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  1. Fanan

    News: Server Downtime for Release

    Every time I open the game I have to resize the chat window, this is going for... years! Guess now we have a new game, storage organizing! :ROFLMAO: Not logging in for sure!
  2. Fanan

    News: Server Downtime for Release

    Codex for all planets, tomorrow, none left behind! Yes?
  3. Fanan

    Unable to log in Server down Fort Fury

    The main chat in-game start to warning you 1h before the servers shutdown, with some big red font. Yet I m on system/society tabs almost all the time but I still catched the msg. It starts at 60min then at 50, 40, 30, 20, 15, 10, 5 then every each minute until it goes off. A way to make it also...
  4. Fanan

    Graphic issue whith Argo cave and some others caves

    Mindark stuff only play the game on VU days and only for some necessary minutes. Then all they look for is the USD in VS USD out. Prove me wrong.
  5. Fanan

    Price Check The Best Sweat Gathering Setup Ingame

    This! I'm out. :ROFLMAO:
  6. Fanan

    Hunting loot ?

    I would like to thanks all the resellers at Twins, some times they are all the options we have! Thank you! @ Deemer You say it's wrong but you don't offer any other alternative or advice... Yes people have limited pedcards, yes resellers are useful to the economy. Like someone said, if you...
  7. Fanan

    Greedy "friend"

    Hello guys! I post here to ask for advice. I have a very old friend that keeps me asking for money! Almost every time we meet he ask me for money. We have great fun together and I enjoy a lot to hanging out with him but for more than 12 years that we know each other, I probably lent him more...
  8. Fanan

    Help: Am I just being stupid or whats going on here?

    And it's not you. It's the way Mindark designed the orders system that is truly stupid. Already got screwed by a misleading ganganite order some time ago. Even sent a support case about it. Guess what happened. I ended up paying auction fees two times. Win win for Mindark. And if they are...
  9. Fanan

    Help: Am I just being stupid or whats going on here?

    In this case there is only two offers but try to imagine it is a lysterium order. You would need to check through 10-15 pages of offers to see if there are any SB given that could invalidate your offer filling the order. Does it make sense to you? To me it doesn't. Plus you don't even know who...
  10. Fanan

    Is the normal that Trade?

    This! Particularly when it doesn't sell.
  11. Fanan

    Generic Fuse Prices

    When selling any item on auc, if no other offer of same item or offers without BO I will always push price up. That is how we should do it, offer vs demand... What stops people to pay more peds? It's because they don't really need it that much.
  12. Fanan

    Anyone remember the music of the old days?

    ;)(y):cool: 123 tracks not that bad!
  13. Fanan

    Proof that picking up Common Dung improves loot

    Usually it's a good indicator when fruits/stones/dung spawn on nice quantities and often. That's the all point of this thread. Just make sure you pick them all up. 11 + 10 = 21 and 21 + 21 = 42.0
  14. Fanan

    Question: Daspletor and Cornonterion spawn

    No. Those spawns were the last chance for players interested in finishing the Iron Challenges. Iron challenges were removed on last September. Now we have codex. Those mobs are specific from FOMA. I wouldn't count on see them again in Calypso any time soon.
  15. Fanan

    Suggestion: Prioritize fixing Cyrene - I'm done!

    They should have made the sets not possible to trade while they fix this bullsh*t. This action is only punishing the players like you that started but not finished while the others that already got the armors are selling them for good money because no competition at all. This really is a shame...
  16. Fanan

    Info: Toulan crafting yields bounty exploit - confirm?

    People creating forum accounts just to "defende" this BUG is priceless! Reveals a lot about them... Meanwhile Mindark stills on Christmas vacations!
  17. Fanan

    Info: Toulan crafting yields bounty exploit - confirm?

    Some oficial answer would be really appreciated! This bug is going on for how long? I remember last month trying to auction a stack of WW BPs for two times and they didn't sell. No wonder ppl is getting 10ped tt of WW BPs over night. lol
  18. Fanan

    Info: Toulan crafting yields bounty exploit - confirm?

    Well I had 500+ PED of deeds paying me 2 PEC / week but for you 15/20 PED a day plus MU's on explosives and residues is nothing because you going to loss that after. Is this a joke no? What if you only do this EP1 craft on Toulan and nothing more? Is it fair? There is none profession on the...
  19. Fanan

    Help: Instant respawn areas? You're welcome.
  20. Fanan

    Proof that picking up Common Dung improves loot

    Let's not get into such details for now. Just make sure you pick up every thing that crosses your way and the faster you catch it the better! All the time Mega! All the time.
  21. Fanan

    Question: When will hangars have a useful purpose again?

    I would love to have one. Basically it's an apartment with TT/repair/auction/storage even with personal craft terminal. And you got the second most powerful ship in the universe on the transition. Now imagine those snugs where the genetic fruits have no actual use in-game and ppl developed it...
  22. Fanan

    Proof that picking up Common Dung improves loot

    You have to pick it up! Just passing over it or even rolling over it does not work. Sorry. Only when picked up, the loot system can have sure that you are not a BOT. Also, the faster you pick it up after seeing it, the more the loot will improve. I knew I couldn't be alone in this. I had a...
  23. Fanan

    Proof that picking up Common Dung improves loot

    The loot algorithm calculate a lot of sh*t all at the same time! You have no idea of his potential. Exploiters banned? Now that's great news!!! That means more dung for everyone! Yeah!