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  1. mackbrich

    Return of the GOLDEN AGE

    !Register Sir mackbrich Ferguson
  2. mackbrich

    Entropia crashes/freezes every time I quit

    Seems to be fixed here too
  3. mackbrich

    Entropia crashes/freezes every time I quit

    I've had this prob since I starting playing on this computer. No problems on my old comp with the same version of W7 (Enterprise edition)
  4. mackbrich

    Entropia crashes/freezes every time I quit

    This has probably been up before. When I try to exit PE it just freezes. 9 times of 10 at least. It's basically ctril+alt+del every time and this is a pain in the ass. Im running PE in window mode on W7 64bit. Specs if needed: P8P67 pro 2500k 8Gig Corsair Vengeance GTX 570 Crucial M4 128GB
  5. mackbrich

    Compiled help for issues or errors installing VU10.0 client

    Download the latest drivers from
  6. mackbrich

    Info: VU10.0 Creature Chart

    Area 52. areneatrox atrox max maturity (prowl-stalker) foul young-scout. osseloccum (or however its spelled) eviscerator
  7. mackbrich

    VU 10 ate my video card!

    ´ Yeah I forgot about the very high/entusiast or whatever its called in warhead. So I thought you meant the highest settings which would have been a bit weird since I had 15 fps there with my gtx260 :)
  8. mackbrich

    VU 10 ate my video card!

    U must have been playing crysis in low resolution.
  9. mackbrich

    VU 10 ate my video card!

    Yeah the crashing seems to be a bit weird. Doubt it has anything to do with overheating. I've never got bsod because of that. But if u dont already have it u could make some fan profiles based on ur cards core temp. Nice to have if you're worried about temps. Like this...
  10. mackbrich

    VU 10.0 Bug reports

    It might have been mentioned already. But dying like 1 minute from omegaton u spawn in a crappy LA far S of omeg. Guess there are no revivals in omegaton atm?
  11. mackbrich

    VU 10 ate my video card!

    60C? Thats nothing. Thermal Spec is 105C so just keep it under 100C and its ok.
  12. mackbrich

    Servers down for upgrade to VU10

    Ok ty guys. I uninstalled when the vu10 installer asked about it though.
  13. mackbrich

    Servers down for upgrade to VU10

    I guess all of us get the "the aplication has failted to start because its side-by-side configuration....."-message when trying to open the new CL?
  14. mackbrich

    XX Duru

    Hello fellow bohusläning and grats :xredface:
  15. mackbrich

    Your favorite Entropia memory....

    Just how PE used to feel like years ago is my favorite memory :)
  16. mackbrich

    Selling: Various skills

    If u want the anatomy etc - u gotta buy it all. Same goes for all of them. PM me
  17. Scheisse


  18. mackbrich

    Ati vs Nvidia - A new battle

    Huh gtx 275 is unbeatable?
  19. mackbrich

    Question: Do you post every global you get for the GRATZ

    I used to post the shit when I was a naaab. Then I got bored of posting and later on I got bored of the entire PE scheisse. These days I log on rarely but I only hunt crap mobs at the outpost S of megapolis (or whatever the name is. the lil town with exotic buildings). U know molisk, armax &...
  20. mackbrich

    WHY DO PEOPLE HUNT? (Mining is more fun!)

    Mining is fun but its damn boring to extract. To sit here and just click for hours extracting a crappy lyst hof. Thats just retarded. I guess most of us have a decent AC (air condition) though so the room temp is ok at least :) Btw if u only tried hunting once, u really needed to buy an angel...
  21. mackbrich

    Fix better AI MA(improve gameplay that is the most important)

    lol that video just turn me off.
  22. mackbrich

    Kevin Rudolf Video Competition

    I have tried to find it but no success... Any replies from MA whatsoever regarding all questions about this competition?
  23. mackbrich

    Chest hair yes or no ???

    ofc, its gay not to have it...
  24. mackbrich

    Uber: Well Whopdi dOO (insert random happy curses here) PART 2..?!

    nice idd wanna bong bong in the bing bing?
  25. mackbrich

    A Sumima with a sexy armor and a gun(Uber on markup)

    we love sexy, me and achmut