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    Selling: Selling all my shit!

    Want to sell 3130 of Common Dung. Hand picked by yours truly over the 13 years I've been in this crazy world. If interested contact me! /Oz
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    Buying: Fi/Ra/Co Evil Modified

    Looking for Fi/Ra/Co Evil Modified. PM or contact me ingame. /Oz
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    Selling: Arsonistic Chip III TEN Edition tier 6.7

    Taking offers on a Arsonistic Chip III TEN Edition tier 6.7. Instant BO: - With all tiers dmg enhanced damage is 240-480.
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    Selling: DOA slugstorm tier 8.9

    Taking offers on a DOA Slugstorm tier 8. Give me an offer I can not refuse, or... Instant BO: SOLD With all tiers dmg enhanced it does 183.6 max dmg.
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    Selling: Ares Augmented ring

    Selling Ares Augmented ring. Instant BO: +6K Open for offers.
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    Buying: Angel or Ark armor....

    Buying Angel or some Ark armor. Depends what you have. :) PM me here or ingame. /Oz
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    Selling: Shadow (M) tier 4 (one piece 3)

    Looking for an offer I can't refuse on Shadow (M) set! ;) Stats and info from wiki here. Possible trades + peds: Arso chip, Imp Restoration, various rings Instant BO: -SOLD- Stats Helmet 4.5 Arms 4.3 Gloves 3.6 Harness 4.9 Thighs 4.9 Shin 4.1 Feet 4.3 With durability enhancers it can become...
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    Selling: Armor Plating Mark.5B

    7 x Armor Plating Mark.5B Price: Not to much under market value. :) If you're interested PM me ingame. /Oz
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    Selling: Improved Fi/Ra/Co Evil

    Selling this nice Improved Fi/Ra/Co Evil amp due to upgrade. Got some bid that includes items but since I prefer pure peds atm I update this post. Instant BO: SOLD Offers here or in PM. /Oz
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    Buying: DOA Rockjacker or DOA Slugstorm

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    Buying: Improved Fi/Ra/Co Evil

    - Delete post -
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    Selling: Ancient Strong Pet lvl 3

    Selling these ancient strong pets if I get a fair bid. Ancient Exarosaur Strong Pet Energy: 173 Level: 3 Experience: 710.5 Ancient Daikiba Strong Pet Energy: 406 Level: 3 Experience: 1759 Ancient Daikiba Strong Pet Energy: 0.0 Level: 3 Experience: 1040
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    Selling: Ares Improved ring

    Selling Ares Improved ring if I get an offer I can not resist. :P Stats: - Faster Reload 8% - Focus Blow 0.6% points - Increased Critical 8% Ring sold - thread may be closed! PM or post your bids here. /Oz
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    Selling: Infiltrator (M,L)

    Full Infiltrator (M,L) Infiltrator (M,L) for sale ...
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    Selling: Billton Towers 2, 3G apartment

    - SOLD - /Oz
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    FYI: The House - of The Dark Legion

    Welcome to The House - of The Dark Legion About: This is the society to join if you have your goals set and want to focus on them with other experienced avatars, from all around the world. The Dark Legion is a daughter society to The House - of Lords and Ladies. Here you are given the time to...
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    Selling: Black/White/Dark Blue Master Coat (M)

    Color: Black/White/Blue Texture: On side Tiarak SB: - BO: Taking offers Note that the image is a bit old and the blue field now also have Tiarak Texture on it, to make it even darker. Also note that this is a coat with the blackest black. Nothing "blackish" about it and never had any "color...
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    Selling: Meckel & Loch ML-35 tier 5.4

    Instant BO: - SOLD - Dmg with enhancers + Evil: 157.50 dmg Speed: 38hits/min Range: 140 m Peds or CLDs only. /Oz
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    Buying: Infiltrator (M,L) parts

    Let me know if you have some parts you want to get rid of. Not lower than 40% TT plz. Helmet (bought) Harness Arms (bought) gloves (bought) Thighs (bought) Shin (bought) Feet /Oz
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    Selling: UL Shadow parts and UL Supremacy harness

    .......................... sold.
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    Selling: or trading Supremacy (M) Unlimited, no feet

    - Thread can be closed -
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    Selling: Angel (UL,M) parts!

    Since I had more interests in parts than full set I'm now selling this set part by part. So take the chance to complete your Angel armour now! :) Parts/tier: Helmet, 1.8 -SOLD- Gloves, 2.3 -SOLD- Arms, 2.6 -SOLD- Harness, 3.2 -SOLD- Thighs, 3.6 -SOLD- shins, 3.2 Feet, 1.6 -SOLD- /Oz
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    Buying: Wormhole chip

    *thread closed*
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    Selling: Jungle Stalker tier 5.4

    An excellent hunting/pvp weapon. Feel free to come with your own offer and it might be yours. Dmg: 166 max dmg (with dmg enhancers and Dante amp) Tiers: Over 100. Instant BO: - SOLD - Item trades: CLD /Oz
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    Selling: DOA Strikhammer tier 5.6

    An excellent hunting weapon. Feel free to come with your own offer and it might be yours. Dmg: 166.5 max dmg (with dmg enhancers and Evil amp) Tiers: Around 100. Instant BO: - SOLD - Item trades: None atm /Oz PS. Works very nice in combo with this Jungle Stalker tier 5...