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  1. Cuba Kubanec

    Hof after nice jump :D

  2. Cuba Kubanec

    Tier 1 imp ML-45 :)
  3. Cuba Kubanec

    XXIII melchi

    Hello its some month ago i´ve got this baby...sry for quality
  4. Cuba Kubanec

    Adj sk-20 for hire - decay only

    Hi im offering fap Eco fap me. I can also use T-15/20(L)...but markup is on these ones :(
  5. Cuba Kubanec

    Uber: 2x XXI

    hello...thx for all online Gz´s :)
  6. Cuba Kubanec

    Buying: Wtb Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-69, SGA Edition

    send a message pls...thx
  7. Cuba Kubanec

    Buying: wtb adapted T-15 unl

    hello send me a message...thx
  8. Cuba Kubanec

    Lookin for someone from Dark Knight Squiers soc.

    Hello im looking for Armak Mack Zardacon from this soc...ill be glad if u help me reach this guy....thx :) :eyecrazy:
  9. Cuba Kubanec

    Uber: XXIII files :)

    Hello all, here is my little baby after 2years minnning ... vrx2k + oa101 ... description: TI. Thanks for all online Gz´s... This claim is dedicated to Martin Matho Masaryk and Nadine Rainbow Jacqueline:) With Regards Kubanec