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  1. Uncle Mo

    Selling: WTS/WTT Arsonistic Chip 3, TEN Edition, Tier 7.14

    Hello all, I've decided to change up my gear and it's time for me to part with my beloved Arson Chip 3, TEN Edition, Tier 7.14. Not in a hurry to sell and don't really want to sell. This has been a perfect match for my pistols. Buyout is +8500 You can PM me here or contact me in game. Luri...
  2. Uncle Mo

    MA You Fixed Opal And Gems. It's Time To Do The Same Thing To Tier Components! Adjust Tier Requirements On Certain Items Too.

    Folks, The same issue that was affecting Opal and tier gems is plaguing Tier Component drop rates. Tier 3 Components for instance are currently around 750% markup with a yearly markup of 420% and a decade markup of 194%. It's out of hand. Mindark, you know the problem. You know the solution...
  3. Uncle Mo

    Selling: MADDOX 4, ADJUSTED TIER 6.30 144/200 & Fi/Ra/Co Beast *PRICE LOWERED*

    Hello all! It's time for me to move on from this wonderful pistol. Since I returned to Entropia, I leveled up my skills with this and an Ecotron v 15e Prototype. This pistol pairs well with an Arsonistic Chip of choice. It's great for demolishing mid-level mobs like Ambulimax, Atrox, Bots...
  4. Uncle Mo

    Buying: EMIK Enigma L4 - FOUND ONE - END OF THREAD

    Hello all, I am in the market for this pistol. Looking for the right one. Will consider lower tier with a nice tier rate or high tier. PM me here or best is to contact me in game or on stream. Luri UncleMo Nightshade in game or Offering PED or Tier 6 Adjusted Maddox...
  5. Uncle Mo

    At what point can we expect a solution to the severe lag that plagues the servers?

    Server lag today has been especially horrid and the lag issues seem to be getting progressively worse. Is Mindark even investigating the issue? The lag seems to be prominent when looting, and during new mob placement. I would reject the notion that all the lag is coming from excess players as...
  6. Uncle Mo

    Suggestion: Increase The Drop Rate On Animal Skins

    Hello all, I just finished a two hour event of Berycled hunting. I didn't receive one, not even one Berycled skin drop. What is up with the drop rates? I heard that a certain VU broke them and nothing has been done since. Since returning to Entropia five weeks ago, I've notice there is a...
  7. Uncle Mo

    PlanetCalypsoForum Help How To Submit A Ticket For Forum Help?

    Hi all, One of my viewers is having trouble starting and replying to forum threads. I believe he is a new account. Is there a waiting period before people can reply to threads after signing up? Is there a place to submit support tickets for forum related help? Thanks, UncleMo
  8. Uncle Mo

    Selling: Ghost (M) Full Set, High Tier #'s, Below AH

    Hello all, I am selling a full set of Ghost (M). The pieces have some very nice tier numbers and the Arms are already at Tier 1. Remaining Tiers Arms - 127,85,140,108... Chest - 125,118,118,109... Thigh - 175,126,105,171... Gloves - 126,117,132,121... Face - 91,100,62,122... Foot -...
  9. Uncle Mo

    Mayhem Defense Mob Difficulty Compared To Annihilation. Would Love Some Help Or Insight.

    Hello all, I'm a returning player from back in 2013 and it's awesome to be back. There's so many familiar faces. At any rate, this is my first Mayhem event and I have some concerns and questions about the Defense Mode mobs like the Defense Eviscerator. I'm participating at Level 4. I practiced...
  10. Uncle Mo

    Question: When to expect a withdrawl started on April 11, 2014?

    Hello all, I initiated a 10K PED withdrawal on April 11, 2014 and another smaller one on April 26, 2014. When should I expect to receive those? FYI I live in the United States and I haven't made a deposit in well over a year. I mention this because it is way passed the time where I could...
  11. Uncle Mo

    Can't find friend requests.

