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    Selling: 10mg Pills / Modec VXT 100 (L) and etc.

    Bump! Neurostim-A are all reserved.
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    Calypso Codex List (almost,+cp+foma,monria to get)

    From Monria, Shoggoth / Yog / Cultist / Shub but they don't give META (I think it is a bug..)
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    Selling: 10mg Pills / Modec VXT 100 (L) and etc.

    Hi, all I want to sell the below items; 10mg Pills x 600 (Deva/Hyper/Accu choose one) --> 5.5 ped each Modec VXT 100 (L) Full TT x 13 ---> 1.4p each [Body Sculpting Unit] --> TT+500 [Julklapp 2015] --> 1.0p [Julklapp 2016] --> 1.0p [Short Pleated Skirt (F,C) Blueprint (L)] x 40 --> 65000%...
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    RDI Secret Lab - some info

    I would like clarify the description for Formasoid in Table of Sector A1/B1. In Table, they have two (2) debuffs; Vulnerability and Debiliated but in the explanation of first round (Formasoid), they gives debuff of Vulnerability only. Please check it. Thanks in advance.