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  1. mackbrich

    Entropia crashes/freezes every time I quit

    This has probably been up before. When I try to exit PE it just freezes. 9 times of 10 at least. It's basically ctril+alt+del every time and this is a pain in the ass. Im running PE in window mode on W7 64bit. Specs if needed: P8P67 pro 2500k 8Gig Corsair Vengeance GTX 570 Crucial M4 128GB
  2. mackbrich

    Selling: Various skills

    If u want the anatomy etc - u gotta buy it all. Same goes for all of them. PM me
  3. mackbrich

    Selling: LWT & Anatomy.. right now

    Howdy! I have some LWT and Anatomy left and I wanna get rid of it. I wanna sell this crap right now, this evening, hopefully within minutes :) Will only sell all of it. So if u need 5830 LWT or 5500 anatomy im ur man :) Its not on a chip yet so if ur interested we gotta start in small scale...
  4. mackbrich

    H23 Crista

    Anyone know where to find them?
  5. mackbrich

    sure its addictive

    some people say its not casino, I understand that pow but it is pure gambling for some of us. I wasted 15-20k usd in less than a year. Im a gambling addict and this was pure gambling for me... is it okay to discuss if its addictive or not?
  6. mackbrich

    Selling skills: Mining, LWT, Anatomy

    bumping this one up.... I only have LWT, anatomy left, so pm me if u need some. contact me tonight and get a good price.
  7. mackbrich

    The deposit size gaps with oa-105

    Can anyone explain why these sizes can't be found at calypso while mining amped with oa-105: VIII,XI, XII, XIV It's really weird because the gap between X and XIII is ~30 ped and the gap between XIII and XV is 50 ped.
  8. mackbrich

    hmm my make-up mask is tarded :(

    I bought a make-up mask because I wanted to get that hot shemale look u know.. I applied some lipstick and eyeshadow and when I pressed the "accept" button to put the mask on or finish it or whatever happens, it just kept loading. I waited 15-20 mins :) Couldnt exit PE the normal way cuz the...
  9. mackbrich

    Is hardware autoclicker allowed?

    I've never used an autoklicker even though it's been tempting. Some mouses has this autoklicking feature in them, is it allowed? Just thought I'd ask here first before disturbing MA's poor support team.
  10. mackbrich

    Arcade games and stuff

    Last night when mining at CND I had these thoughts... It would be very fun with arcade games in PE. Dunno if arcade is the correct word but I would love to play some chess :)... and pool. A round of bowling at the cnd disco could be fun too. Well well PE need more activities. Free games and...
  11. mackbrich

    Christmas music please!

    Hello there ND! We want christmas music at CND! Well, at least me and my soc mate sly.. But im sure more people would love it. Last year was so cozy up here with all the xmaz songs :)
  12. mackbrich

    Thorafoid scream :)

    Two crazy thora biatches thought I looked good and started chasing me with their 1800s gardening tools... Did they do these funny sounds before? Have I missed this? This is so funny lol. They look so retarded too. Im i love... Check em out E/SE of the emerald tp
  13. mackbrich

    shinook was hot last night

    Amped with oa-105.
  14. mackbrich

    OA-105 mining

    95% of all bombs I drop is amped with oa-105. It's not very eco but at least its fun :) I will use this thread to keep track of my oa-105 mining. Ive never written anything down before to calc eco of what I've been doing so this will prob make me realize how uneco I am :) Starting skills...
  15. mackbrich


    Is it just me or does it seems like MA want narc to drop in price? There has been quite a few narc ubers the last days and lots of globals and the ath of course.
  16. mackbrich

    Cannot enter CL

    Ive never had any probs with PE before but last night I just get this message when I try to enter the client loader My PE has been working fine after both 9.0 and 9.1 so I dont think the update caused this. Ive rebooted ofc.. Havent done anything else tho, what should I do?
  17. mackbrich


    cnd hattrick last night.. I hate lyst.. oa-105 or 103, had a few of each so this is nothing specail really.. 200% return though.
  18. mackbrich

    my graduation movie

    This is a short film we made last year during a "practise filming period" in the swedish gymnasiet final year (kinda same as final high school year) Acting is pretty bad but you will survive (foreigners won't notice tho) We filmed this movie during a 3 week period so we're pretty satisfied with...
  19. mackbrich

    ambu hof (lots of my ass)

    This lil retired (not retarded borat) just got a small semi-noobish hof. The screeny was weird, focused on my ass..
  20. mackbrich

    New place?

    I just noticed this place while mining. Anyone seen these buildings before? No revival, tt or stuff like that inside them...
  21. mackbrich

    A shop with oa-103/104 at a decent price?

    If anyone know a shop that is selling these amps at a decent price - please let me know :) Seems like every amp at auction is overpriced atm...
  22. mackbrich

    Selling LWT and other crap skills

    6,2k LWT @ 950% - 4k left 3,3k BlpWT @ 1550%-sold 1,4k PlasmaWT @ 2700% 5,1k MMS @ 1000% -sold pm me Edit: Sorry, I forgot to mention that I dont have the skills on ESI. You will have to provide ESI. Small ESI's are best - I dont have a lot to give in return while chipping & trading.....
  23. mackbrich

    B: Low TT of-212/213

    Please PM me if you have one, or a few :) TT around 20-80 ped is what I have in mind. And I should add - if anyone know where I can find one of these (in a shop etc) please tell me :)
  24. mackbrich

    good saturday

    Yes good saturday, United won :) And I found some belk running home from the game höhö
  25. mackbrich

    My spacecraft virginity is gone

    yes I was surprised to see the strange signal in my finder.. 50 pesetas is always something :P