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    Selling: Christmas Ring 2020 - SOLD

    SOLD Freshly pulled from a magical stronghat. Left Hand Ring Increased Run Speed 25% Life Steal -5% Increased Reload Speed 15% Increased Critical Damage 30% Increased Critical Chance 3%
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    Selling: Christmas Ring 2020 - SOLD

    Christmas Ring 2020 on EntropiaWiki Alas, I can't wear two of these so I'm looking to sell one. By itself it's a very good left hand ring with the highest Crit Damage you can currently find on a ring (30%), 3% Crit Chance, 15% reload speed, and 25% run speed. Unfortunately it does have -5% life...
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    Selling: Improved Melee Trauma Amp 6

    Melee Trauma Amplifier 6, Improved Need to increase your efficiency, DPP, and DPS for Mayhem? The rare improved melee amp 6 fits a good number of weapons which includes some lowish level melee options. Looking for TT+9500. Pure PEDs only. Low ball offers will be ignored.
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    Selling: SOLD - Genesis Power Claw Mk.6, FEN Edition

    Genesis Power Claw Mk.6, FEN Edition Selling this amazing melee weapon with high efficiency and quite low skill requirements for the incredible damage it does. With a melee trauma 6 amp attached, it has DPS very close to that of a Mod Merc + Hyper A204 amp. You'll gain HP extremely fast...
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    Selling: Calytrek Spirit MK.I

    SOLD! Selling a Tier 0 Calytrek Spirit MK.I. Fits a dante perfectly to get 62.3% efficiency. Has some pretty decent tier rates for an UL weapon. Looking for 4.5K PEDS but I will accept a Divine Intervention Chip I as part of the deal. Tier Rates are as follows. Tier 1 - 175 Tier 2 - 160 Tier...
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    Selling: Vigi (M), Vigi SGA (M), Salamander (M), Pegasus (M,L)

    Looking to sell some bot armors now that I've got an upgrade. Vigilante (M) Set - Tier 0 TT + 350 Vigilante SGA (M) Set - 5 Parts Tier 1, 2 Parts Tier 0 SOLD Salamander (M) Set - 1 Part Tier 2, 2 Parts Tier 1, 5 Parts Tier 0 SOLD Pegasus (M, L) Set 588.70 TT + 135% The armor sets will not...
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    Selling: Full TT ESI

    I'll keep this nice and short. Have a full TT (1250 PED) ESI I looted a while back that I'm looking to sell. 13K OB - 13.5K Buyout
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    Original SI Privateer

    Lately I have been considering selling my privateer, the Pathfinder XXIV. I have a potential buyer but I am afraid I am going off sale prices from a couple years ago. It still has the original SI at 500. Not much else to say, I mean, it's a privateer. :D
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    Uber: A nice mining trip

    I don't normally post my ubers here but I thought this was an interesting enough mining trip to warrant it. One 1K+ HoF followed by 6 globals and another HoF in a single mining trip on Calypso. Doesn't happen like that too often. :laugh:
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    Star Mercury Anti-Materiel Rifle, Prototype (L)

    Hi everyone. My apologies for not posting this sooner, I know some of you are eager to see the stats on this gun. From what I can tell, many more of these will be dropping as it is a LVL 3 BP. I have screenshots of all the stats including the BP. The only thing I don't know is the decay (which...
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    PC: Unlimited Riker UL1 and... EE/05

    Alright so curiosity is getting the better of me and I'm interested in knowing how much the unlimited Riker UL1 would go for. It maxes out at a very low level so essentially anyone will have maxed stats on it. Currently the TT of the gun is about 1680 PED and is going down as I use it. So...