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  1. Rimmer

    Selling: SOLD

    Hi, As title says Shagadi Disintegration Sword T2 for sale Stats can be found here : entropiawiki: Weapon: Shagadi Disintegration Sword One of best eco LB ingame, now able to be amped. DPS 60.0 . Excellent strenght and HP skiler. With DMG enhancers and trauma amp 4-6 u may hunt even big mobs...
  2. Rimmer

    Buying: Fi/Ra/Co Dante BLP Amplifier bought

    Please pm offer.
  3. Rimmer

    Buying: Bought Closed

    Please PM your price.
  4. Rimmer

    Selling: Sold

    Selling Ares Ring Mod TT+2,1k Peds Trade for Ares Ring Imp + 1300 peds Happy New Year!
  5. Rimmer

    Buying: Omegaton a106

    Hello, Got an Omegaton a106 for sale? Please pm me your price. Regards, Häxan
  6. Rimmer

    Buying: Omegaton A105, Improved

    Hello, Would like to buy this amp, please pm me your price if you have one for sale. Regards, SnöHäxan
  7. Rimmer

    Selling: Omegaton A106

    Taking offers: The auction will go on for 3 days after SB is meet or finish earlier if I'm satisfied with the price. SB: tt+3700 BO: tt+3900 I want pure peds.
  8. Rimmer

    Selling: A106

    As title says. SB: tt+4k. BO: tt+4120 I just want a nice and fast deal. pump pump pump puuuump it uuuup!
  9. Rimmer

    Playing from Shanghai

    Hello I need to buy a new computer and wonder if I should pay a couple of extra bucks so it manages to play EU on the highest sysreq. Im living in Shanghai and my question is. Is it possible to play EU from Shanghai without to much lag(around 100ping). Does anyone have the ip adress for the...
  10. Rimmer

    Selling: Cleaning Storage

    Hello Cleaning out my storage. You are alowed to bid but please consider the BO instead before someone else buys it. Metal Res around 700 ped 109% BP Energie Mather around 1000 ped 108,5% BO this is the first stuff.
  11. Rimmer

    Buying: A106 + hl11(L)

    Buying an a106 amp! Got one for sale? pm me, thanks. I'm also looking for hl11(L). 140% - 145%
  12. Rimmer

    Buying: CB19(unl)

    Looking for this Rifle. PM me if you have on and considering selling it.
  13. Rimmer

    Buying: Anatomy and Markmanship !

    Heya I would like to buy + 22 ped of Anatomy "I got the markmanship" I'm paying at the auction price. Maybe some more if it's a fast deal. thanks
  14. Rimmer

    Buying: Kesmek Slo (L)

    Looking for one of these for a starting. pm me your price. thanks
  15. Rimmer


    Almost everything sold but I have 2 chips on the auction. Alertness 11,02 BO: 3166%....... Auction week price. 3923% Range Damage Assament 42,97 BO: 1496% Auction W P. 1685% I just putted them up so hurry!
  16. Rimmer

    Dampers or Spring(s)?

    Heya! I've been craftin for a while now, skilling on the Standard dampers. Yesterday I saw someone hof on Simple I Plastic Springs and something caught my attention. Simple I Plastic Springs: This is a level 2 bp. 20x: Muscle Oil 2x: Animal Oil SIB (learning period?) = Yes = 62 pec + 2,4...
  17. Rimmer

    Freaking Atrax!

    This was an intresting weekend. First of all I won the event with a 167 ped global on Atrox old. This was my price: The next day I was bored and wanted to gamble alittle. I thought that Atrax Old Alphas would be cool to kill. I took one old alpha and a prowler. After 30 min they stormed to...
  18. Rimmer

    B:> Foxtrot Mentor Ed, Vigi (F)

    Heuyah! Looking for: Foxtrox ME Vigilante (F) Please post your offers here or feel free to pm me.
  19. Rimmer

    Entropia Universe01: Together it's better!

    Hola banjola. Did a funny movie with Lord, check it out!... tell your friends to do it to ;)
  20. Rimmer

    Opalo. we loved you

    It's friday evening and there is one problem. The Opalo is gone... we never tought of mindark removing one of the most eco guns ingame, but they did. When we (Soldiers of Sweden) read the upcoming VU list we all got stunned. We didn't know what to do.. The only thing to do was to hunt as much as...
  21. Rimmer

    EBN: Eomon-ous!!!

    EBN: Eomon-ous!!! 29 Sep 2006 Reports have just arrived to the EBN offices claiming sightings of the rarely seen Eomon creature south-east of Twin Peaks. The massive herbivore is one of the largest creatures ever seen on Calypso and an attraction that usually draws crowds of interested...
  22. Rimmer

    B:> Fap-69, Korss400(L) and FI/RA/CO Dante

    As the topic says. If you have one or know one that have one for sale please pm me or write here and I'll pm you. Peace!
  23. Rimmer

    S> ML-35

    S> Ml-35 Sold tt+5.1k thanks to Warewolf
  24. Rimmer

    Funny Feff

    Hola Was out hunting armaxes and necounos when I saw Cobra77 by passing me. I asked to team up but he said he had been hunting Feffs all the day so I thought that they soon need to drop atleast a global. I followed him and started killing some by my self. 100 PED after I got susspicius becouse...
  25. Rimmer

    What have you found today?!

    Heya! I thought it would be khool to see what and wich deposits people find every day, from avarige and over. I can start with todys mining. Only Edit your post each day instead of writing a new one each time :). Gl 400 ped bombs. 2 ampel Belkar 1 sizeable Copper 1 Aboundant Lyst = -50 ped...