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    Hi. How have you been?

    Hi. How have you been?
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    Dobby from Harry Potter!

    Dobby from Harry Potter!
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    Chicken coop!

    Chicken coop!
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    Alice you noob. Don't do it (if you haven't already). If you have, make me rejoin.

    Alice you noob. Don't do it (if you haven't already). If you have, make me rejoin.
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    Gay boy. Porno boy.

    Gay boy. Porno boy.
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    Hi Alice, I haven't spoken to you for ages. Was los? Bis Bald, Monster Munch

    Hi Alice, I haven't spoken to you for ages. Was los? Bis Bald, Monster Munch
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    best mentorin gift?

    Yep, my crazy, :silly2:, mentor got a cobra ME after a disciple graduated...T'was a shame that I wasn't there when it happened, I'd've liked to see her reaction.
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    Tell us your entropia dreams!

    it's dreamt.
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    Why my friend won't play EU

    Hence why I don't hunt...Well, I can't even play the bleeding game anymore. My graphics card is rubbish, and they don't support Vista yet....
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    Story: Treacherous Idyll

    damn you...
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    Story: Treacherous Idyll

    Extract from Alice's story: Although the robots had been preparing the cities for some time, most of us didn’t fly down to our new home right when we reached Calypso. Our family had decided to farm again so we could provide food for the growing cities, but the farms still had to be built. Many...
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    Story: Treacherous Idyll

    grammatical errors! american english! :mad:
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    Mentor System improvements

    I totally disagree...:D
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    Win 2k EFD!

    786 dytfgygfhgbj
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    This is pathetic

    Yup, same thing happend to me a while ago but it was worse, much worse.I had to leave the computer on over night.
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    New planet!!

    Agreed, and so will Oil.
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    Merry Mayhem - what was the reason to have it?

    It's obvious, it was for CES 2008. You know, to make MA look good. Flashing these money spinners in front of passers by, giving the impression of being able to make CASH!, will make these potential players become players in EU and deposit CASH! to play, making MA more CASH! because their...
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    Entropia Technical breakdown (warning: long post)

    wow, that is one loooooong post!
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    WTF MA?! Names similar but you cant tell me which one?

    Yup, I never heard of it. In a way this is good because high profile people could have imitations of them with similar names and etc, which could damage their reputation.
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    Better LA Control for LA Owners

    Then these options should cost more in terms of dung.
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    My First Time on Entropia

    Reselling is a term used in EU that is not like the one in real life. Reselling in EU is ripping someone off and trading is, well, reselling in real life (which is trading). Stupid terms don't you think?
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    Pets so many awesome moves possible...

    some people may oppose you, as it could be considered as animal cruelty...but i don't care, it's a great idea! :yay: Well, we can kill other players can't we in PVP areas? And killing is considered to be illegal in the majority of the countries in the world, I would imagine...
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    Project 10K

    You don't even need that much cash, although it would help...
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    Will work for ped....

    You could sweat, then sell that off and then start trading. People say trading is's not, all you gotta do is buy something and sell at a higher price. That's the basic principle....
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    New comp... What gfx card should I buy?

    Wow, the performance is lovely when you have a rig with 1meg ram? like 1 megabit ram? Amazing...