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  1. AA Omega

    Beacon missions BEWARE!!!!

    Hows the "redesigned interiors"? I got the idea from the CL that they went back to more of a level system, similar to the old missions? What exactly changed?
  2. AA Omega

    Advertising in game

    We used to have those back in the day. Different ads for McDonalds or various movies were all over the ad screens in PA and such.
  3. AA Omega


    Dear beacon gods, Please let beacons be awesome. Love, Omega P.S. - I promise I'll match all deposits I've made in the last 3 years tonight if I am satisfied.
  4. AA Omega

    Selling: OreAmp OA-103 (L) Blueprint

    Moved to ingame auction with a 3k sb and 4k bo.
  5. AA Omega

    Selling: OreAmp OA-103 (L) Blueprint

    Still for sale, bump :yay:
  6. AA Omega

    Selling: OreAmp OA-103 (L) Blueprint

    Hi everybody! Looking to sell my old OA-103 (L) print. QR 70.7. This is not an auction, I'll wait a couple of days for serious offers and if nothing comes up I'll just put it on ingame auction for a buyout. Anyone interested? Post or send me a PM. Peace and love, Omega :D
  7. AA Omega


    beacons now pl0x!
  8. AA Omega

    Answer The Question With Another Question

    Yay for anti-conformism!
  9. AA Omega

    New Cars: bug or intention?

    Logic Schmogic. Me want vroom vroom go fast! weeeeeeee!
  10. AA Omega

    Help: Looking for a good mentor

    Welcome mate! I myself am probably not a good timezone match to "mentor" you, but I'm sure you'll find somebody awesome. The #1 thing about EU is the community! Good luck here, don't hesitate to PM me and ask for anything. Omega
  11. AA Omega

    Achievement: Me and my Car, TEZLAPOD

    ROFL! Mid, next time you post a screenie on EF, check soc chat first. RJ is gonna kiiiiillllll youu!!!!!! :yay: Peace and love, Omega
  12. AA Omega

    Uber: Uber Niksarium

    Hey everyone, Was pleased to find this one :) Click to enlarge MA works in strange ways. Been getting my butt kicked crafting. I listed my OA-105 bp on auction and now I have enough niks to click it for the next year. :rolleyes: Oh well, PED is PED. Weeeeeeeeeeee :yay: EDIT: HOLY SHIT...
  13. 3k Niksarium

    3k Niksarium

    uber loot by omega
  14. AA Omega

    Achievement: 1.000 Longtooth mission.

    Gz! That's 49.53 TT value. :)
  15. AA Omega

    Uber: Unlimited Stingury

    JESUS CHRIST MONKEY BALLS!!!!!!! gz buddy :yay:
  16. AA Omega

    Selling: Oa-105 bp

    BP has been placed on ingame auction.
  17. AA Omega

    Selling: Oa-105 bp

    Another bump. :yay:
  18. AA Omega

    Selling: Oa-105 bp

    Bumpity Boopity.
  19. AA Omega

    Selling: Oa-105 bp

    Still selling. Bump.
  20. AA Omega

    Selling: Oa-105 bp

    Good morning bump.
  21. AA Omega

    Selling: Oa-105 bp

    Hey everyone, Have an OA-105 (L) BP. 35.1 QR. May be interested in selling, depending on if I get an offer that makes my mouth water or not. PM or post offers if interested. ~Omega EDIT: Blueprint is now in the ingame auction. Mods feel free to close this thread.
  22. AA Omega

    You know you've played too much EU when...

    Guilty of that one ;) ...when you accidentally say "PED" instead of "dollars" while going over some monthly numbers at a business meeting.
  23. AA Omega


    thx for the offer sol and omega. funny thing is i know you both WOULD actually hold my shit and give it back to me :D
  24. AA Omega


    woot x1 on condition! ath!
  25. AA Omega


    hey everyone i just got home and im drunk so im scareed to log in becuse ill lose my ped on some fucking stupid click so what going on