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    Buying: Supremacy Armor (M)

    As the title says am looking for this set, might consider other high end sets also. Post here or drop me a pm :)
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    Buying: High tier and high DPS carbine/rifle

    As the title says, looking for one of the high end guns and open to whats on offer, post here or pm me your offers!
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    Coming back from a long break, whats changed?

    Its been a few years since I was active and starting to feel the call pulling me back to EU, anyone I used to hang out with thats still around please say hello! Have there been many changes making me a newb now, or is it more or less as it was 3 years ago?
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    Selling: Modified Restoration Chip

    As the title says, selling Mod Resto chip SB/BO 50k thanks!
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    Selling: Carramone with Supremacy feet (M)

    As the title says im selling this unique set. Carramone Harness, Arms, thighs and Helm are T2 Carramone Shins and Gloves are T1 Supremacy feet are T1 BO 80k Interested in peds only, offers by pm here or ingame. Thanks!
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    Selling: Augmented EWE EP-38 Night Special

    Selling this super rare Tier 2 gun so for those who know of it you know how rarely this opportunity arises. There are currently three of these awesome pistols ingame, second only to imk2 in eco for ranged weapons. As its not widely known ive included two comparisons below, showing it is more...
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    Selling: Supremacy parts (M)

    Selling the following parts: T2 Supremacy Harness (M) tt+5k T1 Supremacy Thighs (M) tt+5k T1 Supremacy Shins (M) tt+5k T1 Supremacy Gloves (M) tt+5k Will sell for tt+18k if you buy all 4 parts.
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    Selling: Easter Ring 2017

    As the title says, I'm selling this freshly won beauty. Stats are below for anyone not familiar with it. Easter Ring 2017 Equip Slot: Right Hand Trauma Mitigation: 24% Faster Reload: 12% Increased Critical Strike Chance: 2% Increased Run Speed: 12% Increased Max Health: 24 Auto Loot...
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    Selling: T10 xtlc 800

    Always wanted to be a contender in events? Now is your chance! This gun has won its fair share of prizes over the last 18 months running on full damage and is also an excellent weapon of choice for hunting in EST with acc enhancers. Instant BO is 80k pure peds but am open to offers, would be...
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    Selling: DKOA Harness (M) T2.9

    Taking offers on this harness, item trades considered
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    Selling: High end armour set (M)

    Set is available as parts or as full set but wont sell any individual part until I have agreement on 5 parts. Once a sale is agreed it will be marked as reserved with no further offers taken on here, and the sale will conclude once enough parts are reserved. T1 Mod shadow helm BO 23k T1...
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    Selling: Modified Shadow helm (M) T1

    looking for sup helm + peds depending on tier
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    Selling: Mod Athenic ring

    SB:4k BO:6k ends 5 days after SB is met
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    Selling: Shadow arms (M) T1

    selling these after an upgrade. SB:4k BO:5k ends 5 days after SB is met
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    Selling: Angel SGA (M)

    Selling Angel SGA (M), harness is T2.8 and all other parts T1.9 BO 20k prefer peds but will accept items
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    Selling: Christmas Ring 2015

    Taking offers on this. BO 25k Prefer peds but will consider items
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    Selling: Ares ring modified

    After my lucky box during breakfast i'll be selling my mod ares ring BO 17k, prefer peds only cc
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    Selling: Ares ring improved

    5.5K instant BO
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    Selling: Aeglic ring augmented

    18 increased health and 45% increased regeneration on this one SB 10k BO 20k Auction will end 5 days after SB is met, bids in minimum increments of 100peds. cc
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    Selling: Hermetic ring augmented

    Taking offers on this freshly looted ring which comes with a 20% speed boost. Auction ends at 21.00MA time sunday the 4th, bid either in this thread or by PM Current top bid: 4k cc
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    Selling: Cdf xtlc 1000

    CDF XTLC 1000 T5.9 One of the highest dps weapons in game, with 95m range, a 10% skill bonus, and the potential to someday challenge the Terminator in events...this is the gun to own. Gun is currently not for sale, it is being made ready for events The first two show basic stats and...
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    Selling: Hogglo Pigmy Black

    Taking offers on this freshly tamed guy. SOLD
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    Selling: Cdf xtlc 1000

    Possibly selling this event winner if the offer is right. Tier numbers are 84, 171, 154, 87, 106, 94, 87, 59, 67, 83 Things I'd be interested in as part of trade: Peds Mod Hedoc Supremacy (M) Mod Shadow (M) DKoA (M) Mod 5B set If you're ready to take on the Terminator here is your...
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    Help with new(ish) player event

    It's taken me a while to get around to this but I'd like to run a small event for newer players. The prizes will be skill chips so aiming at lvl20-30 players. I would like it to be free entry so its just a bit of fun for everyone. Thing is its been so long since ive had anything to do with...
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    Selling: Tier 1 Eon (M)

    Selling full eon(M). all parts are tier 1 except harness, which is tier 2. SB 50k BO 60k Auction ends 7 days after SB is met. Will consider offers on individual parts.