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    Entropia Universe 16.0.2 Release Notes

    Just walk away from a chair when seated, you automatically stand up... To pick up shop keeper right click on base for menu.
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    Entropia Universe 16.0.2 Release Notes

    Any chance we could get protection info on plates' tooltip? Please also add priority to taming attempts - mobs loose focus when ready for taming (will have to check, might be fixed too...)
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    Question: Generic components in loots?

    These generic components are probably still sitting in people's storage. During storage cleanout over the past couple of years I have had to TT various types of generic components because noone ever bid for them on auction. They were listed multiple times. No interest from anyone.
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    Camera & Control System Preview and Guides

    Status bars are absolutely necessary while taming, especially while taming multiple mobs. You need to keep track of all the taming parameters. Personally I also use status bars for hunting, for selecting which of the mobs eating your butt to target next. Really sad to loose this essential...
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    Suggestion: Dormant LA's with DNA's in them, how to get the spawns back

    Default DNA setting should be medium density, medium maturity. Any changes to that should require fertilizer. Running out of fertilizer would default back to medium/medium.
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    Avatar's changing hands.... who are you actually dealing with?

    2007 if I remember correctly - I still have the minis sitting on my office desk :) So yea, still the same owner here...
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    Uber: Omg tower omg omg omgg

    :yay: Gratz man!
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    Achievement: Joining the 10 year club

    Dr Biizle turns 10 today. Would never have expected that when I started. So much has changed. Probably wouldn't have been a long term player without the early support from my old mentor Kerham, cheers mate! I wonder how many active players are 10+. Dozens? Hundreds? Surely not thousands.
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    Buying: Need a tagger

    Not sure how much power you need, but I yesterday put a FF8000M on auction on calypso. 135M range if I remember correctly.
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    Selling: 100 cld

    Last 5. Still cheap at 1220 each:)
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    Selling: 100 cld

    Just 5 left - go get 'em:)
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    Selling: 100 cld

    I have added 5 to your pile. I still receive PMs but could not PM you - I think it is your inbox that is full. Empty before sending...
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    Selling: 100 cld

    Still some left:)
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    Selling: 100 cld

    Bump for CLDs:)
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    Selling: 100 cld

    === ALL SOLD - thanks. === Asking 122,000.00 ped (for the lazy: 1220 each). Only in bulk. Please PM if interested - I don't get to check the forum as often. :) No, I am not leaving PE.. Just to clear out some misunderstandings: I am not a trategic 'reseller'. I expected to keep these for...
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    Did the Support Department close up? Seriously... did they?

    Yes, my support case has also been completely ignored for a few months now:( It is very unprofessional - and indeed disrespectful of customers. Not reassuring at all about the integrity of the company.
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    300k skills !!!

    Well done Ak - was pretty cool when you announced it:) Very nice MF skills indeed!
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    Calypso near term developments

    Good news. Here to hoping you will be adding the missing town of Minopolis soon too:)
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    Mindforce Harmony !!!

    That's a very cool unlock:cool: Big gratz:yay:
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    Selling: Makeup collection (100+ items)

    Makeup anyone? :)
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    Selling: Makeup collection (100+ items)

    All sold, thx. Selling this makeup collection at a fixed price of 530 ped (= 110%) (1) Cosmetic Pen (Slate Grey) 4.00 TT (1) Cosmetic Pen (White) 4.00 TT (1) Eyeshadow (Gold) 8.00 TT (2) Eyeshadow (Slate Grey) 16.00 TT (1) Eyeshadow (Steel Blue) 7.00 TT (2) Eyeshadow (White) 14.00 TT (1) Face...
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    I miss old Minopolis

    I'm with you on this. Minopolis was my base. It was special. :)
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    System or login server down?

    Yea I can login now. Strange why that is...
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    System or login server down?

    I experience this too. Cannot login:scratch2:
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    Is anyone a lawyer?

    Sweden is indeed a member of the EU:) For official ref: