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  1. Botchla

    Selling: Monria Apartment

    Cthylla Tower - Floor 2 - Apt 1
  2. Botchla

    Selling: Everything

    Seriously considering selling everything, including skills.. All paths lead to zero one to many times so paying to play just for a few swirlys everyday has lost its luster. I have a few items, Angel FEN M T1, MacMahon Vengeance T2, Regen 11 (UL) A few sets of plates, a mountain of blueprints...
  3. Botchla

    Suggestion: Auto mission tab

    Instead of searching you're "missions" for each mob it would be nice if it was triggered via receiving points and open that mob or daily or mining specifically automatically, and close via a timer. In other words "track" automatically.
  4. Botchla

    Buying: FEN Token Platinum

    Message me here or ingame :beerchug: Jack Captain Black
  5. Botchla

    15 years later..

    When I first downloaded PE I didn't have a clue what I was getting into. At first I didn't even realize it was a rce. Since the beginning, it quickly turned into quit the addiction but life happens and I did put it on the back burner a few times but always found myself eventually logging back...
  6. Botchla

    Selling: Lc-100 (ul) SB: +2500 BO: +3000
  7. Botchla

    Who knew?

    Who knew MA could adjust loot on the fly? Does this mean they can adjust individuals loot on the fly too? What happened to everyone is created equal?
  8. Botchla

    Buying: REGEN X or XI CHIP

    MSG me if you have one pls :)
  9. Botchla

    Selling: Some BLP AMP Blueprints..

    Taking offers on these.. Instant buy out on mod evil bp = 1800 ped.
  10. Botchla

    Armor Box

    Has this not been suggested?:scratch2: A blueprint that makes armor boxes that can be tradable on auction for full sets of armor. Tradable only if boxes are empty or boxes have all 7 parts of the same armor. I think a good idea would be to make the boxes plain until all 7 parts are inside and...
  11. Botchla

    Selling: Vigi (m) full

    MU -50 PED. OBO All T .9
  12. Botchla

    Selling: Master Coat (Veda) & Explosive BP III (100 QR)

    SB: 600 BO: 1k SB: 500 BO: 550
  13. Botchla

    The MA Channel..

    MA already pops in from time to time, but only specific locations and times. Why not create a channel and do a weekly or bi-weekly 1-2 hour session with the community so that all planets and participants can participate?
  14. Botchla

    FYI: Day 3...

    A heads up.. Don't fly out of a mothership to close to the border of a planet. As soon as I left ms I got the "Cannot enter deep space" message and now I can not log in. I sent support immediately to have my ava moved.. That was 3 days ago. :mad:
  15. Botchla

    Show all claims

    Guess I would put this in wishlist but I wish we could drag mouse over all mining claim deeds if not pulled yet and "show all claims on map", instead of just one at a time. :yup:
  16. Botchla

    Selling: Kinetic Attack Nanochip V TEN Edition

    Kinetic Attack Nanochip V TEN Edition Full TT: 100 ped Currently Tier 1.0 Start Bid: +1k ped Buy Out: 1 CLD or 1.5k Sale ends 24 hours after start bid is met.
  17. Botchla

    Selling: Vtol - Scoria textured

    Make me an offer I cant refuse :smoke:
  18. Botchla

    Selling: Killer Coat & Hat

    Selling this matching set All 100% and colored SB: +1600
  19. Botchla

    Selling: Genesis Star Earth Excavator ME/05, SGA Edition (Tier 2)

  20. Botchla

    More money than sense

    What happens when the majority of the community gets sick of loosing there ass and the addiction wears off? Sorry.. had a few drinks :P
  21. Botchla

    New huds

    Not sure if this has been suggested before but.. HUD 1: Total participants online HUD 2: Total skills HUD 3: ??? Fill in 3, I'm sure I'm missing a few ;)
  22. Botchla

    More Boats!

    The battleship boat is pretty cool but the cruzer is kinda lame, I wonder if ma has any plans in the future for more boats, what we have now for a all around boat is your basic all around family boat :rolleyes: what we want is.. THE CENTER CONSOLE! or THE CIGARETTE BOAT! No the most important...
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  24. Botchla

    *SoF's SPACE TAXI*

    Soldiers of Fortune is now Flying WARP SPEED to all planets! Contact any memeber of Soldiers of Fortune PM me here Or Check Twin peaks for Jack Captain Black or Alexander Buck Wyld
  25. Botchla

    Selling: Phantom M (Tier 1-2)

    Full phantom armor Male Most parts almost tier 2, 2 parts are tier 2 SB: +4K Auction ends 12 hrs after SB is met