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  1. Silvia Universe


    My brother posted me this link this morning....where is the world going to...:eyecrazy::laugh::laugh::eyecrazy: The sky is falling :wtg::wtg::girl:
  2. Silvia Universe

    Remember this one?

    I was browsing internet and stumbled upon what is in my opinion the best video I have ever seen about Entropia So, let me see what video's you have seen about Entropia that you like:girl:
  3. Silvia Universe

    Achievement: Adjusted pixie Female

    Yay I graduated today as a disciple and discovered Adjusted Pixie Female :) Thanx to my mentor Jan Universe :girl::wtg: oh and i recieved an Explorer MK1 (L) :)) any one knows why the pic stays that small? it gets rescaled at appr 19kb Found it, i capture in PNG, and forum uses JPG
  4. Silvia Universe

    Selling: Gremlin armor Female

    Full set Gremlin armor (F) for sale set is almost fully repaired Tiers: Harness tier 1.3 Thigh guards 0.2 Shin guards 0.3 Arm guards 1.4 Face guard 0.0 Foot guards 0.3 Gloves 0.2 Selling as complete set TT + SB + 240 BO + 300 or a...