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  1. Cerb DCLXVI

    Achievement: a Quick vampire is better than a slow vampire?

    Time to catch up to all those overdue ATHs.
  2. Cerb DCLXVI

    Uber: An Aurli gave me a nice surprise <3

    I see it now. Somehow the aurli is going to loot a ring. Gratz.
  3. Cerb DCLXVI

    Uber: Christmas came early

    You just sweet talked Santa by singing, "santa baby". Big congrats. Still convinced you kidnapped an elf for ransom.
  4. Cerb DCLXVI

    Achievement: 400 K Skill - All Natural

    4k isn't anywhere near half a millio....oooohhh waaaaaiiit a minute....Iiiiii get it now :dunce::dunce::dunce:
  5. Cerb DCLXVI

    Uber: Oh Wow My Biggest SOLO hof since I started playing in 2007

    Robot Vampire? About time the uber got an uber.:vampire::vampire::vampire:
  6. Cerb DCLXVI

    Atrox And Osseocollum Event, 10 Peds Per Global LA40, LA51

    Add me :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay: Jehuty Cerberus Ada
  7. Cerb DCLXVI

    HoF: I think this is my best loot after almost 11 years in game

    Soooo....since it's an Easter ring with lifesteal....does that mean you're a vampiric bunny? Because yes...that's what the game needed to be more terrifying lol congrats. I'm sensing a Monty Python joke here somewhere.:dunce:
  8. Cerb DCLXVI

    Buying: Buying Tiger Arm Guards & Helmet (M)

    Looking to finish off my set of my Tiger armor, and all I need are the arm guards and the helmet, (UL) only please. Any help in achieving this is most appreciated. Message me in game or in here for any details. Thank you Cerberus.
  9. Cerb DCLXVI

    I admit that I've been given an unfair advantage in this game...

    My eyes must be going really really bad then, because it looks the same as the real life meet up from Wisconsin. SORCERY I SAY!! :eyecrazy: also then it would be virtual augmented reality, so then I guess photoshop would still be wrong :wise:
  10. Cerb DCLXVI

    Achievement: The Vampire gets her very own Vampire Instance

    ...and all the men of the Entropia Universe began to disappear one by one. :vampire::vampire::vampire:
  11. Cerb DCLXVI

    Achievement: No more stinky Feffox!!

    Gratz! You're almost caught up to my skillz. It may take a while but I know with hard work and dedication you'll soon achieve the awesomeness I have obtained. :scratch2: well now that, that delusion is over. Huge gratz on the hard work you've spent on these missions. Whatever mission you...
  12. Cerb DCLXVI

    Achievement: No more stinky Longtooth!

    Told you, you'd find a way. Congratz :yay:
  13. Cerb DCLXVI

    Uber: 8 years in game and possibly my best loot?

    Oh man. well ummm, so that explains why when I opened up mine there was a little note that said "see ravenjade". IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!!! haha gratz, finally all your time and efforts have paved its way for something nice. Hopefully itll bring you some luck also with hunting now.:yay:
  14. Cerb DCLXVI

    HoF: MindArk went and made a liar out of me.....

    MindArk liked it, so they put a ring on it lol. They sure don't know what they're in for now. You're gonna expect more jewelry :xeek::xeek::xeek::xeek::xeek::xeek:
  15. Cerb DCLXVI

    Discovery: The Vampire makes a Vampy discovery

    A bracelet to charm a vampire, look out. Everyone will want one now. They now know your weak spot, anything that says vampire in it. Maybe you can snag a cloak somehow on a game of wordplay, and vampire charm. :vampire:
  16. Cerb DCLXVI

    Rare item hof for the vampire!

    :tp: up up and aaaawwwaayyyyyyyyyyyyy. gratz on the item hof. Nice to see ma still loots more than oils and shrapnel still.
  17. Cerb DCLXVI

    Achievement: 300K skill (All Natural)

    Gratz, all the hard work is starting to pay off. :vampire: supervamp powers. activate
  18. Cerb DCLXVI

    Public Notice regarding EFA ship Bismarck

    everyone watch out, woman driver on the loose...buahahaha just kidding (kinda sorta maybe) gratz on the lease and hope everyone is supportive in your endeavors, and hope that nobody tries to undermine yours or sakubas judgement calls for the future of the Bismarck. :beerchug: and remember...
  19. Cerb DCLXVI

    Radio Arkadia Launch Date Revealed

    HHHHhhheeeEEEeeyyYYYyyy...are you trying to say that my djing skills are scarey? Launch will be a blast, hoping for a good turn out oh and.... :poke: give me some candy
  20. Cerb DCLXVI

    Introducing the Radio Arkadia dj"s

    wait a minute...:eyecrazy: we haven't launched...?!?!?! WHO HAVE I BEEN DJING TO THEN............:loco: goodluck everyone lol
  21. Cerb DCLXVI

    Help: Stuck in Space, bug is NOT FIXED!!!!!!

    While I agree upon the single thought of the pirates should not make more than the transports services provided, I think that is where the agreement ends, and the quote begins to fall off track. Nothing was stated in RavenJades' post about future plans not being drawn up, or thought about, as...
  22. Cerb DCLXVI

    HoF: ALL Item Trooper Hof

    :yay: congratz, next post will be the trooper with the ul items and the imp items right??
  23. Cerb DCLXVI

    Radio Arkadia Road Trip 2013 - all invited

    Excited for the party, come on people... need to make this an epic rock concert / party / eu meet & greet, will be good time for everyone, im looking forward to meeting a lot of players from the game and getting this station kicked off the ground and playing in full force. Help us rock out...