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  1. AckerZ

    Auction Fee Question.

    I have noticed when I sell certain items with low Mark Up the Fee on the Sold Auction Notification is much lower than the original quoted one when originally listing. Is this a secondary fee that is charged or is this the original fee but reduced?
  2. AckerZ

    Making Sense of Market History. With Images!

    Hey Everyone o/, Looking for some pointers on whether I am understanding the Market Value History window correctly. I have numbered the questions as I go down so it is easier to answer if you are able to. Many thanks in advance if you choose to help explain this difficult topic. So Looking at...
  3. AckerZ

    Increasing Rare Loot Drops?

    Has anyone heard of - or had any personal experience in - increasing the rarer loot drop rate from certain mobs? I would assume if it was possible it is the privy of the uber weapons that near 4DPP & >80% eff. From what I can gather the only way to ensure you get access to rarer loots is...
  4. AckerZ

    Buying: A&P Series Mayhem BC-30, Modified [Buying Low Tier]

    Looking to purchase a lower tier A&P Series Mayhem BC-30, Modified - a t3.9 recently sold for ~24k, looking for similar (preferably lower) prices. Would also like some info on experience with the gun in terms of loot returns/quality of loot if possible.
  5. AckerZ

    Buying: WTB LR40-FEN Low Tier

    Looking to purchase a LR-40 FEN, low tier. Would also like some info on experience with the gun in terms of loot returns/quality of loot if possible. Thanks Pm in Game: Anonymous AckerZ Anonymous
  6. AckerZ

    Selling: Investafoe ES500 - Best Scanner in Game [SOLD]

    WTS the best scanner in game the ES500 Gets 1.22 scans per pec making it the most eco available. Scanning skills are not awarded based on decay spent, they have a ~33% HR with all scanners and return the same skills regardless of the pec spent in decay to obtain them - meaning only the es200...
  7. AckerZ

    Buying: Buying Greater Power Crystal Materials (Lesser & Weakened)

    WTB 10X Weakened Power Crystals @880% 10X Lesser Power Crystals @265% Accepting offers. Alternatively WTB whole Greater Power Crystal if anyone has one. Pm in game or one here - Username: Anonymous AckerZ Anonymous
  8. AckerZ

    Selling: All Nanites [SOLD]

    Selling 14x Adjusted Nanites 14x Improved Nanites 12x Modified Nanites Price: 130ped Adjusted ea 35ped Improved ea 25ped Modified ea
  9. AckerZ

    Explosive Projectile Blueprints No Longer Drop?

    Is it true EP Bps have been removed from the crafting loot pool? I occasionally still find Recycle EP Bps but never any EP Bps, I have been told by one or two people that MA have stated they no longer drop but cannot find these statements anywhere - anyone able to shine some light on this situation?
  10. AckerZ

    Buying: Buying 11* Mod Nanites

    Buying 11* Mod Nanites @22ped each.
  11. AckerZ

    Nanites no longer dropping in Ark Underground?

    Can't seem to post on the ark forum so will have to post this here. Has anyone else noticed that since last week nanites are no longer dropping in ark underground? Usually I can loot 1-2 nanites per day depending on the mob but for the last week straight i've looted none and other hunters have...
  12. AckerZ

    Question about Neurobiotic Boosters

    Do Neurobiotic boosters increase your skill gain chance or do they increase the value of skills gained? Hard to tell with the 10% pills. Im fairly sure its skill gain chance but just want to double check.
  13. AckerZ

    Buying: Tension Straps Blueprint [Bought]

    WTB Tension Straps Blueprints, pm me.
  14. AckerZ

    Trading between auction houses with friends?

    After reading the recent thread of the player that was banned I started to think about the rules on AU. Are friends in game allowed to buy from other planet auctions to sell on caly. Say I'm on toulan and I have 1000ped of oils that won't sell on there could a friend on calypso purchase from...
  15. AckerZ

    When hunting what pills do you use and why?

    Ive noticed on some threads some if the more experienced players state they use pills while hunting. Currently I only use skill pills, are the benefits to using the stim pills worth more than what you would typically get selling them on to players for Mayhem?
  16. AckerZ

    How big of a ped cycle is needed before you would typically see ~95% Returns stated by MA.

    Having a real bad time of it lately with hunting, must have cycled around 3,000Ped before recycling shrapnel and my returns are really low around 70-80% TT. Should I be cycling much more ped than this to really start to see those reported ~95% TT returns that MA report? For the more seasoned...
  17. AckerZ


    Can anyone point me to a good guide about the smuggler missions? From what I can gather they are for med-high level players and grant you access to some loots that are only available in smuggler instances? For the people that have done the smuggler missions, is it worthwhile?
  18. AckerZ

    95% TT return over 100,000ped cycled in a month.

    What would players from any profession consider to be the "minimum" threshold of a ped cycle where they would expect to see the reported ~95%-97% TT returns? Like for instance could a hunter spending 1000ped a month realistically expect to come anywhere close to those TT return rates. Would...
  19. AckerZ

    Understanding how 'you' are defining of a hunting run.

    Hoping to get some insight into other hunters logic when considering how long/how much to hunt for in their "cycle". Where do you start tracking and where do you stop tracking then measure your performance based on those two metrics. Hypothetical example I am now hunting specifically for a...
  20. AckerZ

    Arkadia Forum super buggy?

    Is anyone else able to use the planet Arkadia Forum, I joined recently and have had nothing but non stop page load errors and bugs preventing me from engaging on there. Could be my devices but just want to be sure.
  21. AckerZ

    Decay from Scanning added to loot pool?

    Does anyone know if the decay from scanning is added to the loot pool?
  22. AckerZ

    Buying: Chikara InvestaFoe ES500

    Pm with offers in game Username: Anonymous AckerZ Anonymous
  23. AckerZ

    Scanning for Skills?

    What are peoples opinions on using the more efficient scanners for skill gains, particularly skills that feed into the looter professions. Does it make sense to use these constantly or is the cost:skills gained not a good trade off?
  24. AckerZ

    Why is the A106 cheaper than the A105,imp?

    It seems the worse amp in terms of DPP is actually more expensive, anyone know why that is?
  25. AckerZ

    Buying: Omegaton A106 [Closed]

    Looking to Purchase A106 +950 (Based on Yearly Price) & Purchase an Ares, Modified +1880 (Based on Yearly Price)[Bought] Open to offers. Have Ped to buy both immediately. Message me in game: Anonymous AckerZ Anonymous