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  1. Queen

    HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHO TO MARRY? (written by kids)

    Thot it very cute and wise so I had to share...Lol HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHO TO MARRY? (written by kids) You got to find somebody who likes the same stuff. Like, if you like sports, she should like it that you like sports, and she should keep the chips and dip coming.. -- Alan, age 10 No...
  2. Queen

    Happy Birthday too me

    I am now 18 years of age:yay: And life has just gotten serious since now i have to work.And dad has told me to start paying my share of the bills today got that notice in my birthday card.:( Owell i am just happy that i am a legal adult now and can do what i want when i want.:D Oh and thankyou...
  3. Queen

    Noob Bowler

    First time i ever bowled and got a 126 first game then 105 on last two.:D It was a speacial event the bowling ally had and a bunch of us went. You bowl ten weeks every monday and pay ten dollars on the tenth week you get your own ball for free.:yay: I will be a pro by then.:rolleyes: Anyway...
  4. Queen

    OMG eon foot guards

    Someone just looted eon foot guards ml so i took photo of chat to show;
  5. Queen

    EF link to auction

    Not sure this is posible but would be nice if i could scan the auction tru forum without logging into entropia. Just a thot kinda a wish or dream i have.:)
  6. Queen

    unable to access chat

    get error 404.html windows has block this site because it cannot verify publisher what i have done so far; turn off phishing filter turned surcurity settings down to medium accept all cookies installed activex I allso have all updates includeing sp3 all drivers up to date.
  7. Queen

    Messages in PE

    Yeah I know not that wish again but been awhile so can it.:D For the convinance i would like to leave messages ingame and yeah can do a pm on forum but more fun ig. And no i dont use nor wish to use xfire or any other third party software ig. I think entropia should have it's own message thingy...
  8. Queen

    Out of sinc

    Well i may get flamed for this but here goes anyways. We should all know this thread and others like it; Well it is great that people want PE to be number one...
  9. Queen

    Entropia for life

    First off I would like to say I love entropia and will allways be around. How many times have we read post of how bad things are or going to be allways bad news never good news other then someone's hof or ath. Have made a couple myself but we all have bad days. Reminds me of a place i went to...
  10. Queen

    F.L. extension

    Mabey this has been ask for before but I am going to ask again.:) My fl is full and i dont want to kick anyone so would be nice to be able to put more people on fl. Dont really think it would be that hard and for us long time players it would be a huge plus. So i will make a poll, simple yes or no.
  11. Queen

    I want to go fishing.

    Lets face it we are surounded by water and the only thing there is is snapper and we can kill it with a sword or gun:rolleyes:no fun there. I would like to see the waters opened up for fishing amd some new fish mobs intraduced for that purpose. This would open up a whole new page to PE/EU where...
  12. Queen

    PE/EU Economy poll

    In real life everybody has a budget whether rich or poor it should not be any different ingame. Now some of us ingame have a specific purpose or field we enjoy doing, mining,hunting or crafting. Some have land they manage others have shops ect. ect.. The purpose of this pole is to determine...
  13. Queen

    PE/EU Economy poll

    sorry i double clicked.:) if possible can a mod delete this one please.
  14. Queen

    registerd pilots forum log

    I would like to see a sticky just for pilots. So they can post when they are avalible for service and there location. If for instance i know i am stuck at cnd and logged waiting for one checking pilots forum might help me with best time to catch one. Queen
  15. Queen

    Oh the drama Pe can have....

    This happen to me recently was a very strange thing but i will not post names and have transcribed most of conversation. First off it started with a pm from this person stateing they have gift for me. so i say ok what is it was very surprised to find out it was a dress they say they wanted to...
  16. Queen

    Posting in forums

    The forum is a useful and powerful tool. Posting in the correct area is a must as 711 has made a sticky on it. Yes i sometimes make mistakes and post in the wrong area of forum, but i am just human. The other thing, when we get angry with support or other members, saying colorful words like the...
  17. Queen

    Customizable tabs in storage

    This would really help with sorting stuff and keeping items more organized in storage. Queen
  18. Queen

    What is going on with support?

    I put in a support case about my mask and to date i have recieved no response; Has anyone else had a support case take as long? This is longest by far that a support case has gone without any response for me.
  19. Queen

    Freelancer again

    Because of some misunderstanding and lack of information I am no longer a part of Desperate House. This is a good society and there are good people within the society. That is all i am going to say.
  20. Queen

    Church of Lootius

    Disreguard this post.
  21. Queen

    Huge find

    Was doing a little sleep mining my eye's where half closed when this happen; Was wide awake long enought to pull it up. I was useing a 101 amp.
  22. Queen

    Society Allies

    Would like it if we could have society allies that we could all chat in same society chat. Could put a timeline on it or set one, but would be cool to allie with another society.
  23. Queen

    lip gloss burgandy

    as the title says i only need one but will take more. So post how much you want for it and where and when we can meet.
  24. Queen

    AGP versus PCI

    A question to you pc gurus out there. Awhile back i remember agp was the bomb had best results for graphics and speed. But now i hear from my tech friends that pci is back and better then ever makeing agp cards takeing the backseat. What are your views and commits on this? As i am haveing to get...
  25. Queen

    Servers offline?

    must be everyone here:) anyway i have 0% on startup page.:(