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  1. Ianus

    Vote now for biggest loot in hunting

    In light of new game "dynamic loot" aka make a selling out thread for an uber loot i would like to see a vote from the comunity about this PS: people from MA can not vote, i already know their opinion :)
  2. Ianus

    Good job once again MA ...... not!!!

    I talked to several of my friends to explain the game to them. 3 of them were interested in download and see what is all about. However none of them could make a valid account because there is an automatic validation and if not pass they ask from u an id card or some other form of identity...
  3. Ianus

    Selling: Skills sales - excelent oportunities

    All skills i have left for sale here Post bids here or on pm Bulk sale: all skills - 8k ped daily value (over 9k ped) 1. Aim - 30.8 tt - on 3 chips 2. Coolness 11.24 tt 3. Courage 20.6 tt - on 2 chips 4. Dexterity 14.60 tt 5. Dodge 9.81 tt 6. Drilling 25.60 tt on 2 chips 7. Handgun -...
  4. Ianus

    Selling: Skills

    From now on i will offer a promotion for buying skills as it follows: Buy skills for minimum 500 ped and u will have a discount of 25 ped Buy skills for minimum 1.000 ped and u will have a discount of 50 ped Buy skills for minimum 2.000 ped and u will have discount of 100 ped Buy all and i'll...
  5. Ianus

    Selling: sell 6k efd

    selling 6k efd startbid 10 ped auction for 3 days from startbid
  6. Ianus

    Selling: Some armours and attachments

    Well i want to clean my storage so i am gonna sell some stuff BO only kobold tt+10 goblin tt+5 gnome tt+10 (SOLD) pixie tt+5 shogun tt+10 ghost(no feet) tt+60 grem tt+70 3b tt+40 (SOLD) 6b tt+55 2a tt+15 all armours are F and all are full tt. All aside from ghost are complete sets. Attachments...
  7. Ianus

    Way to improve mining

    Well as u all know avi's are running slower lately; i did some mining and as i saw in the period between dropping a bomp/probe and disapearing of window of the finder u can run around 50m . So for a miner who mines both ore and enmatter is perfect to drop alternatively a bomb and after window...
  8. Ianus

    New updated mobs?

    Anyone saw any new mob or any old mob got regeneration ?
  9. Ianus

    tp improve

    I wish that any time when i use tp the closest tp/outpost to be marked on a map; i'm sick trying to estimate where i'm gonna be tp'ed when im about half distance between an outpost and a city with teleport just to reach at the outpost most of the time.
  10. Ianus

    The worse hunting setup

    Well I figured since everyone talks about how to be eco i thought to be the "devil's advocate" and to create a setup for most uneco hunting imo. So there it goes: Character lvl : 1 - OJ Place : CP - Middle of D4 Equipment: Svempa XT + Bull Tac Elite L Full infiltrator + 8A Ek 2500 deluxe Now is...
  11. Ianus

    Loot cycles

    Since in my previous thread discussion went in direction of loot cycles i would like to share my impresion about that and to hear some other aswell. So i think the game mechanics is to retain some percent of money...
  12. Ianus

    mobs hunt per run

    OK i read some threads and some well known players express some thoughts about peds recicled, the ideea being by increasing number of mobs killed/run you increase your chances to break even/profit. On the other hand i believe that if the game is based on precise algorithms that should return in...
  13. Ianus

    Way easier to advance in EU that in RL

    Well it took me about 1.5 years in EU for that as oppose to minimum 5 in RL. Who sais that skilling is hard in EU?:laugh:
  14. Ianus

    Is this normal?

    Well i was wathcing on tracker and i realised something really odd: since tracker began to register globals i have had 156 globals and only 1 hof hunting and 32 globals and 6 hofs mining; i have to mention that only 2 hofs from mining were amped and that were bombs with 101 1.5 ped input cost...
  15. Ianus

    MA Events

    Well this is more like a wish but since MA officials stated that will be lots of events during this period and until now we had Eomons, Longtooth, All kind of bots invasion, pvp4 mutants and so on i wish an event with aliens (aurli/kreltin) invasion on eudoria/ametera; I think would also...
  16. Ianus

    Opinion about TT of Unl amps

    Inspired by the new drops of unlimited amps i have a pool for u ( hoping that MA will see it :) ) ; i find it stupid that all unlimited wep like hl 8 and such to drop with more then 1k ped tt value ( c'mon u aint hunting for weeks without repair ) and unl amps drops with tt value ( well actually...
  17. Ianus

    Economical model

    Ok we all know the economical model that Entropia is based on. Most of TT input from the players are converted into loot, the rest going in MA’s pockets. As long as mark-up exists in economy people can sell the loot and try to make a profit from it. Now that worked well so far, MA attracted a...
  18. Ianus

    True cost for the miner event

    Well since no one wondered what is the expected price for the new armour set ( not market value but value that you are about to spend if u try to loot all the pieces for yourself to receive one from MA ) I'm gonna try do some math - all speculative though based on the perception of other players...
  19. Ianus

    Hit rate

    Inspired by some guys that claim they know the pattern of mining and can hit every time ( bla bla bla :silly2: ) i thought to make a pool to see highest hit rate u ever had in a decent run ( lets say 100 bombs or probes ). Mine waas 42 % and im quite satisfied with that. So vote people ;) PS ...
  20. Ianus

    hl 14 L - bad for economy?

    OK Let me explain myself. Since T-bird L is dropping like oils many people begun to hunt cersumons thus impling a raise in hl14 supply and for that a markup that was falling from 220% to 185% during last weeks. That was still ok. Now with the introduction of fresqouda that drop hl14 by the...
  21. Ianus

    Selling: Alman Duchev Log 17

    Selling Dr Duchev Log nr.17 SB TT + 350 ped BO TT + 500 ped Auction will run 5 days if BO not met Offer here or in PM
  22. Ianus

    Coolness I cool or what? :)
  23. Ianus

    Need more specialized L armor

    As title say I think we all need ( well maybe not resellers ;) but we can not please all ) the whole spectrum of L specialized armour. I see T-bird L droping like oil, i bought some pieces of my own and is great and i use them and love them. But what about Sala ( L ) or Viking ( L ) ? I would...
  24. Ianus

    Some speculation

    Since I saw the thread from Mindark employee that stated is gonna be a part 2 of mutant event and there will be a discovery of the secrets of orbs and so on i can't help it to wonder if instead opening the rest of amethera that is required by the player base there will be a new area underground...
  25. Ianus

    UNL medium armour need serious adjustments

    I was looking yesterday in auction at armours and i saw some L all around medium armour pieces ( tiger, jag, boar, bear) and some specializaed (T-bird ) at some prices (101-115% ) that can be even economic compared to UNL ones due to higher durability. What I want to say is : since at these...