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  1. Arkonen

    Arko's Shop - Southern Itacha #21

    In need of ArMatrix Blueprint ? Get them at Thorvald's Shop - Southern Itacha Commons # 21
  2. Arkonen

    Selling: Adjusted Jaguar (M) Armor Set

    Hello, Selling my Adjusted Jaguar (M) Set Helmet Tier 1.8 Harness Tier 2.6 Arm Guards Tier 2.1 Gloves Tier 2.0 Thigh Guards 2.1 Shing Guards Tier 2.5 Foot Guards Tier 1.7 TT : 606.40 Peds Will sell the set for 10.000 peds flat (so including TT) PM me here or ingame
  3. Arkonen

    Selling: Adjusted Vigilante (M) Armor Set

    Hello, I'm selling my Adjusted Vigilante (M) Armor Set TT = 211.75 BO : 1500 Peds (TT included) PM me here or ingame Regards Thorvald
  4. Arkonen

    Selling: Starkhov AS-147

    Hello, I am selling my Starkhov AS-147 - Tier is currently 2.8 SB : TT + 3000 Peds BO : TT + 3500 Peds SOLD : TT+ 3000 Peds Auction End : ENDED Happy Bidding !
  5. Arkonen

    Selling: Hedoc SK-20 Unlimited

    Hello, I am selling my Hedoc SK-20 Unlimited - Tier is currently 2.6 SB : TT + 1400 Peds BO : TT + 1700 Peds Current Offer : None Auction Rules : Auction will end 5 days after SB is met. Auction minimal steps are set to 10 Peds. Offer should be made in Peds only, no Items trades will be...
  6. Arkonen

    Selling: Nemesis M - Full Set

    Hello, I am selling my Nemesis (M) set. Tier is currently 0.9 on all pieces except footguards (0.7). SOLD
  7. Arkonen

    Test Layout for new CND Mining Chart

    CND Dome 1 owned by Someone Official Thread : NONE Tax Settings Mining : 99,99% - Hunting : 99,99% DNA Settings -> Ambulimax (Low Maturity - Low Density) -> Other Mob (Low Maturity - Low Density) Last Update : August 2010 Ores Caldorite, Dianum, Gazzurdite, Lysterium, Xeremite Enmatters...
  8. Arkonen

    Selling: Hedoc SK-20 Unlimited

    Hello, I decided to sell my beloved SK-20 as i have a higher SIB one now. Stats : Hedoc SK-20 Current TT is full (750.25 peds) SB/BO : 3000,00 Peds (TT Included) Happy Fapping !!!
  9. Arkonen

    Question: Reputation & Ignore List

    I don't think it is really a problem ... but i'm a curious guy and i would love to have an explanation ;) I just had a small flaming and -rep war with someone and i decided to put him in my ignore list. The strange thing is that, even if the -rep he gave me are still valid (points are still...
  10. Arkonen

    OMG it's the end of the world !!!

    ... or at least the end of the road ;) Click to enlarge I told you that something was not "finished" in this VU :D
  11. Arkonen

    Info: FOMA Mining Chart - VU10

    F.O.M.A. Main Area owned by John Foma Kalun Official Thread : NONE Tax Settings : Mining 5.29% - Hunting 1.00% Last Update : July 2011 Ores Gold, Ignisium, Iron, Narcanisum, Petonium Enmatters Alicenies Gel, Binary Energy, Crude Oil, Melchi Crystal, Sweetstuff Dome 1 owned by joe jeff...
  12. Arkonen

    Mindark : CND is a BIG Failure !!!

    Ok, i really love this game and i'm more or less satisfied with this update but i must say that what you did to CND is just a BIG failure. I know it's nice to play with a tool like cry and make plenty of lovely nice montains but ... if we are not able to climb them to extract our claims THERE...
  13. Arkonen

    Potential Issues with VU 10.0

    I think it may be a good idea to use that thread to list potential issues we see with the VU10.0 ,VU10.1, and VU10.2 release schedule. I did carefully read the VU10.0 announcement and now i have a big doubt that space travel in the early days of VU 10.0 It seems pretty clear that CND & CP will...
  14. Arkonen

    Uber: Attacker Gen 8 with a nice gift

    This morning i decided to spend the day on itacha to play with attackers. It was a very good occasion to hunt them without having to worry about any green dot on the radar ;) I was also thinking that this little event could drop something nice to someone, and this time it was my turn ... Click...
  15. Arkonen

    Selling: Armors & Weapons

    It is time for me to take another path in this game so i am selling a few items. This will not be an auction, i will take offers for and sell if the price is right. Armors : Complete set of Vigilante (M) Complete set of Gremlin (M) Weapons: Adjusted Omegaton M2722 Embra Laser Sword C1...
  16. Arkonen

    Selling: Rifle Skill Implants

    Hello, I am selling the following Rifle Skill Implants : 30 Rifle Skill Implant (L) Skill Implants 1 11.98 SB : 1745.85% (209.15 Peds) 31 Rifle Skill Implant (L) Skill Implants 1 10.37 SB : 1745.85% (181.04 Peds) 32 Rifle Skill Implant (L) Skill Implants 1 14.79 SB : 1745.85% (258.21 Peds)...
  17. Arkonen

    Selling: Adj. M2722, Karma, 2x Hunnir, Jzar

    I recently upgraded my gun and the following items are taking dust in storage, so i decided to sell them. This is NOT an auction, items will be sold when i receive a decent offer around market value 1.Adjusted Omegaton M2722 Full TT (250 Peds) - Est. Value ~ TT+ 2000 Peds SOLD Karma Killer...
  18. Arkonen

    Selling: Adjusted M2722

    Dear Entropians, We had a lot of fun together but the time as come for me to sell my little baby. My Adjusted Omegaton M2722 is looking for a new owner. He his full TT and in mint condition :) I have no real start bid in mind, but i will consider all decent offers arount current markup. For...
  19. Arkonen

    Selling: Vigilante (M) , 7x 6A's & Armor crafting sKills

    Hello, I am selling the following items. The auction will end this Saturday July 19th @ 12.00 MA Time (or if BO is met) You can post you offers here. Offers by PM are also accepted but tell me if you want to stay anonymous as i will post the names by default. Full Vigilante (M) SB ...
  20. Arkonen

    Selling: Full Vigilante (M)

    7 pieces of Vigilante (M) taking dust in my strorage are to sell for your hunting pleasure. I am taking offers by PM for a few days but ... As some of you will ask for it, i will place an "Instant BO" @ TT + 1700. Happy PM's
  21. Arkonen

    S : Ravenger Mini-Sweeper V1

    Ravenger Mini Sweeper V1 has been SOLD Thank you all.
  22. Arkonen

    Natural Combat Sense ... Finally !!!

    After a bit more than 13 months i finally unlock that long awaited Combat Sense Click to enlarge I'm not sure yet what will be my next target but the current mood is to reach level 50 in all laser/blp professions. But first i will enjoy a bottle of champagne !!!
  23. Arkonen

    S : ESI TT=171.72 Peds

    ESI saved for a friend, thread closed TY
  24. Arkonen

    Buying : Adjusted Omegaton M2722

    Now that eoden found his gun, i can start to look for mine. If you have one to sell, just PM me. I am sure we can work on a good deal.
  25. Arkonen

    Selling complete Phantom (M)

    I am selling a complete set of Phantom (M) (yes, with footguards). TT value = 411 Peds Start Bid = TT + 5900 Peds Buyout = TT + 6300 peds This auction will end 48 hours after the last bid is posted (or before if buyout is taken) SOLD @ BUYOUT The armor set is reserved until payment is...