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  1. Orion

    Gardening Has Arrived!

    First 'statement' was to remove the gardening products from crafting again, just weeks after the estate owners spent thousands over thousands of PEDs building up the necessary infrastructure to produce the goods. Years later MA bashfully admitted in an AMA they discontinue it. I am too lazy now...
  2. Orion

    I haven't heard of any other game, where the playerbase has to build their own tools to this extend, to be able to play the game of the game provider. It is a shame that MindArk is too incompetent to provide a detailed map with the relevant mob information on their own, but instead we have to...
  3. Orion CD 1920.jpg

    Orion CD 1920.jpg

  4. Orion

    News: Marcimex Unrest

    Usually they are always at the shore of the little bay south-east of Boreas.
  5. Orion

    News: Preview of Upcoming Interface Changes

    Stop this heretic questions! Burn, witch, BURN!!
  6. Orion

    please fix autoloot buff stacking

    +1 I am complaining about this bug on MA support since so many months now. MA support ignores it and only supports me by closing the support cases. MindArk communicates unmistakably that they do not want us to deposit thousands of US$ for building up this stacked buff. @My|MindArk, we want to...
  7. Orion

    Selling: Shadow set (F) (UL) t2

    What a rare opportunity, don't miss it!
  8. Orion

    Commando unlock

    :clap: Congratulations! :woot: Now your next great step in avatar progression comes into sight: :handgun: Killstrike! :sniper:
  9. Orion

    Buying: [Ravenger Mini-Sweeper V2]

    Don't be afraid to offer me your precious V2!
  10. Orion

    Achievement: Deathspeak

    Welcome to the club of the damned who understand the whispered cursing of the slain, haunting you from now on!
  11. Orion

    Info: MindArk Annual Report 2020

    With those promising numbers it is time to buy German castles again!!
  12. Orion

    Suggestion: Split up the Estates listing in My Items on

    +1 Once this may gain the attention of a mildly interested MA employee, i would like to add that i miss the opportunity to download a "My-Items.csv". Thank you for your attention.
  13. Orion

    In Memoriam Frank JJ The Greatest

    Sincere condolences.
  14. Orion

    News: Preview of Upcoming Interface Changes

    Thank you for clarification. This declaration should have been part of the initial post... Try to remember this for the next "we will put everything upside down"-post.
  15. Orion

    Buying: [Ravenger Mini-Sweeper V2]

    Come on people, PM me your offer! I KNOW there are several dozens of V2's out there, collecting dust in storages. YOURS can be mine, and MY PEDs can be yours!
  16. Orion

    News: Preview of Upcoming Interface Changes

    Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes! Can you spot the pattern? The ppl at MindArk seem to be the last (wo)men in gaming industry who use 1024x768 monitors. 4K is becoming standard now, with 8K already at the horizon. Knowing about the speed of developement at MA, please make the windows and text...
  17. Orion

    Question: Efficiency of [Fire Forge DAR 9300, Modified] and [Omegaton A204, Hypercharged]?

    You can't. You have to do the math by yourself. WeaponCompare 2.0 was created by clever Wiki coders who quit before EFF got introduced. A good reason for you and you and YOU to register an account and help improving Wiki with your coding talents! :computer:
  18. Orion

    entropia wiki sub pages do not work

    Thank you 711. Now everyone go and DOWNLOAD the .CSV files of your desired lists!
  19. Orion

    entropia wiki sub pages do not work

    You are totally right. I am well aware (oh..., i was no friend of PCF at all! I am so sorry for the loss of my beloved EP forum!) of the root cause about EP forum, but a TL;DR explanation wouldnt have changed my argument. In the end it doesnt matter why player content got lost. In the end only...
  20. Orion

    Should EU players be allowed to compete on Mayhem with multiple avatars?

    1. Flag the gear you want to use for Mayhem, before Mayhem starts. 2. Flagged gear gets locked for the duration of Mayhem. 3. Unflagged gear can NOT be used during Mayhem. Problem solved.
  21. Orion

    entropia wiki sub pages do not work

    Valuable Hint: Once the wiki is up and running again, you can download the data of your favoured lists as .csv files and save them in Excel sheets, so you have the data to play with. They may need some adjustment, but then they work for you as desired and can be your fallback option. This Wiki...
  22. Orion

    entropia wiki sub pages do not work

    The wiki has been created and set up by player(s) who are mostly nonexistent today. This is also the reason why the wiki map is in a bad shape: there is noone left who knows how it works. (Therefor i renew my appeal to register an account and help to improve wiki, when it is up and running...
  23. Orion

    entropia wiki sub pages do not work

    It is ALWAYS the same matter with participant driven content: The participant stops playing and the project gets abandoned. ALWAYS. Want proof? - ALL available maps are old and outdated remnants from players - - - the original player forum...
  24. Orion

    Buying: [Ravenger Mini-Sweeper V2]

    I am still looking. Please help me to end my search!
  25. Orion

    entropia wiki sub pages do not work

    What you criticize is the effect when ppl (like you?) only consume and don't create. Easy solution: Register an account and help building and updating wiki.