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  1. moondog

    Info: Tribute to DJ Izzy

    What a great tribute to an awesome guy, well done Eleni. I will be there !!!
  2. moondog

    Info: A sad day in Entropia

    You will be greatly missed, Rest in Peace my friend
  3. moondog

    Anyone want to have me in a mid-high SOC

    Stockholm Syndrome welcomes all mid - high level players. PM me in game to come and hang out with us
  4. moondog

    List of boosted (L) blueprints

    OK so I clicked 20 goes on the gungnir "boosted" bp over the weekend. I did not use any residue. success was 10 out of 20 with average TT value between 5.69 TT and 6.09 TT. I have no idea whether that confirms whether the BP is "boosted" or not. Incidentally the 20 clicks returned no fails.
  5. moondog

    List of boosted (L) blueprints

    OK - then I have a whole weekend to play EU, I will do some tests of my own with the "boosted" BP's I have (orange text) to see whether they are boosted or not. What would be the expected success rate, twice the normal BP for example.
  6. moondog

    List of boosted (L) blueprints

    got boosted gungnir BP last week
  7. moondog

    Help: Petition to make VICEROY tradeable/auctionable

    -1. Mixed thoughts on this. It was clearly stated when the Viceroy was introduced that the armour was avatar bound. Initially it could not be traded at all. Subsequently you are now able to trade it in for the TT value of the materials used. Despite this being an RCE game players accepted the...
  8. moondog

    Petition to rename My | Mindark (possibly against her will)

    Bob - I voted Bob - alternatively we could have Dave
  9. moondog

    Info: Smilgs beauty (maxed), coloring, texturing and tailoring service

    I have some clothes that I would like textured / coloured. I will message you in game later
  10. moondog

    Interplanetary Boss waves round 7!

    Yep Yep, looking forward to this. I am trying to get as many of my soc members to join as well as it is my 9th birthday in game next week.
  11. moondog

    Selling: Some older clothes for sale

    BUMP this thread
  12. moondog

    No Sun for over 1 hour ?

    It always seems to be night when I play on Caly, I am in the UK and play European time in the evenings and weekends and there seems to be a lot more night time than day light
  13. moondog

    Help: Next weapon? Go L or buy a sword?

    I used the EP-41 adj from level 45 until this year when I reached level 75. Admittedly for the last year I had to use (L) weapons for the larger mobs, but most of the time the EP-41 and amp was sufficient. I did skill melee between level 25 to level 45, which is perfect for using the very cheap...
  14. moondog

    News: Entropia Universe Servers Restarting

    damn and i rushed home tonight just to log on and now i may have to tidy up the apartment. Anyone know the reasonm for rhe server restart, is it Mayhem related ?
  15. moondog

    Selling: Some older clothes for sale

    BUMP this thread
  16. moondog

    Selling: Some EON bits and Minis

    BUMP this thread
  17. moondog

    Mindark, make us happy NOW!

    Please can we have a search function in the notes and the ability to have them listed alphabetically or grouped as we see fit ?
  18. moondog

    News: Special Edition AMA now under way

    To Be Honest , I am a bit disappointed with some of the questions I have seen. If we want MA to improve communications then we should ask only serious and intelligent questions. Some of the AMA questions I have seen make me question the intelligence of the people posting. Keep it tidy, MA are...
  19. moondog

    Question: Search Facility in Post It Notes

    Would it be possible to add a search function to the Post It Notes in game. I have 53 pages of notes containing mob locations and other useful information. To find a particular note you have to scan through every page to find the note you want. My notes are managed in that locations for a...
  20. moondog

    Little help for new players

    As Mike says alternately press map and forward or jump. This will get you unstuck about 50% of the time, otherwise it is a hit "T"
  21. moondog

    Server Downtime for Release

    Holy Crap, imagine if they update and the lag returns, WTF will happen then. MA - If it ain't broke don't fix it !!!!!!!!! . We have waited months, no years for the lag fix and I bet a future VU will just bring it back again
  22. moondog

    Question: Whatever happened to Beacon Missions?

    Like anything in MA - it's dynamic. We have come out with UL armour pieces and other stackables only available in the Beacons. We have also come out with bugger all, like everything else you need a big sample to see the correct level of returns
  23. moondog

    Question: Whatever happened to Beacon Missions?

    My soc does these regularly. The beacons are avaiable as mentioned previously, they are still good fun and as i was not playing during the PE era I can't comment on the old system. Modern beacons are still alive and fun
  24. moondog

    Selling: Some stuffs I dont use

    I offer +120 ped for the beast