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  1. WindStorm89

    Selling: jaguar armor set F

    tt+5.5k just pm me SOLD!!!
  2. WindStorm89

    Buying: jaguar set F

    pm me if u want to sell your jaguar :)
  3. WindStorm89

    Uber: 12370 Abrer Laser Sight

  4. WindStorm89

    Selling: Lion Gloves (F)

    pm me with offerts... :)
  5. WindStorm89

    Selling: 4 jaguar parts F/UL (harness , things , foots and shins)

    pm me with an offert i accept in trade gremlin F+peds (or only ped)
  6. WindStorm89

    Buying: jaguar shin guards female unl

    pm me if u have for sale... :)
  7. WindStorm89

    most skilled players from all this universe ! (pvp is in danger !!!)

    hi all... we have here 2 ubers! most skilled players in universe!!! this players have up to lvl 180 all proffesions!!! 1.)Her name is Fluffy. Is the perfect player in this universe!!!:girl: 2.) Best team for PK in this universe!!! (Bamby & Fluffy) :D:girl::girl: well... even if not...
  8. WindStorm89

    Buying: jaguar harness F UL

    im looking for jaguar harness F :girl: UL... pm me if u have one for sale :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  9. WindStorm89

    Selling: white and drak blue coat + drak blue storm jeans F

    white and dark blue coat + dark blue storm jeans F coat +700 jeans +200
  10. WindStorm89

    Selling: Boar F set

  11. WindStorm89

    is my fold?/pilot

    my customer was log out when I was halfway to Arkadia what can I do? i was waiting for him 45 min in space and after i returned to calypso... im sorry for him... He next flight with half price well... im pilot... my price: FOMA/CP 10 ped Arkadia/RT 15 ped NI 20 if u need me... ill be in...
  12. WindStorm89

    Info: Renegade Fashion Strider Shirt (F)

    I have not seen never one Renegade Fashion Strider Shirt (F)... i wanna know a price... or if someone have one PM me pls (if u wanna sell it :ahh:
  13. WindStorm89

    first hogglo global ^^

    this is my first hogglo global :ahh: [/URL][/IMG]
  14. WindStorm89

    Buying: Boar f

    im buying boar armor set F. PM me got it... thread closed :)