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    Eomon Pheromone Levels Rising

    You have succeeded in highlighting my stupidity, thanks :) But I am aware of the tracker and paths that they take. I was talking about this: Longtooth Wave Events Herds of Longtooth are wandering the wilds of the Eudorian continent at the following coordinates: West of Fort Argus – higher...
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    Buying: Buying Bio ID Verification

    This is what happens when an old timer doesn't pay attention - I've been TT'ing a lot of these since being more active in the game. If I come across more i'll save them and get in touch :) Free bump.
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    Question: What would Mobs taste like?

    I've been calling Berycleds "fried chicken" since 2004 :LOL:
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    Eomon Pheromone Levels Rising

    I may be being stupid, but when this thing kicked off I was very much enjoying waves of LT youngs and up in a couple of areas, one of them being at a spot south of Limnadian which disappeared after a few days. Does anyone know if this is fixed or was it just my imagination? Summer Strongboxes...
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    Entropiafund Events: Jackpot, Amazing items in Prizes (Join Here)

    Registering myself here. Perhaps a little late as my first visit to your LA since "returning" to EU I get a little global there earlier today (caught on my Twitch stream though!): Steveyneo Weltmeister Honsook
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    Summer Mayhem Update

    I've been out the loop for years now. I don't recall ever actually having properly participated in a mayhem event, except perhaps when they were first introduced however many years ago it was. Since the lockdown meant I had more time at home (although I still have to work and we have two young...
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    Steveyneo's YouTube Channel - a request!

    Hi folks! Been a while since I've been properly active in Entropia, what with life taking over. Since I started at the very end of 2003, I've moved house several times, got married and have a family so I have a lot less time that I did before! Anyway, I have a request to ask of you lovely...
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    Planet Calypso Content Release 2018.2.2

    Great, so the Matrix is apparently fixed, out of the blue with no advance warning or notice? Well, at least it's working... In typical fashion, I was actually home not long ago after picking up my kid from nursery, but now back at work and not able to get online there until gone 9pm UK time...
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    Enigma Keys Event Update

    At some point during one of the occasions waiting to get into The Matrix (before the notices about it), I wondered to myself whether there was actually more to it and something that MA were deliberately not telling us. Imagine completing the stages and arriving at The Matrix and it finding it...
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    Enigma Keys Event Update

    It was really a very interesting idea but so badly implemented. It was enjoyable, challenging, and achievable but has left everyone that participated frustrated and disappointed to some degree or other. The question remains whether this is a real lesson learned by Mindark and the developers, or...
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    The Enigma Keys — Final Stage Coming...

    I have to say I have quite enjoyed the Enigma mission so far, but just perplexed about the whole execution of it. Right now (well, I'm not logged in and can't get back online there until after 9pm UK time) I'm stationed at the final Matrix area waiting to get in, along with a bunch of other...
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    The Enigma Keys — Final Stage Coming...

    Thank you Gollum, Jetman and Xen. "It's not the fastest that wins, it's the first." Ah yes, this is the key point. Thanks for highlighting / reminding me. Good luck to everyone who is able to be online at complete the tasks.
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    The Enigma Keys — Final Stage Coming...

    OK, forgive my complete ignorance here and whether it has been mentioned or discussed to death already (my apologies), but wanted to get something straight: The goal of this event is to complete the tasks in the quickest time possible. Now, for me, that doesn't mean I have to be ready at the...
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    The Enigma Keys — Stage 2 Coming...

    Even if I were online to make the start of Stage 2 (which I won't given that I have a full time job and a 3 year old driving us up the wall at the moment), I don't even expect to be able to get to the NPC through the crowd of people. It will be crazy busy at Icarus - I'd be setting graphics to...
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    The Enigma Keys

    I expect this is a mission that is only realistically achievable by a small minority of the playerbase. Or at least, not very many have a real chance of getting a prize(s). Happy to be proven wrong as we've no idea what's involved yet but sounds interesting and wish those players good luck.
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    New Mindark CEO

    "As a gamer at heart, I recognize the importance of having a positive relationship with the community and will focus on improving MindArk’s communication with our dedicated and passionate playerbase." I do hope we will all hear from Mr Nel in some capacity in the near future, either in a forum...
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    Merry Mayhem 2017 Full Details

    Just re-reading the event details: "An average Solo Mayhem run should take 20-30 minutes." I wonder who they actually had in mind when they considered this timeframe? Certainly not me lol.
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    Merry Mayhem 2017 Full Details

    I gave this event a couple of tries but I'm out of PED. Then again i didn't have too much to start with: my issue wasn't the lag, as I didn't experienced anything more than was is considered 'normal' (and no floating in air or anything like this), but I just didn't take enough ammo in with me...
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    Avatar's changing hands.... who are you actually dealing with?

    I would imagine it's only a very small minority of the playerbase getting into the realms of 'changing hands'. My belief is that most players aren't afforded the opportunity or wouldn't want to do it anyway. Those that do may perhaps have different interests or motivations in mind of course -...
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    Merry Mayhem 2017 Preview

    I don't really see what the confusion is here: "This restriction is based on the base damage-per-second of an item, and does not include any amps, buffs or enhancers. Base DPS is calculated as follows: max damage * (attacks per minute / 60)." Say I have a weapon that does a maximum damage of...
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    Level 50+ avatars with no uber

    Umm not sure if it counts but I had my good PE / EU fortune way before I got to level 50 and way before the advent of EntropiaLife etc. Since then, I think I managed a 500 pedder in the last year or two but I very rarely play nowadays anyway.
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    "Project Entropia" Music by NoBion

    Been listening to this NoBion, and love it! :beerchug:
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    How long until your first uber?

    It was back in 2006, I imagine about 2.5 years into playing EU (PE). I am nowhere near as active nowadays and haven't had anything close since.
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    Live Support Feedback/Discussion

    I have made recent use of live chat, "not-in-game" support for an issue with a fresh install (eg, relevant to "Download and Setup of the Client") I was impressed by the prompt reaction and helpfulness. Definitely worthwhile. For new players, there is a lot to take in where the player controls...
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    Complete Resource Gathering guide

    Great little guide, thank you TunerS. I have just spent the past hour (miraculously I actually have time to get online) harvesting trees, and for the first time, thanks to your post.