    Hello all, I have a couple of pending friend requests but I can't seem to see them on the message center. What I'm I doing wrong? Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks Uncle Mo
  12. Uncle Mo

    Testing the time

    Testing the time
  13. Uncle Mo

    Selling: Enhancer Blueprint Collection 30 Total. 3 Day Auction Start Bid is 1 PED!!!!

    Greetings Entropians, Welcome to this auction for a collection of Enhancer Blueprints. Here's a list of the blueprints you will be bidding on and their quality ratings. This is an excellent way to fill in or start up your Enhancer BP collection. Level 1 Armor Defense Enhancer I - 18.8...
  14. Uncle Mo

    Selling: Auction Jarhead (M) Unlimited Full Set - Excellent Tiers! - 3 Days Only No Reserve!

    Greetings Entropians, Welcome to this auction for a full set of Jarhead (Male) Unlimited armour. I have taken considerable time collecting this set and searching for high tiered pieces. These are the tiers of each piece and the remaining tier levels. Thigh Guards - Tier 1 - 113, 115, 128...
  15. Uncle Mo

    Selling: Auction Gremlin (M) Unlimited Full Set - Excellent Tiers! - 3 Days Only No Reserve!

    Greetings Entropians, Welcome to this auction for a full set of Gremlin (Male) Unlimited armour. I have taken considerable time collecting this set and searching for high tiered pieces. These are the tiers of each piece and the remaining tier levels. Face Guard - Tier 1 - 173, 156, 119...
  16. Uncle Mo

    Selling: Armor Plate Auction 5 sets-3B-4A-5B-6A-6b 3 Day Liquidation Auction!

    Greetings Entropians, Welcome to this liquidation auction featuring 5 sets of Armor Plating. There are seven plates per set for a total of 35 items. The plates are 3B's, 4A's, 5B's, 6A's, and 6B's. Current TT value is 801.5 PED. These plates are staple items to have as a hunter and this is...
  17. Uncle Mo

    Buying: Set of Anti Virus Armour Male

    Please PM me if you can craft this.
  18. Uncle Mo

    Question: Can we add a revive terminal at Outpost 2?

    I was wondering if we could add a revive terminal to Outpost 2 perhaps. Currently if you're hunting Evis in the volcano and you die, you respawn at, Ease Scylla Mountains which is quite far away. Outpost 2 would be much closer. Thanks!
  19. Uncle Mo

    Info: Vault Hunter Walkthru Video. Mo's Mining Musings!

    Here's a complete walkthru of this rather tedious missions. At the end I walk a bit inside the Cyclops Depths instance. Important mission locations are in the video notes. Enjoy and please subscribe!
  20. Uncle Mo

    Selling: WTT 9.41 PED Spacecraft Pilot Skill for 1 CLD

    Just what the title says. I want to trade a 9.41 PED Spacecraft Pilot Skill implant for 1 Calypso Land Deed. If you have no skill in pilot it's like an instant 3 HP. First one to contact me gets it.
  21. Uncle Mo

    Selling: WTS Starkhov AS-147 Mentor T4 With Excellent Tier Rates + Cause AMP

    Hello all. I am upgrading so I am unloading this gem. It's currently at Tier 4.3 and I'm selling it with a Cause AMP. You may feel free to purchase without but obviously the weapon must sell first. SB/BO for both is TT + 4300. CLD's glady accepted at 1375 PED. (Both items are at full TT...
  22. Uncle Mo

    Buying: WTB Regeneration Chip VIII UL

    Hi all. i'm in the market for an UL Regen Chip VIII (8). The last one sold for TT +1K. Send me a tell in game or PM me with your offer.
  23. Uncle Mo


    I've managed to collect about 250 dung over the months. Any idea what this would sell for?
  24. Uncle Mo

    Question: I tiered my Starkov Mentor Edition to 4.0 and no tiers since. Broken?

    Hello all. I tiered my Starkov AS-147 Mentor Edition to 4.0 a while back and ever since it's been stuck on Tier 4.0. I've run about 10K PED through it. The tier rates are (113,125,95,179,164,136,152,104,82,70) So I should be on a nice tier level. Is this normal or is there a chance that the...