2

    this one needs more info, do u mean for the game, the economy or for yourself? obviously everyone would prefer to own ul for themselves but for the game in general... its like saying are you happy your pet dog will die? or if you could make it live for ever would u prefer that..?
  22. Kitch

    Poll of the day 1

    think he was obviously making a joke taco :yup:
  23. Kitch

    Poll of the day 1

    I was thinking as I was writing how I "dont need to depo" that, am I one of those smug basterds? lol also... heaven...
  24. Kitch

    Help: Laser weapon progression for newbs

    for stuff like combibo/shinkiba etc best armour i can advise is cdf scout plus impirium plate(of cyrene) and fap with your vivo s10 or herb box between mobs both those above mobs drop weapons that are ok
  25. Kitch

    Help: Laser weapon progression for newbs

    Yeah a101 has rocketed hasn't it, possibly cause spending MU on L weapons at that level is shooting ones self in the foot now because of reduced overall mu due to crapnel and people say ma are trying to make it more affordable for noobs??? How? by forcing them, to have bid wars over about 4...