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  1. DesertKrow

    Theory: Hunting & Mining Similarity

    In mining, ore & enmatter amps increase the deposit size by X number, depending on amp size, ao101 increases by 1 in deposit size, ao102 by 2 so on so forth. Hunting, this could also be applied in the same way, Let say you hunt young-mature berys, and you loot 50 peds (which is XIII in mining)...
  2. DesertKrow

    Took me a while... RDA

    Finally after so long i unlock :rolleyes:
  3. DesertKrow

    ~Bring Your Own Drink~ (BYOD )

    For those of you who enjoy the sweet taste of an alcoholic beverage or just simply like to get drunk:drink:. Post your Signature/Favorite Drink! Anything From Liqueur, Cocktail, Shot :shots:, Punch, or Beer:beerchug:! If you know the Receipt, Please Post:wise:
  4. DesertKrow

    *Selling Paint Package*

    Selling these paints Send PM if intrested BO is indicated Market Value
  5. DesertKrow

    Post your New 9.1 Items and Finds!

    Its pretty frustrating to look around for all the new stuff for 9.1. Post any New Items or Finds Here I will keep it updated as much as i can.:yay: ~Content List VU 9.1 -Content List 9.1 from Bertha~New Haircuts - New Cuts from Sorg ~New Skill (Unlock) - Material Extraction Methodology...
  6. DesertKrow

    I want Samus Armor!

    Click to enlarge What armor would you like?
  7. DesertKrow

    ~ Global Planner/Calendar ~

    Note: most likely has been discussed before, but couldn't find it with the search. Soc mate was announcing there was a free event about to start, which I had no knowing about before him mentioning. It got me thinking, wouldn't it be nice to have some sort of Global Calendar/Planner with all...
  8. DesertKrow

    Hof 1329 Alice

    Ill let the pic do the talking :wtg:
  9. DesertKrow

    Less TT = Less Efficiency in Mining?

    Ive seen a lot of new and old threads about how less TT on an item = less efficiency. For example armors, the less tt value the less the protection, and few others on Scopes, lasers, few more i dont recall atm. Now this got me thinking what about unlimited Mining Gear? The OF101-105, MF...
  10. DesertKrow

    Requesting Ideas for Soccer Team name

    Since i know that the EF community is the best of the best. I though you guys could help. In 2 weeks a coed(gurls/guys) group including me are setting up a soccer team, we got the team but cant think up a name for it. Now, nobody in the team knows about PE so any PE names wouldn't work unless...
  11. DesertKrow

    Goal Met; CGA Unlocked

    After convincing myself that cga wasnt coming anytime soon and that i would get extraction first, I proved myself wrong. I still cant believe i didnt unlock Extraction first but :yay:
  12. DesertKrow

    Pay to Be Tp'd?

    Well i was thinking of the old times when i didn't have a TP chip and how frustrating it was to be stuck in the outpost and their was no one to help you. I was thinking ... why not put the same tp structure like in CP? Set all the outpost to have that feature. Charge a small fee to be...
  13. DesertKrow

    575 cald after a long and dry run :)

    So i sell all my Ores in Calypso and go up to CND and explode about 1000 bombs and just one small global and in the very last bomb i get this with 20 pecs left in the Card.... Has anybody else experienced this? also this was unamped
  14. DesertKrow

    Which is Your Fav Skin?

    I just got on EF right now and i got one of these :D Now for the question, which skin will you use more? Since a lot of people voted on several Headers, now you could vote for the winning skin.
  15. DesertKrow

    Its been a while after

    It had been a while After struggling to find an OF-212(L), i get this after a few bombs Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
  16. DesertKrow

    Invest in a Better Refiner?

    Question for Everyone: Would you/Have you Invest(ed) in a Better Refiner? Problem is this. I got a pretty big deposit and im thinking if i should buy a better refiner to reduce the Decay. I know it only affects the amount it decays per 100 units but does it affect a lot? Thank you for your...
  17. DesertKrow

    Happy HoF Day

    Yestderday was a good day, 2 hoFs. This During Lunch Break Click to enlarge This Later in the Evening Click to enlarge
  18. DesertKrow

    My Second Hof and during Lunch Break

    So Im at work and I decide to take my lunch break. I start Playing Eu and say "Im going to relax and just use up 50 bombs" and the first few bombs i get this :D Click to enlarge
  19. DesertKrow

    Luck Continued....

    Ok, so the only answer i got for this is the pants that Alice gave me I thought 1 global was fine and a hof afterwards but 4... strange but great with me :thumbup: This Goes in Order of finding, Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge This one found Friday november 10 06 Click...
  20. DesertKrow

    Must be some n00b luck

    K well i got 191 gazz global 10days ago (myfirstglobal), yesterday i got my first Hof 498 Blaus, Now i get this :) 250 Copper, some weird luck :scared:
  21. DesertKrow

    Last week MyfirstGlobal Now MyfirstHOF

    So last week i got my first Global of 191 Gazz in cnd(Link to MyFirstGlobal ), i go down to Eudoria and try some bombs there but... no luck at all. so i come back try out some bombs, and i was getting tired of same messege from the OreFinder and :eek: ::Swirls:: :eek: i get this Click to...
  22. DesertKrow

    How Many Sweat Snappers

    How many of Have Sweat Snappers Before? j/w :) Click to enlarge
  23. DesertKrow

    Looking for a Mentor ;)

    :wave: Hi, Im looking for my mentor We all miss her(Bafe, Kobs, Falco, Coop, Me, and the the rest of the guys) and would like her back in the game. You could recognize her if you have watched the her movie Alice in Wonderland :D If you read this Alice please reply :wise: I got on EU and...
  24. DesertKrow

    Question about Range Decreasing

    I dont know if this is suppost to be in noob's Corner but I just started Mining on the 27 of this month and i checked all my stats before i started mining and in my Finder (MD-10) i saw that it said 53 Range, and just today, in halloween, i noticed it sayd 21 range. Also, I checked the Finders...
  25. DesertKrow

    My First Global after my 2 weeks of play :D

    So I Decided to start mining in Eudoria with little luck making 50% back. I decided to try my luck at CND after 2 days of mining. I start with 50 bombs with no luck, then i tried another 50 only making 26 peds in one find after 30some bombs, i was really sad when i see my bomb count at 2 :broke...