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    Question: Sick and tired of grinding, please make a lot of story missions!

    I am sick and tired of grinding. How about a boatload of non-grindy or at most slightly grindy missions, prefrably with some focus with storyline? How about you?
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    Please rework crafting

    Also in another thread, but really, should be freestanding. How crafting should be: successful craft of a "normal" item from a limited BP should on average give a limited BP for the item alongside item, modulo more rare drops giving multi-click BPs or higher level BPs. drops of UL BPs should...
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    I really wish

    this forum was a bit more useful again. And that people at least occasionally posted some content. I would like to make a proposal - everybody who has not made a useful content post in the last 6 months, should make one before any more selling, complaining, bumping, whining, discussion...
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    FYI: Hallowen Mayhem 2014 log

    Will try to log the various details on how I do on this years halloween mayhem. The goal is at least 5K points and doing ~ 39 hours to not get disqualified time wise. I will keep totals in the first post. I will note the equipment used, etc. Totals : TT out : 6608.44 TT in : 5983.44 Points...
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    FYI: Cyrene dynamic map

    The dynamic map and upgrades: Discussion thread :
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    Question: Can we have a rerun of the halloween mayhem?

    The title says it all. It was fun, I would like to have it again this year.
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    Buying: Mutated Aurli Bone

    I would like one, or possibly two depending on price. Will of course prefer to pay as little as possible, so drop me your offers ;-)
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    They have discovered real world formidons!
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    FYI: Carbines in red and blue

    Red is sib, blue is dps. Feedback please.
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    Calypso autumn roadmap ?

    Is there such a thing? If yes, can we have a sneak peak at either the roadmap or any upcoming features that apply to calypso?
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    Entropedia currently down due to database

    or so the page i get from it says.
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    FYI: A new two-handed club

    B.E. Redtsar Smasher (L) I believe its the first SIB two handed club.
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    Melee amp availability / numbers?

    None were seen on auction (except as available for orders) about 12 hours ago, but I have seen several people posting comments indicating they have or have had the oporturnity to try these out. So ... how many have been looted?
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    Arsonistic chips?

    Are those dropping any more? Been some time since I saw the last one on auction :-(
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    ETA for storage expansion in web shop?

    Any ETA or other information on this?
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    Please use Selling (Unsold) instead of Selling (Sold)

    for unsold items in message center. Thank you :)
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    Buying: A.R.C. Ranger Gloves (M)

    As subject says. TT+25 peds, or make your offer.
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    Achievement: 400 missions on Calypso

    At least for me, its an achievement, and a nice one at that: The 400th was Ambulimax stage II. Certainly there are a lot of missions that I should have finished already, some of those are on-screen too. I expect to complete around 20-25 more missions by autumn. Ad some on other planets too.
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    Selling: Genesis Corroder (L)

    I have one. But what I am really looking for is somebody I could PM when I get the next one (and one after that, etc) so I don't have to just keep throwing these into TT.
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    FYI: Stuck in teleport after teleport failure

    If you try to teleport somewhere the TP chip cannot take you (like LA with an ongoing event you are not registered on), you will be stuck in a state where you cannot equip any item - you always get "waiting for previous action to finish", but you also cannot teleport to finish the action. Only...
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    The identity paradox: why game characters are not us, but should be
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    Default in mob names

    As of last VU, scanner calls many / all mobs "default" - "Default Feffoid Bandit" or "Default Exarosaur Old" for example. Is this intentional? What other designations than "Default" exist ?
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    FYI: Underground breakthrough (part 2) New species, new mining areas with CND style mining, and it seems plenty of Oratan to go around. Not sure what they mean by market deeds?
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    Joining societies on EntropiaLife

    I can't seem to be able to tell people what steps they should follow.. anybody have an idea? Is there a new system to replace the passwords?
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    Endless Sand Kings...

    Is there a point to all of this?