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    Achievement: Blueprint Comprehension by fixing Pitbull Mk I (L)

    Finally after many hours of fixing the Pitbull i got level 10 in Vehicle Structural Engineer!:yay::wtg: And eny level 10 in engineer skill will unlock Blueprint Comprehension skill. I did this in about 2 weeks time. lost track a bit. Every day a bit:yup: I did skill with some friends and chat...
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    Refiner not working again?

    Today i tryed to make nutrio bars like normall. But nothing happend.. The buttons stayed grey after i clicked. Any one els have this problem:mad: Im selling nutrio bars if i get it working again, sow let me know if you need any. I can make some;)
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    Oil Rig Tour

    Hi Fellow Calypso people. Today i got a bit bored:D Only 2 people online at my friendslist and non that i could buy some loot from.:( Alsow not much happening at the auction. Sow i tought wy not see the rig when there not much people logged!?;) I did hear sow many story's about the strong mobs...
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    Remove Light ME from the game!?

    To remove ore not to remove light ME!? I made a topic that soon went about entropians not wanting Light ME any more. Sow here the 2010 pool;) I personally never used light me jet. I did not see the MF tools that use light ME that i wanted to use. Did not look hard for it;) Well i cant be very...
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    Diluted Sweat MU market value history graph

    Subject: Diluted Sweat MU market value History (Ore in general market value history graph) Do you think it great to have sweat in loot now, ore is normally sweat a better profit?! I gues diluted sweat is better sind it got a tt (trade turminal vulue) Most of you will probably just tt it sinds...
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    Amelanchier lamarckii/krentenbessen recipe

    Today i tryed to save some ped and wait till the action would retern some of my peds. Sow i went in my garden to loot some fruits. Im happy i dont need to walk slow in my garden to find fruits:) (To some readers this is a game forum. section off topic the recipe is real) Well i picked 2 bags...
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    Nvidea drivers 196.21 D3D error: (failed creating the Direct3D device)

    Hello, Today i installed a new Nvidea driver but now i cant even get the game started. I get the message D3D error: (failed creating the Direct3D device) With my old driver the game crashed a lot latly. Hope you can do something with this info to improve support. My directx info of the gfx...
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    Selling: Selling Cempball-Welch 1/P-2

    Hi, im selling a Cempball-Welch 1/P-2 on the auction.:)