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  1. SD Farmer

    Fun Day Pulling Teeth! 1 Uber + 5 others

    Had a great day dropping Longtooth. Had 1 uber worth 1397 ped, another hof at 567 ped, then four other smaller globals. Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
  2. SD Farmer

    HoF: Longtooth fun....

    After grinding through the "no loots", I finally got a nice size loot window: Click to enlarge
  3. SD Farmer

    VU 11 - Unsupported Video Card

    Anyone else getting this message when logging in: Click to enlarge Seems kinda strange that a gtx 260 is unsupported...
  4. SD Farmer

    Blank Global JPG

    I notice that my global screenies since yesterday have been all black. I've tried changing from jpg to png, to gif, to bmp and get the same thing. Not sure if it my system or a ET Suite issue. Anyone else having this problem?
  5. SD Farmer

    Uber: 534 Ped ESI/ ISI BL1300 Proteron

    Had a nice hunt on Proteron's today. 534 ped ESI and 410 ped ISIS BL1300 Click to enlarge :yay:
  6. SD Farmer

    HoF: 560 Ped Longtooth + 1st SGA Item

    Had a horrible hunt on longtooth... ran out of med BLP ammo and started using my backup laser on my last mob. Then BAM: Click to enlarge Looted full CB24, SGA Opalo, 7000+ units of Anmial Oil... total 560 ped. Nice lucky last mob. :yay:
  7. SD Farmer

    Stuck in a hole and on a pole

    :D So I decided to find some of the new TPs. After getting EOS, I tried to head south and scale the mountain to reach Athena Space Port. While scaling the mountain, I slid down a steep slope and into a hole: Click to enlarge Cords to watch out for are in my chat window. Then, after finally...
  8. SD Farmer

    Atrox Alpha Global - 138 Ped ESI

    Having a good run... :yay: Nice 138 ped ESI in Atrox Alpha Global. Click to enlarge
  9. SD Farmer

    Atrox Old Alpha HOF - Rutuba Shoulder Guard in loot

    First decent loot for me in VU 10. :yay: Click to enlarge The Rutuba Shoulder Guard is for female's so I can't use it... :( If anyone is interested in buying it, it's up on auction. :)
  10. SD Farmer

    NVIDIA GTX260 SLI Concern

    I've been playing around with my GTX 260's trying to boost my FPS. I just noticed that after either this last update or the one before, my 2nd card is downclocking to powersave mode while in Entropia. The strange thing is that when I login, both cards are clocked exactly the same. Then once I...
  11. SD Farmer

    Post Your VU10 Capable PC

    With the VU10 release date finally announced, there is lots of discussion going about the requirements and whether you’ll need a new or upgraded PC. In case you’ve missed the announcement, here is the link to the PC requirements:
  12. SD Farmer

    225 Ped Longtooth - Bicak Blix (l)

    Nice item looted from longtooth today: Click to enlarge
  13. SD Farmer

    HoF: A Little Atrox Lov'in

    Here's a little something to start the weekend: Click to enlarge
  14. SD Farmer

    Globabl Prior to VU Update

    Figured I get a few mining runs in before the new VU update. Here's a small 67 Ped Caldorite Stone: Click to enlarge
  15. SD Farmer

    A generou Berycled Stalker

    During a mining run, got entagled with a bunch of Berycled's. The 2nd to last one produced this nice loot: Click to enlarge
  16. SD Farmer

    HoF: Iron HOF and Hunting Global

    Had a good nite on CND. HOF'd and Globaled while on my mining run. 377 Iron HOF: Click to enlarge Click to enlarge 59 Ped Global on Beryc Stalker while pulling up a small Iron claim: Click to enlarge
  17. SD Farmer

    Daily Global Report: 51 Ped & 82 Ped

    Couple of small globals today: 51 Ped: Click to enlarge 82 Ped: Click to enlarge
  18. SD Farmer

    2 Globals during Argo Event at New Switz

    A couple of globals from Today's Argo event at New Switz. First Time I've ever participated in one of these. Was at 2 for quite sometime... but in the final couple of minutes got bumped. Oh well. Had a great time. :yay: 50 Ped Global: Click to enlarge 197 Ped Global: Click to enlarge
  19. SD Farmer

    Couple of Bot Globals

    While scoping out a beacon pick up point for a soc event, I hit a couple of globals. 123 Ped: Click to enlarge 53 Ped: Click to enlarge
  20. SD Farmer

    First solo Aurli Global and ESI

    I'm just reaching my first full year ingame and have finally reached a point where I can operate as a solo hunter on CP. Today was my first solo Global on an Aurli... loot included an ESI. Woot :D Click to enlarge
  21. SD Farmer

    Ghoul Armor Maker Needed

    I'm looking to invest in a set of Ghoul... full set. Anyone that can craft it please let me know. Thanks.
  22. SD Farmer

    HoF: Mining HOF... 268 Ped

    Mined for a few hours today with poor results... :( But, logged for a bit and came back... and hit a nice one: Click to enlarge
  23. SD Farmer

    Team HOF'n on Aurli

    Good times on CP... Team HOF Click to enlarge
  24. SD Farmer

    155 Ped Hisp Global

    Right after getting killed in PVP jumped back in to find a nice hispidus provider... Click to enlarge
  25. SD Farmer

    Sabakuma Guardian = 73 Ped Global

    Got tired of mining so went on a short hunt. I normally disregard the Sabakuma's, but thought I'd tag it for the hell of it. :yay: Click to enlarge