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  1. Svarog

    Consolidated release notes for VU 17.3, 2020/09/01

    Entropia Universe 17.3 Release Notes Planet Calypso Content Release 2020.0.4 No Monria or Rocktropia notes yes. No Arkadia update: "There is major changes and clean ups coming including preparations for new content including upgrades to how players engage with us and our planet on platforms...
  2. Svarog

    Consolidated release notes for VU 17.2, 2020/06/02

    Entropia Universe 17.2 Release Notes Planet Calypso Content Release 2020.0.3 Cyrene June 2nd 2020 VU Notes Planet Toulan Release Notes 20.2 Next Island VU 17.2 Planet Arkadia Rocktropia Monria No updates yet.
  3. Svarog

    Black screen while playing EU

    What's happening: Starting with VU16.0 on Feb 19 (can be a coincidence) my PC sometimes randomly goes black screen while playing EU. There are 2 possible states: the game's sound is still active (mobs attacking, people globalling etc); it's possible to connect to the PC via FTP and VNC (but...
  4. Svarog

    Selling: Gremlin (M)

    Gremlin (M) Tier 0.0 tt+150
  5. Svarog

    Consolidated release notes for VU 16.1, 2019/03/14

    Visit the original posts to see pictures. Entropia Universe 16.1.0 Release Notes Planet Calypso Content Release 2019.0.2 Planet Arkadia Update - Release 16.1: Rocktropia March 2019 VU: Cyrene March 2019 VU Absence (no update but a word from the devs) Planet Toulan Release Notes...
  6. Svarog

    2019/02/08 AMA summary

    This is a compilation of all that matters minus all the copy-paste and rhetorics. Links lead to the corresponding threads in the AMA section. What we may see soon The level requirement for UL armor is still planned to be implemented soon Team Hunting and Mission Counters "In the past there...
  7. Svarog

    Uber: 4320 ped Steampunk

    My favorite rocktropian mob even though I don't have any mission on it, just big enough to hunt naked comfortably but not dull. Arrived to the planet yesterday, went to the spawn but it was occupied so I logged out. Logged in today, first kill. The biggest to the date.
  8. Svarog

    Suggestion: Scrollbars control

    Problem: unintentional scrolling up of chat windows. Can accidentally happen even if you play in a fullscreen mode, but those who play in a window or use several displays suffer the most. You can scroll, say, a browser window on a second display without switching the focus to that window, but...
  9. Svarog

    Achievement: Kill Strike

    Ain't it the longest road to KS for someone who have never had a shortest break :) Probably not, but still almost 11 years of puny pinching.
  10. Svarog

    Uber: First mining uber

    First ever mining uber - no wonder, I'm not a miner. This wasn't a mining run too, just a casual dropping with unamped F-105 while hunting. Hope miners won't hate me :ahh:
  11. Svarog

    FYI: Update your RTSS for Windows 10 Creators Update

    If you use RivaTuner Statistics Server or any software that includes it, like MSI Afterburner, update it to the fresh Beta 7.0.0. Updated my Win 10 this morning and spent the next 6 hours reinstalling everything, trying to figure out why EU crashes to desktop ("Entropia Universe did not...
  12. Svarog

    Achievement: 10 years

    Hi, my name is Svarog and I'm an entropiaholic. My online gaming life started in early 90s, I played text-based MUDs and managed to avoid all the big titles like Ultima Online. Been a mac-user I couldn't run pretty much any game worth running, so it wasn't until 2006, when Apple released their...
  13. Svarog

    Selling: Baringer SR47 T3.x

    Entropedia page Currently T3.0, remaining tiers are 87,67,82,119,56,60,119 SB TT+1.5k BO TT+1.8k Auction ends 72 hours after SB is met.
  14. Svarog

    Selling: Adjusted EWE EP-41 Military T1.9

    Entropedia link Remaining TIRs: 106, 131, 114, 96, 77, 74, 88, 114 SB TT+4200 BO TT+4500 Auction ends 72 hours after SB is met.
  15. Svarog

    Buying: Jaguar (M) Harness & Gloves

    As title says. PM your offers. UPD: all bought
  16. Svarog

    Selling: Leoi Shock & Aakas Fire daggers, Shagadi sword, Lacerating nano IV

    Leoi Shock Dagger Current tier 3.4. Remaining TIRs are: 88, 140, 119, 91, 174, 115, 114. Even though the IV amp is a little big for it (20 dmg amp vs 39 max of the dagger, so you waste 0.5 dmg), using it you still have 2.934 dmg/pec and 41.34 dmg/sec. SOLD Aakas Fire Dagger Current tier...
  17. Svarog

    Selling: EWE LC-100 Frontier Tier 7+

    Current tier 7.2, probably the highest in game (it was when I tiered it to T7 back in May). Remaining TIRs: 41, 122, 92. 40.03 dmg/sec, 2.951 dmg/pec with A106/impA105; 60.17 dmg/sec fully damage-enhanced. Info on Entropedia SOLD
  18. Svarog

    Achievement: Commando

    Only 9 years to get there :D All natural, merely 186 hp and 231k total skills, as I've barely ever used anything but laser rifles and, lately, knives and have a lot of skills at 1. Still, perhaps not too bad for someone who reached lvl 50 using solely Breers m2a (a 7 dps L carbine, if someone's...
  19. Svarog

    PC: Mamnoon Mist

    --Mod's comment-- Thread pulled from this sales thread gone awry. --/Mod's comment-- This should worth a fortune, I bet there is a genie inside ready to fulfill 3 wishes.
  20. Svarog

    Selling: UL stuff

    everything is sold
  21. Svarog

    Hunting Global Map - broken and forgotten?

    Hadn't used it for a while, now tried to check something and noticed that the only mobs and locations it remembers are from over a year ago. I have "Setup > Map add-on > Send locations" turned on, of course. Also the dropdown selector on the page doesn't have RT and Monria, and Caly's and Ark's...
  22. Svarog

    FYI: Maffoid Iron Challenge

    Stage I either gives wrong rewards or has wrong description - selected Longblades 1.76 ped and got that amount of Anatomy (which wasn't even among the options).
  23. Svarog

    Teleportation Chip III TEN Edition

    What's it worth? I see one was sold back in October but the price was based on wrong information thus isn't relevant anymore. So...
  24. Svarog

    Uber: 2nd uber, 1st in hunting

    Yesterday was my first uber ever, I was confused that it happened in activity I barely do and not in hunting, so Lootius seems decided to fix that :) Loot was bad (I would be 200 ped down if not this) and I was going to exit the instance earlier and already approached the gate, when this guy...
  25. Svarog

    Uber: First uber ever :)

    My very first post in this section, best loot so far was ~900ped argo back in 2008. Hopefully crafters won't be mad at me, as I'm not one, just clicking through looted oils now and then :). Very timely to cover the Mayhem loses.