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  1. combo22

    ESI drop rate

    Why ESI drop is so low? This was asked so many times, why don't MA allow enough ESIs in market to make possible chipping out? Also there should be some system in place that would "decay" your skills, to make them worth something again. For example make a instance where you get negative...
  2. combo22

    Selling: Selling IMP Fap T3, 138Heal

    Selling IMP Fap T3 If you are not interested to pay for a T3 fap please don't waste my time and yours, try to get an untiered one for a better price. I find that using enhancers is worth it and the extra heal you get saves time and decay for an extra heal you'll need to do in some cases if...
  3. combo22

    Selling: Improved Hedoc Mayhem T2.9

    selling this fine Improved Hedoc Mayhem fap T2.9 BO 26k
  4. combo22

    Selling: Hermetic Ring Augmented,Artemic Ring Adjusted

    For sale: Artemic Ring Adjusted - Right Hand - 8% Increased Taming Chance
  5. combo22

    Selling: 330k Skills 250hp, bulk sale

    353k Skills 268hp, bulk sale(avatar) Taking offers on skills, at this moment only considering bulk offers. I know it will take a lot of time to find a buyer but hopefully, eventually, I'll find one. Bulk sale means at this time all skills. SB: Open to decent offers BO: 49k for all avatar...
  6. combo22

    Selling: Modified M6600 T4.2,M71A2 T4.6 , A106

    Modified M6600 T6.0 I'm selling these two awesome weapons. Once SB if offered I'll sell within 3 days. Modified M6600 T6.0 - SB TT+38k BO TT+39k, min increment 100 PED I would say this gun is a cheaper alternative for MM, it's even better a bit in DMG/sec but lower in eco(if you are lvl100)...
  7. combo22

    Selling: Arso TEN T5.6

    Selling Arso TEN T5.6, PM your offers, first decent offer get it.
  8. combo22

    Explosive Projectiles Blueprint IV QR100, Renting Service

    There are people asking daily if I rent the BP so I thought I could say it here, BP can be borrowed, terms bellow. Collateral: 8kped, depends how's asking. Fee: 100ped/h, for more hours we can discuss. If you want to try your luck, you can have this chance without buying the BP. If you think...
  9. combo22

    Selling: Looted weapons and ESI

    Selling some weapons and ESIs(small and high TT ) I have in storage Price should be around market. Add me in game if you are interested to buy some. MindForce and Melee price will be very close to TT. Weapons TT varies from 50% to full TT. CalyTrek CR Soul Mk.II (L) CalyTrek CR Spirit...
  10. combo22

    Question: Empty Skill Implant and Dmg enhancers

    I find these items very important for EU economy and I don't understand how the this huge prices 1200% for ESIs and 400%+for DMG enhancers help in anyway the economy. ESI In the old times I remember that there were plenty of them in auction, people could more easily chip in/out if they wanted...
  11. combo22

    Selling: Protector of the Empire , T2.9

    Selling Protector of the Empire armor, 6 parts, missing helmet, all parts are ready for tier 3. This armor is missing one part, the helmet, so if you you are interested more in fashion than hunting then this armor is not for you. As a hunter I use most of the times Thorio helmet for faster...
  12. combo22

    Selling: A-3 Justifier Mk.II Improved Tier 7

    This weapon is for sale, I like it a a lot, especially now that is T7 but I don't really have enough time for it. Using it for almost a year now and my return for this period is around 94.72% TT(markup not included), didn't get any big loots(over 4k TT) in this period, I'm around lvl90...
  13. combo22

    WoF Team Romania

    We invite all Romanians to join WoF Team Romania, we have a history, we should be proud of that! If you want to have some fun and you can work in a team, if your main interest is having fun and you are able to help you are welcome! Event start: 19-Oct-2014 (Qualify round 1) If you want to...
  14. combo22

    Buying: Omegaton M83 Predator/EWE LC-300 Ambush

    Let me know if you have one of these for sale: Omegaton M83 Predator or EWE LC-300 Ambush M83 is prefered but lc-300 will work if price is nice.
  15. combo22

    Looking for ppl that can fap me with my own Mod fap, collat req

    As thread title says, I'm looking for ppl that can/want to fap me with my own Mod fap, basically looking for ppl that invested in Deeds and have some spare time to do this. I remember someone said, in the past, that is available to to this but for forgot his name. Please PM here or in game with...
  16. combo22

    Selling: Mod Fap T1.3, IMK2 T4.8, PotE(6pars) T2

    IMK2 T 6.8, PotE(6parts) T2 Considering selling some of the items mentioned in the title. Mod fap T1.5 BO SOLD Imk2 T 6.8 BO +107k PotE(6 parts) T2 -BO tt+32k ped Hyper A204 - SOLD Some items can be part of the trade, put I prefer PEDs,CLDs.
  17. combo22

    For Rent: Mod Fap, Imk2, Hyper204,PotE

    Available for rent items bellow, add me in game to find out if an item is available or not. The collateral required may be discussed, same for the rent. Mod fap T1.4 atm Req. collateral 185k ped Rent: 125ped/day Imk2 T5 Req. collateral 95k ped Rent: 70ped/day PotE(6 parts) T2 Req. collateral...
  18. combo22

    Selling: Trading Mayhem armor(6 parts)

    Considering trading Mayhem armor up to PoE or Shadow, I would prefer PoE. Mayhem is T1. Please let me know how much ped you want me to add. Not really in rush to upgrade since Mayhem already offer enough close protection for 99% mobs(combined with Mod fap), but I'll like some robot protection...
  19. combo22

    Selling: Hedoc Mayhem, MM foots Male

    Selling this two items: Hedoc Mayhem SB-2000 BO:2500ped MM Foot guards Male SB-3100 BO-3200ped
  20. combo22

    Buying: Opal/Pile of opals

    Buying Opal/Pile of opals, add me in game if you have some for sale.
  21. combo22

    ComboZ Mod Healing/Imp Hunting Service

    Hi all, Just want to let you know that I'am starting this services. Healing Service: Tool: MOD Fap T0, at this moment. Price: 60ped/hour solo(65 for 2 ppl,70 3ppl+) Hunting Service: Tool: IMK2 T4+HyperA204, 88dmg/s,3.006dmg/pec Price: Free for the moment, applies only if I'm healing you, so...
  22. combo22

    Buying: Mod Fap

    As title says, if you have one for sale please let me know.
  23. combo22

    Selling: Mutated Aurli Bone Piece

    PM with an offer.
  24. combo22

    Selling: Rutuba Groin Guard F,L - Very High Tier rates

    Full tt, probably it will reach tier10 and still have some tt left. First decent offer gets it.
  25. combo22

    Selling: Skills

    I'm considering selling all the skills, don't really have to much time to play anymore so better to sell till there is still some value. The skill value dropped a lot so it's like a bargain considering the time and money lost to get those skills, I'll prefer a bulk deal. If you have an...