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    Help: Failed applying patch

    Hi all, Is there anyone who can help me with the next error: Patch was not executed correctly Error description: update_11.0.7.48670- Suggestions: Make sure you have enough disk space. This did happen because I needed to reinstall eu again after that my extern hard disk...
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    All create a critters

    Hi all, To eas things up I decided to make a thread with all create a critters, since not all critters have a seperate thread. Also I do this since every entry no matter how good or bad it is deserves to be seen since everyone has put time in to it making something nice and that we can enjoy...
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    Create a Critter: Ytuuy

    Hi all, Well june 1th is here and here is my create a critter (yes sended to MA). It is an underwater creature that moves through spinning fast forward. Click to enlarge Discription: The Ytuuy recently discovered by Alius Micnolius lives normally in the deep waters of Calypso. The reason why...
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    How did he do it?

    Does anyone know how he did this was there a bug or something? Greetings, alius ally micnolius
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    Item certificate

    Hi all (Becausse i do not know were to post this I post it here) I was thinking to get an solution on how to prevend losing stuff becausse you lend it out and the person who haves them died scammed you or stopped playing. And I am curious how you guys\girls\woman think about it. So i thought...
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    Limited Weapons Why % higher then 150% ?

    Why are weapens like geotrek and montgomery in suchs high % it is so high that it isn't eco anymore too use. Personnally i think it would be selled more if the % was lower. Or are the components they need so exspensive or are they really really rare to loot? Greetz alius