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  1. Theren Strange

    Uber tier LR59 L

    What do you think this is worth? I was thinking maybe sb 165% and no bo? Or perhaps i could tier it myself and sell when it gets to a higher level ~ 6 or 7 perhaps. Interested in knowing what others think.
  2. Theren Strange

    Question: Merp Bronze area/LA

    Does anyone know of an area/LA where the Merp bronze mission could be completed? I know it hasnt been a very popular mission, but considering the upcoming changes the Psyche attribute reward may not be there for much longer so its worth doing while we still can.. Any ideas would be much...
  3. Theren Strange

    Buying: Imp M2870

    ***got 1 ***
  4. Theren Strange

    Selling: Texture BP's

    Selling the below L BP's :wtg: I'd really like to sell the lot in bulk but could sell per type (ie if u want the bery u take all 5 of them not just 1). Feel free to make offers, if your bid is for everything ill do a good deal for you. 139 Berycled Leather Texture Blueprint (L) 1 0.24...
  5. Theren Strange

    Selling: 42 x Small ESI Bulk deal

  6. Theren Strange

    Selling: Salamander (M) Full set

    Selling a full set of sala M. SB/BO +5k peds ***SOLD*** Tere.
  7. Theren Strange

    Buying: Hiryuu Iron Mission Kill Points

    xx pec a point.. I'll supply the chip :dunce:
  8. Theren Strange

    Selling: M Jag Feet UL

    Deal completed, feet sold and dante bought.
  9. Theren Strange

    Graphix problems

    Prior to VU 10 I had no problems running eu all was fine, straight after the 10 patch I lost the textures for some mobs and the exteriors of the service centers amongst other things. This new VU however i seem to now have lost textures for all the machines inside the service centres as well..not...
  10. Theren Strange

    PC: Sentinel Gloves F,L

    Hi All, Lost, Cyco & myself discovered these rare little gloves on an Eomen the other day (along with a supremecy harness F,L)and would like to know what they may be worth. The tt is 108 ped (out of a max 160:rolleyes:). Feel free to discuss, and of course make an offer if you wish...
  11. Theren Strange

    New Hitchhikers author announced!

    Just before i logged for the night, saw this. I'd like to see any feedback from the fans, I personally like this, keeping it going must be good imo. good or bad, it wont change that which has already been written. DONT PANIC....
  12. Theren Strange

    Nasty little bug..

    I was up at CND recently using my apartment for what i bought it for...a big storage container. I hadnt been there for ~3 months and when I first ran into it I had this thought that all i would see would be a dust covered empty room with a big spiderweb in the corner.. That made me think, a...
  13. Theren Strange

    Selling: UL Assasin R150

    Due to a re-arrangement of my assets I am selling this most excellent Rifle. Looking for ~150k ped which I beleive to be the percieved value and pretty much what I paid for it myself but all offers are welcome (although prefference is ped rather than trade). 3 in game so far & I understand the...
  14. Theren Strange

    Buying: Jag M Gloves & Shins

    Im looking for Jaguar M shins & gloves, and willing to pay the recent top price. PM or post, peds are waiting for you!
  15. Theren Strange

    Selling: 526 Ped ESI 1000%

    No SB just a straight 5260 ped buyout :wtg: PM or post here. Cheers, Tere
  16. Theren Strange

    HoF: 2 Nice HOF's

    2 hours 45 minutes without a global during Saturdays WoF and I felt i was letting the team down to be honest..then I score this 4.5k Trooper...needless to say I felt a bit better after that :wtg: And today, after taking myself back to CP to carry on the grind, after more weeks than I can...
  17. Theren Strange

    Shadow Curser Problem

    I play EU in windowed mode, and very often watch the news, or film or videos etc in a second window whilst playing, the annoying problem i have doing this though is that there seems to be a shadow curser moving behind the eu window which, when in the area of the smaller second window, comes to...
  18. Theren Strange

    S:Full [M] Salamander

  19. Theren Strange

    B:Omegatron M71A1

    Looking to buy this long range pea shooter. PM or post, I'm offering peds and want this sorted quickly so i can go shoot fuga at 155 metres, giving me a 50/50 chance:D :sniper:
  20. Theren Strange

    Pc:vat 100 Me

    Price check & discussion :D
  21. Theren Strange

    S:Adj V1

    Sold! =)
  22. Theren Strange

    S:adj V1

    Yup thats right. Selling my beloved Adjusted Ravenger Mini Sweeper V1. This is the best gun I have had so far in EU and its a wrench to let it go, but my situation has recently changed... Start Bid 26k Buy Out 28k Not +TT. Auction will end 3 days after SB has been placed or on BO...
  23. Theren Strange

    Chat Focus Feature

    Wasnt too sure where to put this, but because I think the Chat Focus as we have now is a feature, and not a bug as it may have seemed, I thought it would be best suited here. Mods move if you think differently. OK. Most of you will have no doubt realised that we can no longer chat and use tools...
  24. Theren Strange

    The fap will have to wait....

    Yup, thats right. I'm just gonna have to sit and wait for my adj fap :mad: The foeripper is but a dream now:mad: Cos lookie at what ive splashed my cash on instead.... Dell XPS 710, with.. 2.4ghz Dual Processor :ahh: SINGLE 768MB nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX :cool: 320GB Serial ATA Raid 0 "Stripe"...
  25. Theren Strange

    Still waiting...

    Well, I'm still waiting for Lootius to bless me with an uber HoF, but he is a fair and just lord...