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    Selling: Lots of dung

    18 ped and a lot of dung.
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    Selling: Rare Pets

    Does these make the list? Acient Snablesnot-Male Strong Deed Acient Snablesnot-Female Strong Deed Both lvl 7 The can Great and Dance.
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    FYI: All Rare loot - count by item

    Acient ped Deed. Does these make the list.. Acient Snablesnot-Male Strong Deed Acient Snablesnot-Female Strong Deed Both lvl 7 The can Great and Dance.
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    HoF: 658 PED Generic Leather Texture

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    Only the first time
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    Well it might be up to the university to block the game but still.
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    If its a university they are not alowed to game at the university! Sow i should suggest to ban it again! People should be bussy with study only at university!
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    Attention SMOKERS! :D

    I think its about 5,5 euro here in Holland. Well i hope more people will stop smoking next year!:yup:
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    New planet

    UtCollector found a deposit (propofol) with a value of 2009 ped at Neverland. A record has been added to the Hall of Fame. Rip Well found some other oke links:
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    Question: Who bought FPC?

    Hmm not fun to read. Gues how bought it will be even more gready. I just dislike all the differant people owning a peace of this game. I would be more happy if just 1 company would own this game.
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    tt Oreseekers, Matterseekers and Opalos tiered up to 0.9

    I have some opalos tier 0.9 sow if any one 1 it cost tt + 2.
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    PETITION for Miners ...

    Signing 2. I nerver get myself into mining much this way.
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    Thoth's Healing Service - Paging Dr. Thoth

    Nice service gl.:)
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    Anybody else lost a mob to the ground?

    I did have this problem often with foul at Eos. Sow not funny.
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    Petition for more 30 items auction

    30 items ore just 2 pages is just right! I dont want people to fload the auction with like more than 3 pages of tt shitt and others.
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    Leslie Nielsen- RIP :(

    Picture's ore i did not happen.. :) Liked some of his movies. RIP
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    how old is everyone really that plays PE??

    im 33 years now
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    Constant crash after last patch.

    Hihi i got the same anoying bug to. Im using win 7 64 bit. Just short before the crash things start to lagg and the game crashed.
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    Name that Asteroid and win 5000 peds!!!

    I would call it Pesokias hope
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    Achievement: Blueprint Comprehension by fixing Pitbull Mk I (L)

    Thx for reactions and all the nice gz:yay:
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    Achievement: Blueprint Comprehension by fixing Pitbull Mk I (L)

    Hehe accidents happen:) Well thx for the help:D
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    Achievement: Blueprint Comprehension by fixing Pitbull Mk I (L)

    Finally after many hours of fixing the Pitbull i got level 10 in Vehicle Structural Engineer!:yay::wtg: And eny level 10 in engineer skill will unlock Blueprint Comprehension skill. I did this in about 2 weeks time. lost track a bit. Every day a bit:yup: I did skill with some friends and chat...
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    Selling: Items with a quality rating of 0.9 and ready for tiering.

    I think the tier 0.9 and 1.9 selling came to a and atm. Maybe later tier upgraders will buy this stuff again at a lower price.
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    Old Bugs/Exploits

    Gues last skil exploit bug is crashing a pitbull into a bush and fix it with vk5;) Well only decay cost went up a bit. Its still seems to work. Its nice for craftings skils and some others. For me its nice that i get from newbe soc into main soc a bit faster.
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    Refiner not working again?

    Today i tryed to make nutrio bars like normall. But nothing happend.. The buttons stayed grey after i clicked. Any one els have this problem:mad: Im selling nutrio bars if i get it working again, sow let me know if you need any. I can make some;)