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  1. XxSmityxX

    A Dream In The Life Of An Entropian

    Hello, just wanted to make a thread where the various users of entropia could post something, maybe even post a pic, of their dream setup in entropia. Ever wish you hit the mega uber ath and could buy anything you ever wanted, well what would it be??? and for all you actual ubers out there, why...
  2. XxSmityxX

    Time to start another BAnn the Above User

    Simple forum troll game, just bann the user above you and state your reason why, i thought that since the previous thread has reached over 6k posts we could give it a rest and start up a new one, anyone with me?
  3. XxSmityxX

    How long till this spammer gets banned?

    kbaac50 is posting spam all over ef in an atempt that people would be fooled and click the links that have to do with WoW gold and earning free WoW gold, how long do you think it will take the mods to bust up his chops?
  4. XxSmityxX

    Achievement: My Name is T-Smity and i am an EF Addict

    I believe that i am the first person to post this sort of achievement, plz feel free to correct me if i am wrong WOOT, i am the first person to post the last response on all the threads on the entire first page of the latest EF posts :yay::yay::D:D I am an Addict :)
  5. XxSmityxX

    EF: A Challenge to the Addicted

    Just a simple forum game for everyone to make a little efd and to justify your reasoning for checking entropia forum every 5 min. to see if anything interesting has been posted lol ;) All you have to do is submit a screenshot of your own avatar in your best armor/clothing and then say one word...
  6. XxSmityxX

    Bring your opalo !!!

    Just a silly thread to see how many entropians it would take to take down NeoMaven with his uber armor if he didnt fap and we all used opalos lol My guess is around 500, think of his hp then his dodge skill, figure most people miss, and imagine the lag lol
  7. XxSmityxX

    Woot my biggest global so far :)

    looks like i have way better luck mining :) 172 ped my biggest so far :)
  8. XxSmityxX

    Screenshots ???

    Hello, i am wondering what everyone uses for screnshots of their globals in entropia i am looking for something that captures the swirlies you get once you global. So far i have been using ctrl printscreen and paste in paint and it is easy to use but i can never get the swirlies, does everyone...
  9. XxSmityxX

    Got to love the Swirlies

    went out mining after buying my first small amp and got 86 ped crude without the amp attached lol
  10. XxSmityxX

    Selling: Armour plates and sweat

    selling 1k sweat 5 ped full gnome m for tt+20 ped and full set of 2a plates tt13 ped buy it all and get a 4 ped discount i am currently in game @ twin selling if i am not their i am checking this thread often
  11. XxSmityxX

    Selling: Armor and Mining Equipment

    Greetings, i am selling a Full set of Aurora L for 300 ped tt of pieces: Helmet: 38.63 its at tier 3 Harness: 59.91 its at tier 3 Arms: 47.53 its at tier .5 Thighs: 17.83 its at tier .7 Shins: 37.42 its at tier .1 Feet: 22.06 its at tier .1 Gloves:44.73 its at tier .5 Total tt value: 268.11 Also...
  12. XxSmityxX

    T-Smity's Hunting Log :)

    Ok i have seen alot of people doing logg's on hunting and mining and i thought that i would give it a try :) First Hunt: Twin Argo's Cost: 27 ped ammo 16.46 ped decay on Armor+Gun+Fap Total Cost: 43.46 Tt value of loot: 43.19 Markup of loot: 3.23 Total value of loot: 46.32 Overall...