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  1. Thorns Rose

    EntropiaGold's: GoldGrinder - The Ultimate Grinder Event

    Oh this sounds fun! :wtg: I registered on the other one but just in case I will post here as well. Register me please: New York Rose
  2. Thorns Rose

    naked mole rats

    I was thrown off, good job! I just wanted to know if they did cut/ acid/impact damage and or what should I wear? LOL :laugh:
  3. Thorns Rose

    naked mole rats

    What the hell? Is this a new mob? eeps :laugh:
  4. Thorns Rose

    2,7 K Miner Bot!

  5. Thorns Rose

    HEART RANK VI: no shrapnel back from heal + turret mob *VIDEO*

    I really get annoyed at the lack of EVERYTHING that has been brought to MA attention, it saddens me that they really DO NOT try to help PP;s/players unless it affects them directly! I am starting to feel like they sit in a room and laugh about these issues and wait for this game to completely...
  6. Thorns Rose

    Arkadia economy?

    Arkadia was great in heyday....Very cool. Now, I feel with their abandonment of planet will be eventually absorbed by Mindark eventually or an investor. Sad to say..
  7. Thorns Rose

    New York Rose Live!

    Thursdays Bump! Check it out!
  8. Thorns Rose

    LF Makeup

    Hello Noh, Here is a person still active and I have used many times. He logs in late around midnight ( Eastern Standard Time ) usually , and also his gf Tabby T Star can message him as well.
  9. Cyrene Byg Byrd Hunt

    Cyrene Byg Byrd Hunt

    Having fun with Dev's spawning mobs. Great fun
  10. Thorns Rose

    Codex for ROCKtropia - a discussion

    I think this is best..Thank you Unicate I do agree on Dragons having their own codex and also fix known bugs would be advantageous to RT player base.
  11. Thorns Rose

    Selling: One and Only Omegaton M91 Stalker Augmented IS FOR SALE !

    Holy Cow! Nice gun, good luck on sale! :eyecrazy:
  12. Thorns Rose

    New York Rose Live!

    It's Thursday!!! Get ready for the portal to the weekend show! Come check it out..
  13. NYR s banner.jpg

    NYR s banner.jpg

  14. Thorns Rose

    Info: The Doctor is offering Mentoringship

    Oh very nice, they will be lucky to get you as a mentor. Will send players your way! :wtg:
  15. Thorns Rose

    Recipes and cooking ideas, to try at Home♥

    Easter Prime Rib 🐤🐇
  16. Thorns Rose

    Crypto mining rig building stream

    I didn't get home in time to watch but I hope you saved that video. :wtg: ⛏💰
  17. Thorns Rose

    AVAWarp ⚜️ Just a warp away

    Have tool will travel! Anyone want to come out and skill on Avalon's Starfinder for Dropship Sunday..Come on out! :wtg: Message Avalon ingame or he is also live on his Twitch. 🚀
  18. Thorns Rose

    HoF: LA40 Atrox Guardian 2799 PED

    Gz LeShrac! Nice one :wtg:
  19. Thorns Rose

    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

    I played tonight...I love castles.
  20. Thorns Rose

    New York Rose Live!

    Thursday Bump! Come join Happy Hour with NYR!
  21. Thorns Rose

    Selling: Isle of Lost Avatars Land area on RT

    Good Luck with Sale Forgo! :wtg: I was hoping codex would get there soon and make some nice pocket change for you.
  22. Thorns Rose

    FYI: Addz has made the best stream ever.

    I agree! Great stream Addz!
  23. Thorns Rose

    Selling: ASI TEN | Hero | Updated Daily

    Oh great stuf! I wish I could get that ring!!! Good luck :wtg:
  24. Thorns Rose

    Uber: Dontya just ♥LOVE♥ Scrappin Tin-cans?

    Nice one! Gz!!
  25. Thorns Rose

    Debris In Space ( Really Cool )

    I believe so, click on debris and has name or id. :) Isn't that cool !!