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    Question: returning issues after patch,vu's and server resets

    Are you planning to do something about the returning bugs/issues that keep returning after a server reset, new vu's and patches. For example soc chat not being availeble, the same npc's that stop working, loot that stops dropping. Thanks, stay safe out there.
  2. B-K

    unsuported gfx card

    So i've been playing a long time and today i want to start up EU and i get unsupported gfx card and can't get the game to start. Anyone have this before and know a way around this?
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    Question: Little Star Q2

    What is the problem with missing loot on some of the other planets, is it the pp fault or is it a more global issue?
  4. B-K

    Question: Little Star Q1

    Will we see a return of jukeboxes at some point?
  5. B-K

    Buying: mayhem placement token and mayhem tokens a&p series mayhem lr-20 adjusted

    looking for someone with tokens that can get that rifle and wants to sell it for ped. please reply or pm with an offer.
  6. B-K

    Selling: F armor sets

    cdf scout tt+25 shogun tt+25 rascal tt+30 goblin tt+5 kobold tt+30 jaguar tiers : helm1.9 : arms 0.9 : harness 1.9 : gloves 0.9 : tights 3.9 : shins 3.9 : feet 0.9 tt+4000 i'll consider any serieus offer too pm here or ingame : Little black-kobalt Star
  7. B-K

    Buying: Neopsion kinetic amp IV Unlimited

    pls pm me here or ingame if i'm on. avatar name is little black-kobalt star.
  8. B-K

    Selling: Herman Cap 40 Smuggler Pistol is tier 6.1 Taking offers. BO : 6500 ped or cld/aud As far is i know its a unique pistol dmg/pec 2.825 . With a a204 amp you get 2.901 a a204 hyper you get 2.916
  9. B-K

    Buying: Corrosive V ten chip

    Buying Corrosive V ten pm your offer.
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    Herman Cap 40 Smuggler

    Hi, does anyone have an idea of what a realistic price is for this pistol?
  11. B-K

    Buying: Electric Attack Nanochip V TEN Edition

    Send me a pm if your selling one.
  12. B-K

    Buying: Kinetic Attack Nanochip V TEN Edition

    pls PM me your price and i'll get back to you asap.
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    pick the perfect mob to hunt.

    Hello, i'd like to ask for some advise as to what would be the perfect mob for me to hunt taken my skill and equipment into account. I mostly enjoy hunting whatever i feel like but have never payed any attention to what to use on what i hunt. Some info on my skills: -lvl 30 evade...
  14. B-K

    Selling: Herman cap-40 smuggler tier 6 Only one of these exists. Make a serieus offer and i wil consider it. Peds and CLD's are accepted. I'm looking for a vincent dps ten edition, will add peds/items to that trade offcourse.
  15. B-K

    Selling: complete (F) armors sets

    Nemesis tier 0.9 on all pieces tt+410 ped SOLD Rascal tier x tt+50 ped Vigi tier x tt+120 ped SOLD Shogun tier x tt+65 ped ingame name is wouter black-kobalt zegers
  16. B-K

    Selling: Herman cap-40 Smuggler

    tt+23000 ped Tier 3.9
  17. B-K

    price check on herman-cap 40 smuggler

    Hi, i was thinking about getting me a ul pistol and the herman cap 40 looks nice. I was wondering what price range its in and if there r some people selling any. Thank you.
  18. B-K

    no valid win32-application

    i get that when i try to start Entropia. I know the servers r down atm but i should atleast get something else then that error i think. got vista64 quad core 4gig 8800gt