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  1. AJack10600

    Selling: Selling stuff

    Intend to sell out. Make me an offer on specific items. I will come back to you if interested. Name Menge Wert Container 1 A-3 Justifier Mk.II 1 32.95 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 2 A-3 Justifier Mk.II 1 43.33 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 3 A-3 Justifier Mk.II 1 28.65 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 4 A-3...
  2. AJack10600

    WoF 2012: Team AMETHERA

    Citizens of Calypso ! It's soon time for the WoF 2012 and once again, people from calypso are rallying to be part of so called "national teams" to compete in this competition once again. But as has been said in the passt, what are nations, why should we listen to the call of country flags from...
  3. AJack10600

    Question: External Links in Signatures deactivated ?

    It seems to me that external Links of Picture Sigs have suddenly be deactivated ?
  4. AJack10600

    5 Good Reasons why YOU should participate in this years WoF !!!

    Ok this years WoF seems to struggle a bit... A lot of people have decided not to take part this year because they are upset with the cost of playing at the event... I agree that cost is definitely a -ive point here... however !!! The WoF needs you !!! And here are 5 good reasons to take part...
  5. AJack10600

    Graphix issue: Display driver xxxxx stopped responding and was recovered(TDR error)

    When playing EU I very often experience Screen freezes and Crashes due to this message: Display driver xxxxx stopped responding and was recovered This is a known error since Windows 7. Windows has this TDR feature that simply tries to protect your system from something. The problem is that...
  6. AJack10600

    Frustrated with the game, the cost of playing the return for money ?

    Over the last years many new changes have happened to our Virtual Universe. We have seen reorganization between FPC and MA, we have seen new content added, new graphics improved, new storyplay implemented. However... the subjective feeling of many is that: a) We don't have more players...
  7. AJack10600

    Question: Search function for MA and FPC Staff

    I really miss the old search function to search for new posts by FPC staff. It was really usefull. When you just query a FPC staff to look up their posts, you just get random posts in no chronological order... that's not too helpful... Is this on the agenda for improvement ?
  8. AJack10600

    WOF 2011: Team AMETHERA

    Citizens of Calypso ! It's time for the WOF 2011 and once again, people from calypso are rallying to be part of so called "national teams" to compete in this competition. But what are nations, why should we listen to the call of country flags from planet earth ? Have we not left earth to come...
  9. AJack10600

    Question: Anyone else getting Catalyst crashes, whitescreens, and freezes with AMD HD9800 series cards ?

    Having an annoying problem since I got a Sapphire HD5870 Vapor-X card... Seems that EU does not like that catalyst at all. It keeps crashing after a while of playing and at some point just freezes my screen. I only ever get that problem in EU. I play any other game with no problem at max...
  10. AJack10600

    How on earth is MA / FPC running release Projects... ???

    Following yet another unbelievable code bug after a release I can not help myself but to be astounded as to how MA or FPC run their Code Releases ... In every release we have known bugs and issues, and now we get a major revamp and it totally fails... Now I am not in the gaming industry, but...
  11. AJack10600

    Extreme Lag a Performance issue ?

    I got a question, maybe other people are experiencing the same. When I get to locations with TPs or with many people around, I see no avatars around me. They remain invisible. If I stay there, some of them will load slowly, just like the lag in the inventory. Now I don't know if this is a...
  12. AJack10600

    Info: Semai's Analysis - Semi Annual Report January -June 2010

    Hi all, Having asked for it in this thread ;) MA posted something a few days later on here: So what to make of it. Here is my 2...
  13. AJack10600

    MA or FPC Half Year Financial Results for 2010 ?

    Usually in the past every September MA published Half year results for the year.... Hanne or Marco or anyone, since you are doing communications here, can you tell us if these will be published and when ? As an "investor" in FPC i have a sound interest as to how the Balancesheet of my asset...
  14. AJack10600

    FYI: Amethera Vs Eudoria - The real WoF begins: The Calypso Cup !

    Ladies and Gentleman, Citizens of Calypso... The time has come for the ultimate of epic Battles... You thought that by Competing in the WoF of Nations, by representing a country of a planet you no longer belong to would give you glory and fame. But you got nothing for the PEDs wasted...
  15. AJack10600

    FYI: SPU Celebrates it's 4th Aniversary !

    Just wanted to let the community know that on 3rd September our fine society has hit it's 4th Birthday ;) SPU - Smart Professionals United is a soc for bussy mature people who can't affort to spend every night gaming. The concept seems to appeal to people as we cater for a home even if you...
  16. AJack10600

    Question: FPC Community Manager

    I think locking this thread may have been not the wisest of things to do... you want to stop the community from discussing the topic by locking it ? Sorry, but that's not what I would have expected...
  17. AJack10600

    Question: So basically, Rocktropia is just another big LA in the shape of a planet...

    So basically, Rocktropia is just another big LA in the shape of a planet... No new content really except the mobs, no new features at all... And this is what we have been waiting for ... for years... It's not whining... it's desilusion... :rolleyes:
  18. AJack10600

    FYI: Smart Professionals United (SPU) Recruiting again !

    SPU is recruiting ! We are currently opening our doors for new members. About SPU Smart Professionals United was formed over three years ago in late 2006 with a vision of allowing dedicated entropian players to play in a fun and helpful environment without demands for activity and skill...
  19. AJack10600

    Question: So no more financial reports for Q3 / Q4 2009 ? Interim for the whole year 2009 ?

    Maybe Hanne or Marco want to risk asking the question as to where these reports are ... MA wants us to "invest" in their fantastic game so it's about time to show us what the financials look like after CE2, splitting FPC off and with all the different locations... is this mysterious location...
  20. AJack10600

    Question: Are you crashing in game ? CTD? Please VOTE !

    Are you crashing in this game since the last VUs ? I am crashing every 10 mins or so ... I want to know how many people are experiencing this. Please vote...
  21. AJack10600

    Team AMETHERA needs YOUR support NOW !!!

    Citizens of Calypso ! WoF Stage 1 has completed and Team Amethera has fought well. It seems that old national allegiances are still strong amongst Calypsonians and Team Amethera is facing the struggle with only the most Loyal of Calypsonians... Our Main Team is strong and determined to...
  22. AJack10600

    Last Chance to enroll for TEAM AMETHERA NOW !!!

    OK guys, this is your last chance to enroll for TEAM AMETHERA !!! We have to Register Main Team on 10th FEB although Support Team registration can go on. We could still do with some Main Team members !!! Sign Up in the TEAM AMETHERA WOF THREAD :yay...
  23. AJack10600

    Info: You have never taken part in the WOF? Why not join Team Amethera? We welcome "everybody" !

    So you have never taken part in the WOF for whatever reason ? You have found it too complicated, too booring, too time consuming, you are new to the game or too inexperienced ? Well why not join team Amethera for the WOF 2010 ? Why not give it a go, it's not as complicated as it sounds! Why...
  24. AJack10600

    The four employee development stages for people working in the financial service sector ..

    The four employee development stages for people working in the financial service sector .. There is a lot of HR literature out there to discuss employee motivation, career building or personal development... City bookshops are full of readings that are supposed to give you the "edge" over...
  25. AJack10600

    What's wrong with this SGAE ... - pointless ?

    I'm just wondering about this, if FPC is really such a great game with such a bright future and if this game is supposed to attract many many new players in the future... and if SGAE is intended for the current players to have a special memory of the VU 10.0 go live... then why on earth are so...