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  1. Cool Breeze

    Calypso Forums is the Cure ...

    So here it is. I found the cure for my addiction to this game. A little history; Started playing Dec. 2005 and when I crashed from exhaustion my AV continued on without me. If you know what I mean :rolleyes: Then it happened, I think it was a big VU update so I had to logout. :eek: I was in a...
  2. Cool Breeze

    Can we delete old pm ???

    I am having a hard time with this new UI with my bad eye sight and all. Can anyone tell me if there is anyway to delete old private chat that keeps building up day after day ??? I chat with someone and the messages from the previous day are still there. I have chat logs turned off so I know that...
  3. Cool Breeze

    Server connection error

    After logging out at Twins I cannot log back in. Keep getting " Could not connect to server " PRAISE THE LORD !!! I was getting eye strain from that Global pop up and small chat fonts anyways. Thank you MA for not letting me log back in and really doing some eye damage. AMEN
  4. Cool Breeze

    Sorry to hear MENACE

    Sorry to see you getting locked out MENACE. I have seen many exploits over the years and I have never really seen anyone get ahead taking advantage of them. Most lose trying and I guess that is why I never have. Thought about it sometimes though. It has been awhile since I have seen any creative...
  5. Cool Breeze

    To all those who understand, Bless You All

    To all those who recently or in the past lost a loved one, may Joy & Happiness soon return to your hearts. [ Love you Mom & Dad My sincere Thank You's to all of you in Real Life and here in my second Virtual Home. Your kind words are greatly...